Popular spring wedding colors 2022

Popular Spring Wedding Colors 2022

Spring is one of the most popular and romantic seasons for weddings and it’s easy to see why. Spring is a time when nature wakes up from a deep and cold winter slumber with flowers blooming in beautiful colors. This is why spring is known as a time for rebirth, for new beginnings and for brighter days which metaphorically symbolizes the start of a new journey for couples who are saying ‘I do’. 

While winter colors are dark and rich with couples opting for shades of mustard, maroon, black, navy, brown and black, springtime march wedding colors bring fresh colors with blossoms of the season. Spring wedding colors 2022 such as green, pink, yellow, blue and white dominate the spring season, each wedding colors for march signifying the start of something new. 

If you’re having a spring wedding in 2022 or even 2023, here are the popular spring march wedding colors 2022 that never run out of style. 

Peach and Coral


Photographer: Aaron Liu

How could you not fall in love with such a cheery color? Peach and coral is one of our favorite colors for Spring weddings as it brings out a lot of joy and color from the richness of Winter weddings. A few ways you can incorporate peach and coral into your wedding colors for spring 2022 is with your decor. You can add a peach color table linen or use coral colored cups for a pop of color. Another great way to add peach color is with your bridal party! You can get your bridesmaids to wear the fun shade. 


Photographer: Kayla Barker

For your wedding shoes, opt for something fun like the Fabiola block heel. While simple at the front, Fabiola offers a fun surprise at the back with the floral beadwork. You would be surprised to know that every bead is hand-sewn by our team of craftsmen and artisans. Each bead is hand-sewn with love and tender care. 

Slate Blue or Soft Blue


Photographer: Marie-Claire

A popular blue shade for winter weddings is navy blue as it provides the richness that winter weddings are known for. For the spring, slate blue or soft blue are the best wedding colors for march. We love the significance of blue as it signifies loyalty and strength, the two things that built a strong foundation for any successful relationship. 


Photographer: Laura Rose

Blue is also the perfect way to add a something blue element to your bridal outfit. Opt for our blue wedding shoes collection where you have romantic blue shoes with floral beadwork like Viola. Brides love Viola as it has soft blue beadwork on an ivory wedding shoe color so it combines the best of both colors. 

Clean White, Cream or Ivory


Photographer: Rachel L'antigua

If you love a very clean and minimalist look, you can never go wrong with clean white, cream or ivory wedding colors spring 2022. The colors are truly timeless, elegant and will never go out of style. You can use an ivory table linen and go with Lily of the Valley flowers for your bouquet and table decor. 


Photographer: Laura Gordon

If ivory is in your wedding colors for spring, choose from a variety of shoes from our ivory wedding collection. If you love the Lily of the Valley flowers, you’ll fall in love with Libby from our latest collection. Romantic Lily of the Valley buds on the slingback heel sway with every step that you take, and it truly takes our breath away.   

Shades of Green and Sage

POPULAR SPRING WEDDING COLORS 2022Photographer: Andi Bravo

Another thing that spring is known for besides flowers? It’s greenery – and lots of it. Green is everywhere for spring weddings, from greenery floral arrangements to shades of green for wedding decors, stationary and bridesmaid dresses. While darker shades of green like emerald were popular for winter weddings, spring weddings are all about the softer shades of green like sage. 


Photographer: Happy Bloom

Choose bow wedding shoes that are timeless and elegant as they will complement the shades of green beautifully. A bestseller is Reese that is very simple and elegant but the wow factor really is in the constructed silk bow. 

Peony Pink, Blush and Dusty Rose

POPULAR SPRING WEDDING COLORS 2022Photographer: Sarah Harvey

Romantic and so dreamy, what’s not to love? The pink family color is one of the recurring popular spring march wedding colors for good reason. It’s a good way to add color to your bridal party outfit, table runners, flower bouquets and stationary. You can play around with all shades of pink, from peony pink and blush to a richer dusty rose shade. 


Photographer: Happy Bloom

If you love the pink shade, you’ll love our pink wedding shoes such as Mariee. Mariee was born from our designer collaboration with Liv Hart and combines french chic designs into a stunning stiletto heel. 

Candy Colors

POPULAR SPRING WEDDING COLORS 2022Photographer: Daniel Kim

While the traditional colors for spring are on the lighter side, we have also seen a spring wedding colors for march trend that is all about pops of candy colors. From vibrant shades of hot pink, mustard yellow and even orange, couples are using these candy colors to accent their wedding in a bright way. Instead of going soft and bashful, these colors make a big impact on a very minimal wedding venue. It’s very modern and we totally see this color being popular for couples who are saying ‘I do’ in the city. 

eve lavender wedding heel

Photographer: KT Merry

For your wedding shoes, choose something fun and unexpected like Eve lavender shoes. Chiffon butterflies and hand-sewn floral beadwork are nestled on soft pastel lavender color that will literally take your breath away. It’s the perfect spring wedding shoe to go with a candy color wedding color scheme. 

Sandy, Beige, Nude and Champagne


Photographer: Alicia Lucia

Love neutrals? You’ll love the sandy, beige and nude march wedding colors 2022. It’s the perfect complement to your ivory wedding dress. If you want to go a little extra, go with pops of champagnes or gold to add some sparkle and bling to your wedding color scheme. 


Photographer: Jenna Therese

Bella Belle has many nude and champagne wedding shoes that will perfectly complement the neutral color scheme. Neutral brides who want something in nude will gravitate towards the Chelsea classic nude block heel that combines classic lace on a modern nude wedding shoe. 


What are the popular spring 2022 wedding colors? 

Some of the most popular wedding colors for spring are soft shades of blue, pink and green. If you love neutrals, you’ll love a clean white or beige color scheme. We’ve also seen a rise of couples who want something a little more fun like candy colors or peach. 

How to choose spring march wedding colors? 

You should choose wedding colors that fit with your personality! If you’re a romantic bride at heart, go with something soft like peony pink or slate blue. If you’re more on the minimalist side, opt for a clean white or ivory color. 

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