Your Style of Taylor Swift Shoes Based On Your Favorite Taylor Swift ‘Fearless’ Song

If you’re like us, you’ve spent the entire week reliving your fifteen year old self. Thanks to Taylor Swift who released her ‘Fearless’ album (Taylor’s Version), we all feel like we are 15 again, dancing in the living room of our parent’s house in our PJ’s - only that we are actually 28 now and dancing in our own living room, because #adulting. 

Taylor’s Fearless album continues to remain special for so many of us because she helped us navigate the complicated emotions of a 15-year old. From the butterflies of seeing your crush in the hallway and the first innocent love to the first emotional heartbreak, her songs got us through our teenage years.

As a 28-year-old listening to the album now, it makes us relive all those feelings that we have not felt in a very long time, as we quarantine at home. It’s like Taylor knew we needed some nostalgia right at this moment, before we rejoin the world again. If there’s something we could tell our 15-year old self then, is that everything does turn out okay. 

Whether your favorite songs to belt to are classics like ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Love Story’ or something from The Vault like ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’, your favorite song says something about you, whether then at 15 or now at 28. 

The best way to celebrate this momentous release? Find your Bella Belle shoe that you can wear as you dance and sing your heart out to your favorite songs from Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’. 

You Belong With Me

taylor swift you belong to me bella belle

You’re a girl next door who meets a cute boy next door, and he becomes your first crush. You’re shy and wholesome, and he’s the popular jock that isn’t a total jerk. This song is all about unrequited love. We all know how it feels to be unseen, so this song easily became a teenage anthem to sing and say to our crush, “you belong to me”.  

While at first it seems like Taylor had to put on makeup for her crush to finally notice her, it is actually when she truly embraces who she is that he realized she was always the one in his heart.

bella belle mariee pink heels you belong with me taylor swift

Shoe: Mariee. Photo: Franklyn K. 

For a glow up that will attract your date, Mariee from the Bella Belle x Liv Hart collection is the heel for you. Adorned with gold crystals with the prettiest silk bow, this blush pink heel will knock his socks (and everything else) off. 

Love Story

taylor swift love story bella belle

You’re Juliet and he’s your Romeo. It’s a kind of love that is young and innocent, like the love story between Romeo and Juliet. This song describes perfectly your first love in high school where you would sneak out and climb down from your window to see, and get grounded the next day because your sibling ratted you out. 

Now as an adult, this song brings back all the memories of your Prince Charming, the sweet and innocent love. It’s a love story that we all said ‘Yes’ to. 

taylor swift love story tess gold heels bella belle

Shoe: Tess. Photo: Anna Tereshina

Tess with the hand-embroidered gold lace embroidery that wraps around the whole gold heel embodies an enchanting love story. The gold lace design has flowers and vines that intertwine like a love story that is young and innocent. Tess also comes in a low 2-inch block heel

Today Was A Fairytale

taylor swift today was a fairytale bella belle

Do you remember that perfect first date? The feeling of getting picked up in a car, the endless laughter and conversation, followed by the perfect first kiss and it truly felt like a fairytale? Even though this song was not in the original ‘Fearless’ album, Taylor included this magical song in the Fearless (Taylor’s Version) because she knew we needed to be reminded of that magical feeling of a perfect first date. 

bella belle eve lavender butterfly heels taylor swift today was a fairytale

Shoe: Eve. Photo: KT Merry

A perfect first date needs the perfect romantic shoes, and this lavender beauty has all the whimsical and magical feeling of a fairytale. A butterfly heel with lavender silk and intertwining floral beads to create a whimsical and romantic garden. It’ll surely set your hearts aflutter for your first date with Prince Charming. 


taylor swift fifteen bella belle

When you were 15, you were young and in love with the senior boy that said, “Hi” to you in the hallway. So when he said he loved you back, you all wholeheartedly gave yourself to him, both emotionally and physically. When you were 15, you believed everything that he said, which was also when you experienced your first heartbreak. 

But that heartbreak made you who you are today and this is you now, telling your 15 year old self that everything is going to turn out great.

bella belle sierra nude kitten heels taylor swift fifteen

Shoe: Sierra. Photo: Kayla Barker. 

This Sierra heel is reminiscent of our 15 year old self - young, wholesome and innocent. It’s also the perfect spring-time kitten heel as the hand-made floral beadwork reminds us of the flowers blossoming in Spring, like the feeling of an innocent first love blooming. 

White Horse

taylor swift white horse bella belle

He just broke your heart and you’re at the start of your heartbreak, mourning your first relationship. You’re sitting on the floor of your bedroom curled up, silently wishing you could mend your broken heart. 

Even though he broke your heart, you were the one that walked out on him, because you realized that he was not who he said he was. He was your white horse because you believed he could be something so magical. So when he turned out the opposite, it broke you apart. 

bella belle nikki black lace bootie taylor swift white horse

Shoe: Nikki. Photo: Lynn Dunston. 

A heartbreak is never easy, so we need to find a way to feel like ourselves again. The Nikki black bootie has hand-stitched black floral embroidery with a black bow that ties the bootie together. The perfect black heel to mourn a previous idealistic relationship and to find yourself again. 

Forever And Always

taylor swift forever and always bella belle

A fierce and bold breakup song that we all sang our hearts out to when the boy we once loved broke our hearts. He made promises that he couldn’t keep, such as saying “forever and always” when it was actually “never and farewell”. Despite the lies and broken promises, you still find yourself waiting for his call or text, hoping he’ll come back to you. It’s heartbreaking because you believed in him when he said “forever and always”. 

bella belle lisbeth black heels taylor swift forever and always

Shoe: Lisbeth. Photo: Kayla Barker 

A shoe that emcompasses all the complicated feelings of betrayal and yet, yearning for that same love is Lisbeth. This little black heel has pearls on a T-strap that is hand-strung from the toe to the ankle. Tie the pearl T-strap into an elegant silk bow at the back. 

With these breakup shoes, you’ll realize you’re better off without him, because Lisbeth will take you to new heights and places. 

The Way I Loved You

taylor swift the way i loved you bella belle

If this song is your favorite tune, then you know the feeling of a passionate love. It’s the kind of love that leaves your screaming at 2 a.m. wondering how you can love someone so much that he keeps you awake at night. You feel helpless at the way you love him and at the same time, you detest it because you know it’s only gonna end with heartbreak. 

bella belle lisa red kitten heels taylor swift the way i loved you

Shoe: Lisa Red. Photo: Du Soleil. 

A passionate love like that needs an equivalent passionate shoe, like Lisa red. Red is known as the color of passion, very appropriate for a love like ‘The Way I Loved You’. Best part? Lisa comes in a comfortable 2.5-inch kitten heel so you can paint the town red in our version of Taylor Swift red shoes. 


taylor swift change bella belle

When you were a teenager, every battle and challenge that you faced was the worst, and going through them felt like eternity. But there is an inkling inside you that tells you that everything is going to be okay. This hardship and trial right now won’t last. You’re going to come out of this change stronger and better than ever before. 

bella belle elsa blue heels taylor swift change

Shoe: Elsa blue. Photo: Jessica Photography. 

With this realization that hardships are temporary and that your time will come to shine, you’ll need a shoe like Elsa blue to signify that momentous moment. Walk triumphantly as you sing “Hallelujah” with your sparkling blue crystal heels


taylor swift fearless bella belle

After navigating love in high school, you toss your cap and you’re now on your way to college with a newfound sense of confidence. The first love, first heartbreak and changes that you went through since you were 15 are finally making sense, because they defined who you are today: a strong, modern and confident woman who is fearless

bella belle florence black heels taylor swift fearless

Shoe: Florence. Photo: Jake Anderson. 

Florence is the black heel to say “Bye Felicia” to your haters (and blind them with the crystals) and embrace this newfound confidence that you now have to walk in this journey called life. 

Mr. Perfectly Fine

taylor swift mr perfectly fine bella belle

We had to include at least one song from ‘The Vault’ and Mr. Perfectly Fine has got us singing on top of our lungs this past week. We all have that one ex that is the very definition of a ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’. When we were in misery from the breakup, he was perfectly fine, going out and getting drunk with his friends, even finding someone new, because he’s Mr. Perfectly Fine. 

But then you realize that you are better off without him and you’re going to be alright someday, just not right now. 

bella belle rita black heels taylor swift mr perfectly fine

Shoe: Rita. Photo: Du Soleil 

Just because you were in misery and your ex wasn’t, doesn’t mean that you have to look like it. Rita black heel marries sweet and edgy with the tiny ribbons and the sexy caged look. Turn heads with Rita power heels and your ex will go from Mr. Perfectly Fine to Mr. Too Late.

These are the prettiest shoes that tell the story of your favorite songs from Taylor Swift ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s Version) album. Which song are you belting out to as you dance in your Bella Belle Taylor Swift shoes? 


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