The Edelweiss Collection: Devotion and Everlasting Love

We are so proud to unveil our latest editorial that's inspired by the strength and beauty of this rare Edelweiss flower. Working with a team of vast talents, we dreamed up an editorial that depicts the beauty and quiet strength of this resilient mountain flower. The editorial features themes from the beloved movie Sound of Music with lyrics from the song, Edelweiss, while the shoe collection consist of heels, kitten heels, flats and wedges. View the collection here and the editorial lookbook

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Edelweiss, Edelweiss 

The symbolism of devotion and undying love was translated through the creation of meadows and lush flora in the dilapidated building. While time attributes to decay, devotion to love stands the test of time, like our devotion to style, beauty and everlasting comfort. The shoe collection features everlasting details such as pearls and lace. You will also find small, white flower buds throughout the collection to depict the Edelweiss.

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection
Shoe: Carolina
bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

Shoe: Lisbeth Ivory

We commissioned the brilliant Laura Gordon behind the lens to capture the essence of the collection. She brought the concept to life with her exploration of light and shadow in each frame she composed, creating a sublime quality that’s hard to forget. Set in a century-old building with aging details, the backdrops convey the essence of the passing of time.

Here is Laura's take on Edelweiss: "I really wanted to delve into the symbolism of this rare flower and fully interpret this mood throughout the imagery. I knew the images needed to be compelling, yet soft. I decided to portray this message by playing with the light. I made my focus of finding light in the darkness, playing with shadows, and reflection. I paired powerful poses and painterly light to encompass the feeling of nostalgia and eminence inspired by the Edelweiss flower." - Laura Gordon

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection
If there is one person who can consistently create magic and deliver it eloquently, it's none other than Joy Proctor! This is our 3rd time commissioning Joy to direct our lookbook and the result is just as magical as the first. Here's her take on what inspired her for this editorial: I had the pleasure of interpreting this year's Edelweiss collection, a line created in homage to dedication and fidelity, named after the rare flower blooming in the Alps. To create a visual representation of devotion, I dreamed up an aged building overtaken with flowers to create a meadow in which to shoot our models." - Joy Proctor 
bella belle shoes wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection
Shoe: Lisbeth Ivory
To evoke undying love, Naomi DeManana created lush blooming field of meadows against paint-chipped walls. "I loved the inspiration of the edelweiss, which is a source of legends. A strong flower, its long white hairs protect it from the cold allowing it to survive in the high altitude mountains with cold temperatures. I wanted the flowers to have a quiet beauty with the strength of a mountain." - Naomi DeManana

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

Shoe: Lisbeth Ivory, Lucia, Lulu

The team from Facetime Beauty added a touch of youthfulness with glowy natural makeup and wind-swept hair. Romantic tulle and blossom-filled dresses envisioned by Gabrielle Hurwitz looked remarkably haunting against dilapidated chairs and other century-old elements. 

Every Morning You Greet Me

Reminiscent of hushed dawning, the collection is sprinkled with simple and dainty details such as 3D floral buds, delicate lace, everlasting pearls and dainty beadings. You will find delicate adornment of floral buds depicting the Edelweiss throughout the collection, such as on Jasmine Ivory. The pieces carry notes of fresh anticipation- like the opening of a new bud or an exciting shoe peak under your wedding dress.
bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection
Shoe: Claudia

bella belle bridal shoes edelweiss wedding shoe collection

Shoe: Claudia, Candice, Celia

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

Shoe: Jasmine Ivory

Clean and Bright

Pure and clean, these pieces are the symbol sincerity and purity. Each creation, like the Valentina pleated tulle wedding heel, feels effortless, naturally driven by the power of pure love. Paying homage to devotion, the editorial highlights anniversary gifting tradition by incorporating elements of cotton, lace, china, and paper. In the shoes, we incorporate elements of romantic tulle and everlasting pearls. 

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

Shoe: Valentina

Blossom of Snow

This collection showcases blossoming designs marking every creation. In the Viola, tiny baby blue buds blossom amongst the sea of ivory white beautiful florals. Evocative of a first snow every season, each piece exudes an excitement for what is to come.  But what's certain is that every design in any collection features our everlasting devotion to beauty, style and comfort. 
bella belle shoes viola baby blue ivory lace wedding shoe
Shoe: Viola

bella belle gardenia 3d pearls and florals wedding shoe

bella belle wedding shoes edelweiss bridal shoe collection

Shoe: Gardenia

We could not have been happier with the results of our team's hard work. The beauty you witness here is a result of selfless collaboration and hard work that each of these people put forth. We are eternally grateful. 


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Vendor Credits: 

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | | @bellabelleshoes
Photography: Laura Gordon Photography | | @lauragordon
Design + Styling: Joy Proctor | | @joyproctor
Floral Design: Naomi Demanana | | @naomidemanana
Fashion Styling: Gabrielle Hurwitz | | @gabriellehurwitz
Wedding Dress: Chana Marelus | | @chanamarelus
Wedding Dress: W.too by Watters | | @wtoowatters
Wedding Dress & Veil: Sebastien Luke | | @sebastienluke
Bridal Boutique: Spina Bride | | @spinabride
Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad, Kleinfeld Bridal | | @zuhairmuradofficial @kleinfeldbridal
Bespoke Accessories: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart | | @enchantedatelierbylivhart
Hair & Makeup: Face Time Beauty | | @facetimebeauty
Model: Dayna of Fenton Models | | @daynafrazer @fentonmodels
Venue: Metropolitan Building | | @metropolitanbuilding
Calligraphy: Seniman Calligraphy | | @seniman_calligraphy
Styling board: Styling Mat | | @stylingmat
Flatlay Veil: Girl and a Serious Dream | | @girlandaseriousdream

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