Black Wedding Shoes


      Black Wedding Shoes

      Black Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Just because you're wearing a white or ivory wedding dress, it doesn't mean you have to wear an ivory wedding shoe. A new wedding trend has many brides looking for black bridal shoes that can easily be re-wear for any occasion. 

      Black Wedding Shoes for Bride

      Bella Belle has created an extensive collection of black bridal shoes for brides. Classic brides who want something to complement their wedding dress will love our black lace wedding shoes like Bridget & Anita. Suppose you're looking for something with a shorter heel height. You'll love our black wedding shoes low heel designs like Lisa, Nicole, and Anita's low heel sister, Amelia. For black wedding flats, check out hand-embroidered Ariel or Eva

       Elegant brides who want something more streamlined and clean to complement their satin wedding dress will gravitate towards our comfortable black heels for wedding dresses, Kate. Named after the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has satin silk bows that are elegant and timeless.

      Florence black wedding shoes with rhinestones are perfect for glamorous brides who want bridal shoe black that have crystals and sequins. The crystals are not for the faint of heart, as they sparkle with every step. Wear it with your sequin ball gown at your chateau or ballroom wedding venue. 

      If you want a touch of white and black, choose these stunning white and black bridal shoe styles like Lisbeth and Jasmine. These black and white bridal shoes have white pearls and beading on the chic black heel silhouette. Not only that, the pearl detail brings an element of timelessness and class to your wedding outfit. 

      Black Shoes for Wedding Dresses That Are Black

      Wearing a black wedding dress? Our Matilda black wedding heels feature a dramatic tulle bow that balances fashion, fun, and flirty in a heel. Fun fact: You can remove the tulle bow for a more streamlined look. Other chic and trendy black wedding shoe styles include Elsa, Nikki, and edgy Rita Black

      Black Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids

      Don't forget your bridesmaids! So many of our black wedding shoes for women make the perfect black wedding shoes for bridesmaids. Each pair comes complete with our signature shoe components: comfortable, chic, and stunning in detail.  


      Do you have to wear white shoes with a white wedding dress?

      You don't have to follow tradition and wear white shoes with your white wedding dress. Instead, go against the norm with a black wedding shoe! It adds a stunning and chic pop of color, but you'll also be able to easily re-wear your black bridal heel for any occasion. 

      Can you wear black shoes as a bride?

      Yes, you can! Black shoes add a modern pop of color to your ivory or white wedding dress. Another bonus? You can easily re-wear your black bridal shoes for any occasion. 

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