The Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid Gifts Guide You Need

If you’re wondering what to get for your mother, future mother in law and bridesmaids, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, you can get them scented candles or a personalized tote bag but giving them their very own pair of stunning and comfortable heels that they can wear for your wedding day will elevate you to #bridegoals. 

As a bride, you know how important it is to have comfortable shoes to wear for the wedding day as they can make or break your mood. Who wants to be walking around with painful feet due to uncomfortable shoes? The wedding  day is all about celebration, joy and happiness. Comfortable shoes are so needed to ensure that your bridesmaids and mother is fully supported so that they can enjoy your day to the fullest. 

Bella Belle has a variety of comfortable and most importantly, stunning shoes that make the perfect bridesmaid gifts, mother of the bride gifts and mother of the groom gifts. So often you see comfortable shoes that are frumpy, aka the shoes you want to hide underneath your dress. Your bridesmaids and mother deserve stunning shoes too that they can proudly show off. Bella Belle bridesmaids gifts and mother of the bride gifts shoes are exquisitely designed with stunning and delicate details, guaranteed to elevate any look. 

Not sure what shoe to get as your bridesmaid gifts, mother of the bride gifts and mother of the groom gifts? Browse below for a list of shoes that fits every bridesmaid and mother. There is a shoe for every type of personality, from the live of the party to the one you can lean on for emergencies. Happy shopping! 

The Fashion Forward & Trendy

Are your bridesmaids, mother or mother of the groom always looking at fashion magazine and keeping up with the latest trends? Maybe they work as a fashion consultant or in fashion? Are they an avid social media user that spends their spare time scrolling through Instagram or Tik tok? They are the ones that probably send you wedding tips and trick videos that they find on Tik Tok and you know they’ll be taking tons of behind the scene videos of you on your wedding day. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Olivia

Shoe: Olivia. Photographer: Kayla Barker

The perfect bridesmaid wedding fit would be the Olivia heel in black. Chic and stylish in a high heel stiletto with silver floral crystals, they’ll feel like a trendy fashionista. Best part? Olivia comes with both a silk bow and crystal ankle strap. Wear it 4 ways - with a bow ankle strap, crystal ankle strap, plain silk ankle strap or bow and crystal ankle strap. They can easily change their shoe look to fit with their overall style. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Amelia Black

Shoe: Amelia. Photographer: Kayla Barker. 

A popular gift for mother of the bride who is trendy and loves fashion is Amelia in black. This 2.5 inch low heel comes in a classic black shade that can be paired with a navy blue gown or any shade of mother of the bride and groom dress. They’ll love the timeless floral lace design and the extra soft padding, guaranteed for all-day comfort. P.S. this heel also comes in an ivory shade, perfect for you to match with your mother on your wedding day. 

The Minimalist 

The minimalist in your bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom loves only the bare minimum and essentials. They are not one that enjoys clutter and it reflects in their home decor. They love clean and minimal design and anything too much gives them more stress than joy. They live by Marie Kondo’s words “keep only what sparks joy”. To them, fashion is minimal and clean. They will not be caught with a mix of patterns. They love basic pieces that mix and match well. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Lisbeth

Shoe: Lisbeth. Photographer: Kayla Barker

You’ll want to gift your bridesmaids the Lisbeth heel. Lisbeth is a basic black heel that is elevated with a pearl T-strap and a silk bow at the back. It is minimal and can easily be mixed and matched with any outfit, from basic cropped jeans to a silk midi dress. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Courtney

Shoe: Courtney. Photographer: Kayla Barker

Wedding gifts for mother of the bride can be the Courtney kitten heel. Courtney comes in a luxurious champagne color with the prettiest pearl and silver crystal details that will elevate any look. Courtney is minimal but not boring, as it is designed with luxurious details that will make even your mother of the groom happy. 

The Traditionalist 

Do your bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom enjoy listening to Blues and Jazz? They might even enjoy the occasional ABBA or hits from the Golden Ages. They will be the ones who request songs like ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ or ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ for your wedding playlist - and be the first one on the dance floor. The traditionalist prefer quality over anything. They want fashion pieces that can be kept as an heirloom and would be worn for decades. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Jasmine

Shoe: Jasmine. Photographer: Kayla Barker. 

The perfect traditionalist bridesmaid present is Jasmine in black. It is a classic and traditional black pump elevated with ivory floral beads and pearls at the side. Not to mention, the extra soft padding on the insole to ensure they are comfortable from morning till night. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Annalise

Shoe: Annalise. Photographer: Michelle Zapanta

For your mother of the groom and bride, the traditionalist in them will love Annalise. Annalise has the perfect shade of soft blue that will complement any shade of dress that they wear, from navy blue to gold. The silver crystals and beading detail at the front is reminiscent of the Art Deco and Great Gatsby era that is sure to please them. 

The Romantic and Dreamy 

They can never say no to a classic and 90s rom com, and they love to quote iconic lines from their favorite movies. They might even get you a ‘love fern’ as a housewarming gift (from ‘How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days). Their style reflects their love for romance - soft and subtle with the dreamiest floral details. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Rosa

Shoe: Rosa. Photographer: Shelby Lung

If that sounds like a bridesmaid in your party, gift them the Rosa in blush. One of the most romantic and dreamy shoes in our bridesmaid collection, Rosa has delicate floral beading at the front in a soft shade of blush. Your bridesmaid will love the low heel height in 2.5 inches that will guarantee her comfort for all the walking around she’ll be doing on your wedding day. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Loretta

Shoe: Loretta. Photographer: Happy Bloom. 

For your mother or mother of the groom, they will love wearing Loretta. Loretta comes in a low 2 inch block heel that is an open toe design - perfect for those who have bunion or have wider feet. The comfortable block heel in a luxurious gold shade also has hand-embroidered floral lace detail that is oh-so-dreamy. 

The Planner

They usually have Type A personalities and they are the ones you can count on to plan your wedding day with you. They might get a little overbearing at times but you know their actions come from a place of love with little ill intentions. If you ever forget sometimes, trust that they brought it as they always have a plan B, C and D for any situation. Since they are usually the ones running around and acting as a planner, they will need the comfiest shoe to keep them supported. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Chelsea

Shoe: Chelsea. Photographer: Jenna Therese

For your bridesmaid, they’ll love a secure block heel like Chelsea. It is a 3 inch nude block heel with handmade ivory flower embroidery that will perfectly complement any shade of bridesmaid dress look. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Eva

Shoe: Eva. Photographer: Kayla Barker. 

The perfect mother of the bride and mother of the groom gift is the Eva flats. Black flats that are both comfortable and stunning are hard to come by but Eva is right up their alley. Scalloped beaded details elevate a classic black pump. 

The Partier 

They are the life of the party. They will be the first ones down at the dance floor and will probably stay there dancing all-night long. Age doesn’t stop them as they love being in the center of attention - second to you as a bride of course. If that sounds like someone in your bridal party or even your mother or mother in law, give them something sparkly that will give them that sense of attention, like a sparkly bling shoe. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Elsa

Shoe: Elsa. Photographer: Kayla Barker. 

Your bridesmaids will love Elsa in black. The sparkly crystals, beads and sequins mimic the stars in a starry night sky - they shimmer beautifully under the light. Not feeling the black? Elsa also comes in nude, blue and ivory. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Frances Champagne

Shoe: Frances. Photographer: Kayla Barker. 

For your mother and mother in law, give them Frances in Gold. Like Elsa, Frances has hand-embellished gold crystals on a comfortable mesh material. They will love mesh as it is not only breathable (no sweaty feet), but it also molds to the shape of their feet for all-day comfort. 

The Crafter 

You can always count on them to find creative ways to decorate your wedding. They are the Queens of DIY and their house decor reflects their love for arts and crafts. These groups of women appreciate beautiful fashion details such as beadwork and embroidery. Their favorite pastime? Spending the day at an art museum. 

Bella Belle Bridesmaid Gifts Eve

Shoe: Eve. Photographer: Sophie Kaye. 

A shoe that is a literal art piece is Eve. Eve is a beautiful pastel shade of lavender with stunning floral beadwork and chiffon butterflies. It is the perfect gift for bridesmaids who love art and appreciate delicate beadwork. 

Bella Belle Mother of the Bride Gifts Sierra

Shoe: Sierra. Photographer: Embellir Weddings

Reminiscent of a summer day is Sierra. It is a kitten heel with over 1000 hand-beaded beads that are designed to mimic a summer floral bead. It’ll be like wearing flowers on your feet. It is the perfect gift for mother of the brides.

We hope this list will help you find the perfect ideas for bridesmaids gifts, mother of the bride gifts and mother of the groom gifts based on their personalities. They’ll be sure to thank you for this perfect wedding gift and will wear them over and over again. 

Shop for your wedding gifts bridesmaids shoes and mother of the bride shoes today. 

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