Remembering Our Love-Hate Sex And The City Looks

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but just how long of a sabbatical are we talking?

Our hearts are hopeful for the HBO Max Sex and the City revivial series And Just Like That. While not every familiar face will be there (aka a certain power suit-donning PR agent), we still can’t wait to see how our Manhattan girls have spent their time. Is Charlotte obsessively sanitizing every surface in her Park Avenue apartment? Did Carrie and Big realize that living together and working together in the same space don’t necessarily go hand in hand? Will Miranda choose homeschool or public school?

Fashion is all about taking risks. But sometimes, we bite off more than we can chew. These are the looks we consider perhaps not the most in vogue, but definitely the most memorable. No matter how zany or eclectic, we’ll always hold these special outfits close to our hearts, right next to that engagement ring worn as a necklace. Fashion is all about taking risks and being weird, and so we applaud SATC and costume designer Patricia Field for these endearingly weird TV fashion moments.

And keep reading to find the best Bella Belle shoe for each Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha in your life. Sorry diamonds, but shoes are a girl’s true best friend.

Carrie Bradshaw

carrie bradshaw worst satc outfit

K: Where do I even start? The fishnet cropped legging? The cut out arm sleeves? The purple corset and plaid cut out top? Not even the tulle skirt can save this Carrie look. While punk rock is a legitimate fashion look, this does not do punk rock justice at all, and I’m sure punk rockers will agree. 

carrie bradshaw worst satc outfit

M: I can forgive the bell sleeves, but the random splotches of color that look like you struggled changing the printer ink cartridge are a travesty. Unless you are a hippie high school art teacher who owns more than one pottery wheel, you have yet to earn the distinction to wear this sweater.

carrie bradshaw satc bella belle shoes


Bright colors and flashy prints are your friends, not your enemies. You are unafraid of taking risks in both love and fashion, even if you sometimes flounder spectacularly. A good pair of heels is one of the sweetest things in life, and your shoe collection is your most prized possession. We feel confident that Carrie would be a Bella Belle aficionado (maybe almost as much as her love of Manolos?), and she is definitely one of our footwear icons. Bridget is a fashion editor favorite, and we’re sure Carrie would love the flirty polka dot ruffle of this heel as well.

Charlotte York

charlotte worst satc outfit

K: Charlotte is usually the best dressed (in my opinion) out of the group. She always manages to look elegant and polished. A pink jacket with pink fur is a little too matchy-matchy for me. Not even Barbie is able to pull this look off. 

charlotte worst satc outfit

M: Here we see Charlotte cosplaying as high fashion Gumby. This odd silhouette makes her look like a 2D shape reminiscent of a child’s interpretation of Picasso.

charlotte worst satc outfit


A-line skirts and cashmere sweaters are your wardrobe staples. Your careful yet optimistic demeanor means that you are confident enough to rock a white shirt, but keep a Tide To Go pen in your handbag just in case. Charlotte’s classic preppy style is girly and sweet and always perfectly polished. Mariee’s blush tones and dainty jeweled straps would pair perfectly with one of Charlotte’s favorite pink cardigans.

Miranda Hobbes

miranda worst satc outfit

K: Spotted, a fisherwoman in the middle of Central Park. This outfit with the blue hood and blue hat earned its spot in the ‘What was she thinking?’ list. What was Miranda thinking when she put this outfit together? I would love to hear what was going on in her head. 

miranda worst satc outfit

M: Her most iconic look. Miranda predicted our 2021 penchant for oversized comfy casual wear 20 years ahead of her time. While it might not be the most glamorous, this is the possibly the most realistic New York style the show has ever seen.

miranda worst satc outfit


You value no-nonsense comfort footwear, and had multiple pairs of Birkenstocks before they were in again. We know Miranda would be a fan of Bella Belle’s extra cushiony padded insoles, a must for sashaying around New York. According to the perceptive reflections of @everyoutfitonsatc, you know that we should all be Mirandas. The elegant scalloped beading on the Nadia black heels is perfect for both the law office and the hottest new bar.

Samantha Jones

samantha worst satc outfit

K: I don’t know what is worse, the front or the back. While I applaud her for the fanny pack - because it means she could keep her belongings safe in the club, I can’t forgive her for this whole get up. She looks like she found a bunch of random things from the New York gift store and walked out with them. 

samantha worst satc outfit

M: Other than inadvertently matching with a tween pop star, the mixing of silver, brown, and black is an odd choice here. I have to admit that Miley Cyrus’s long black gloves and studded choker makes a more cohesive outfit than Samantha’s.

samantha worst satc outfit


You dress like the whole world is watching, because they are. You aren’t afraid to flaunt the rules, in matters of both love and fashion. Samantha knows she deserves nothing but the best and is unapologetic about cutting out the useless things that drag her down, whether that means a subpar boyfriend or cancer. The strappy metallic gold Tess heel is the perfect accessory to pair with a va-va-vroom statement necklace and chandelier earrings for a night out on the town.

satc worst outfits

Will SATC be the same as a trio rather than a quartet? Who would be the better choice for a theoretical 4th lead promotion, Charlotte’s BFF Anthony or Miranda’s son Brady? Will they ever directly mention Samantha’s absence? We are hesitant but hopeful about seeing these iconic New Yorkers again.

Between And Just Like That and Gossip Girl, we are looking forward to seeing what fashion surprises HBO Max has in store for us. Grab your evening bag and cosmopolitan, 2021 has never looked more fabulous. Let us know what you think about our shoe pairings, and about the upcoming series. 

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