The Bachelor Hannah Ann’s Best Looks With Bella Belle Shoes

Peter turning down Hannah Ann was, in the words of Julia Roberts:
bella belle bachelor hannah ann big mistake  


Bella Belle bachelor Hannah Ann Leaving

Regardless of if she was your top or bottom pick, Hannah Ann definitely had some standout looks throughout her ups and down on The Bachelor, and were the downs ever so teary and dramatic.
bella belle bachelor barbara crying 

Also, we want to mention that according to Popsugar, other than the first and finale episodes, contestants must do all their own styling. What can we say, reality tv is a demanding and vain mistress.

These are our personal fav Hannah Ann outfits that we would definitely give a rose to, complete with a Bella Belle shoe suggestion. Because bachelors come and go, but good shoes are forever.

bella belle bachelor hannah ann in love

Not an airplane, windmill, or emotional support cow was needed to catch Peter’s eye. Perhaps this dress was how she was able to steal him away for not 1, not 2, but 3 whopping conversations that night. We appreciate how Hannah Ann didn’t stick with trusty yet predictable black, and instead chose a sapphire blue gown for the entrance. We suggest Anita Black to complete the understated glam.
Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Anita Black

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We can see Hannah Ann’s modeling background shine on the runway of the Reformation fashion show. And don’t forget that dramatic dress swish! to brush her competition aside. The ultra high dress slit is just made for showing off Florence Black to accompany those sparkly paillettes. Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Florence Black

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Would you really expect us to not include Hannah Ann walking down the runway (aka basically an elevated wedding aisle) in a wedding dress? This plucky choice was what solidified Hannah Ann as a frontrunner in our eyes. We suggest Maya to complement the swirling floral motif on the gown.

Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Maya Shop for Maya

If you’re going to be in lush Australia, this breezy pink dress is worthy of a tropical escape. We love how Hannah Ann chose something flowy and loose for a change, just look at how magnificently it billows behind her with each step. The Mariee heel will add some glitzy jewel adornments for a steamy evening date.
Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Mariee Heel

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It must be beyond awkward to go back to your shared hotel suite after breaking in the Fantasy Suite, but this cute floral dress helps break the ice. We would choose strappy wedding block heel Fabiola to keep things fun and playful.
Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Fabiola Block Heel

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The engagement might not have been timeless, but this sleek cowl neck ivory gown still is. Maybe this could-pass-for-a-wedding dress is a forewarning that we’ll never see Hannah Ann and Peter in actual wedding garb together (according to her IG Story, Hannah Ann coined this dress “60 Day Fiance”). We’d love to add some pearls to this ensemble with Gabrielle.

Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Gabrielle Wedding Heel Shop for Gabrielle

She might not have won Peter’s fickle, afraid of being alone heart in the end, but she definitely wins ours with this va-va-vroom red dress at the finale for, in the words of Sarah Morse for Vanity Fair, “what followed can only be described as the most spectacular verbal tar-and-feathering I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness”. How many times do you think Peter mentally facepalmed himself in regret while sitting on that couch? We only wish the Tess gold wedding shoe was there too.
Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Tess Gold Heel

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Even after the, to put it diplomatically, finasco at the season finale, Hannah Ann continues to dazzle us on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with this sweet and flirty minidress. We suggest keeping things casually femimine with the Pippa comfortable flats floral embroidery.

Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Ellen Pippa  Shop for Pippa

Miss Priss Boutique Red Dress - Our jaws are dropped for this extravagant rose gown that Hannah Ann shared on Instagram. We’d like to think of it with Lisa Red as the “don’t you wish you didn’t let her go” look.

Bella Belle Bachelor Hannah Ann Lisa Red kitten heel Shop for Lisa

While we enjoyed watching Pilot Pete’s on-screen antics, we aren’t sure if the guy who changes his mind every episode is Mr. Happily Ever After. Vulture’s Ali Barthwell said it best,

“Peter subscribes to the Nicholas Sparks school of relationships, where the only requirement in a relationship is the desire to be in that relationship, and the presence of obstacles are proof that the relationship is worthwhile.”

Congratulations, Hannah Ann, for dodging a bullet with the earnestness and emotional maturity of a golden retriever puppy. May you find your real true love who doesn’t change his mind every episode, the world is your non-scripted oyster. And don’t hesitate to hit us up for wedding collection.

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