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Story of milla nova

the story of Milla Nova

Milla Nova is the largest Ukrainian-based bridal brand represented in 50 countries around the globe. Milla Nova handcrafts high-quality trendy wedding gowns for contemporary brides to make them feel the most special self on the most special day in their life.

Bella Belle x Milla Nova

A collab in the name of charity

The “Bella Belle x Milla Nova” collection brings forth three beautiful styles, fusing Milla Nova’s contemporary aesthetics with Bella Belle’s world-renowned exquisite craftsmanship. The blue and yellow colorways give tribute to the Ukrainian flag, while the ivory symbolizes peace like a dove. 20% of sale proceeds will be donated directly to Mademoiselle Martina Foundation, a charity that evacuates women and children from the most dangerous regions of Ukraine.

Reese Blue

The lustrous blue symbolizes peace. They add boldness to the modern clean-cut bow.

Bella Belle x Milla Nova reese blue
Bella Belle x Milla Nova reese blue

Reese Yellow

The vivacious color represents strength and prosperity. They add an element of luxe to the modern bow design.


Morgan is made for a modern bride who is looking for that touch of glam. The ivory color represents purity like a dove. 2 words to describe Morgan? Sophisticated and glamorous.

Bella Belle x Milla Nova reese blue