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Ispirato dalla parola italiana per "Beautiful”, Bella Belle è nata per far sentire le donne meravigliose e a proprio agio. Dettagli raffinati e silhouette femminili sono il segno distintivo delle nostre calzature. Dalle calzature Disgregatore alle calzature a stampino, progettate per te.

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Your secret weapon is mastering the art of dressing up an outfit with signature shoes. You intuitively check out people’s shoes. Having new shoes fills your heart with joy. With just one look, you can tell beautiful shoe silhouettes when you see them.

Bella Belle About Us


are two words often used to describe our shoes

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Besides making Bella Belle women feel beautiful in our shoes, we believe in the importance of women's empowerment. We work closely with women-owned businesses in our network of suppliers and vendors. We are also proud supporter of Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that empowers women through economic achievement around the globe.

Bella Belle About Us
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The shoe-obsessed one, Erina’s passion for design started in Architecture. After her formal training and a brief stint as an architect, she realized her actual dream was to become a #LadyBoss. Equipped with her technical background, love for designs, and endless entrepreneurial spirits, she set her foot forward with Bella Belle and never looked back. She enjoys taking laid-back trips to coastal towns in New England and loves a good white T-shirt.

To Veronyca, Bella Belle exists first and foremost in the happiness industry, and it just happens to be in the shoe category. Her heart flutters when she receives emails from happy ladies after they receive their orders. A passion project with her best friend, Bella Belle is a medium for her Excel-loving and Instagram-obsessed self to sharpen her craft. She loves white kitchens with gold accents, and can be found at Japanese restaurants.

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