Spring Floral Wedding Dress and Shoes Inspirations

A Cherry Blossom Printed Dress For The Ultimate Spring Inspiration 

Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown with Belle Bootie by Bella Belle

 Talk about the ideal spring shoot, this naturally charming venue works well with the elegant floral gowns. This cherry blossom printed dress by Monique Lhuillier is the ultimate spring inspiration. This gown will surely make a statement with its elegant over the  shoulder look, and high low look. The floral embellishment on the gown picks up the intricate design on the beautiful Belle shoes by Bella Belle. The peep toe mesh bootie with floral embellishments was the perfect complement to the Monique Lhuillier gown. The Belle bootie is versatile and perfect for any spring wedding. 

Cherry Blossom Inspired Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown


 Designer: Monique Lhuillier 

Photography: Rebecca Yale Photography 

Makeup: Stacie Ford Weddings  

Event Planner & Stylist: Hylah White Special Events

Shoes: Bella Belle 

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Dream Destination Wedding Outfit

Paloma Blush Wedding Heel by Bella Belle

This tropical dream wedding is any brides dream, from the Bali destination to the Paloma blush heel this aesthetic is perfection.The gorgeous Musat gown has a lace top and has an elegant flow to it, making it perfect for a beach wedding. The Paloma blush heel by Bella Belle adds that subtle pop of color to complete the look.The Paloma heel is romantic mesh heel with floral beading. The floral beading on the heel picks up the lace in the top of the dress and creates a beautiful aesthetically pleasing look.

Bali Bride


Designer: Musat Bridal

 Photography: Oliver Fly  

Shoes: Bella Belle

Event Planning & Design: Bali Event Styling 

Hair & Makeup: Yeanne Makeup Art 

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Spring Into a Blush Floral Wedding  

Gossamer Floral Gown

With cherry blossoms blooming, spring is the ideal season for a charming floral wedding. This bride found inspiration in the blooming flowers and created a blush spring theme that is effortless and chic. This long sleeve Gossamer gown has a very simple silhouette, but the intricately placed flowers on the gown add the perfect spring touch. The stylist chose our Bella Belle Florence ivory heel. This adds the perfect amount of shimmer from our hand beaded tear drop stones. Blooming flowers create an enchanting wedding day atmosphere. 

Florence Heel By Bella Belle

Floral Wedding Dress

Dress: Gossamer

Floral Design: Wild Green Yonder

Photography:  Angela Newton Roy 

Shoes: Bella Belle 

Hair & Makeup: Anna Breeding 

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Backyard Bride 

Tanya  Kochnova Gown

Summer is the perfect season for a personal hometown wedding. This bride created a stylish Louisiana backyard wedding, while keeping a creative eye for all the small details. This outdoor wedding was stunning with the natural lighting and floral garnishes. The bride is wearing a high neck Tanya Kochnova dress.This unique gown has intricate embellishments, with a muted gray tone underlay to give little dimension to this fun whimsical look. A simple shoe is perfect for this look and the Bella Belle Filipa nude shoe ties the look together.The Filipa design is a nude heel with crisscross straps and sparkling crystals, how could you go wrong? A hometown wedding creates the perfect personable event for a perfect summer day! 

Wedding heels bella belle shoes

Gown: Tanya  Kochnova 

Floral Design: Brianna Belton Design LLC

Shoes: Bella Belle

Hair & Make Up: Joie De Vivre Salon & Sp

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