Heart & Soul

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Bella Belle 2022 collection the story

The Story

Fittingly titled ‘Heart & Soul’, this collection is the reflection of our creative process of art making, where we infuse each piece with a bit of our heart and soul along the way. We hope this collection inspires you to embrace your inner artist.

Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes

The Shoes

Designed with an adventurous eye for proportions and scale, the collection is an exhibit of sculptural elements and architectural flairs. Every shoe is evocative of form and movement, bedecked with sumptuous textiles and nature-inspired fineries. This collection celebrates the art of hand craftsmanship, taking inspiration from sculptural arts.

The Editorial

A chronicle of the process of an artist breathing life into her creation, leaving a piece of her heart and soul engrained in every work. From conception to realization, she transforms into an embodiment of the sculpture itself with statuesque poise and stately allure. Her craft represents her beauty, emotion, and form.