Wedding Dance Shoes


      Wedding Dance Shoes

      Wedding Dance Shoes by Bella Belle

      It's become quite trendy for brides who wear high heels for their ceremony to swap them with a pair of flip flops or flats for the reception. However, wedding dresses are often tailored at a particular length for your wedding ceremony shoes. Therefore, your dress may be too long if you change to flat shoes. That's where Bella Belle's wedding dance shoes come in. 

      Bella Belle bridal dance shoes are meant for dancing all night long. Each pair is engineered with extra soft padding and arch support so brides can dance comfortably. While most shoes are pretty to look at but are uncomfortable, Bella Belle has wedding dance shoes that provide plenty of stability and balance for dancing all night.

      Popular Wedding Dancing Shoes

      Brides who love a little height but aren't used to wearing wedding heels will love our dance wedding shoes in low heels. Glamor brides will love the Frances style that has embellished crystals. Pro tip: you can tie the ankle straps at the front or back! If you prefer the look of a traditional pump with tons of crystals like a Cinderella wedding shoe, we would recommend Evelyn.   

      Classic brides wearing a lace wedding dress will gravitate towards styles like Candice and Monica. While Candice has an ankle strap that provides a lot of security, Monica is a modernized version of a classic lace pump style, topped with a picot ribbon at the front.  

      Modern brides who are all about that clean and streamlined look will love our Kelly wedding block heel with a stunning secure satin bow tied around their ankles. We also recommend our pearl styles, such as Lucia and Georgia, to add a little jazz to your wedding look.  

      If you don't like or can't wear heels, go for our flat dancing wedding shoes! We understand the struggle of finding stunning and comfortable shoes to dance in. Our dance shoes in flats are gorgeous in detail, handcrafted from start to finish. Find your perfect design and fit above. 


      What makes a shoe a dance shoe?

      Compared to regular shoes, dance shoes are made for you to dance all night comfortably long. Standard features of dance shoes include extra arch support and lightweight materials. Bella Belle wedding dance shoes are handmade with extra soft padding so that you can dance in them without feeling pain. 

      What are dance high heels called?

      High heels that are made for dancing are called stiletto dance heels. This term was coined after the stiletto style that women usually wear for dancing.

      Can you dance in any heels?

      All heels can be danced in, but not all heels can keep you comfortable to dance for hours. Luckily Bella Belle shoes are engineered to dance comfortably in all-night long. 

      What shoes are the best for dancing at weddings?

      If you're looking for comfortable wedding shoes to dance in that aren't converse shoes for your wedding, check out our wedding dance shoe guide video.