The Bella Belle Story

We’ve always loved beautiful handcrafted shoes with handmade details.  When we created our company, we wanted to place an unparalleled importance in exquisite details and feminine silhouettes. Statement-making and feminine shoes with luxurious beading have now become our signature look.

bella belle black evening shoes

Nadia Black, Anita Black, Photography: Laura Gordon

The name “Bella Belle” was inspired by the Italian word for “Beautiful”.  We knew we wanted something that rolled off the tongue effortlessly, so Bella Belle naturally became the name of the brand!  Since then, the meaning of the word “Belle” has been a guiding principle in everything we do, from the initial inspiration hunt to the months of design work and the final product look. Most importantly, we want our shoes to make any woman feel beautiful because she deserves the best.


bella belle real bride

Florence Heel, Photography: Axioo

We truly believe that a Bella Belle lady is someone who is authentic to herself and defines her own style with ease. A Bella Belle lady embraces being a confident woman and showcases her real beauty unabashedly.  

A romantic at heart, you love classic lace details and exquisite details that showcases your inner personality. You are unapologetic about your style and you ensure you always wear the shoe, not let the shoe wear you. Your secret weapon is mastering the art of dressing up any outfit with signature shoes, whether it’s sporting a pair of black heels with some chic white jeans or re-wearing your wedding heels (it’s no faux pas) on a special occasion to relive the memorable day.

Our shoe is a medium for us to celebrate #TheRealYou.

The Bella Belle Shoe

bella belle madeline gold heel

bella belle inside the shoe

Madeline Gold Heel, Photography: Sweet Williams

We’re incredibly humbled by our ladies who often describe our shoes as “stunning” and “comfortable”. We believe in the virtues of quality, comfort and craftsmanship. These three elements run deep into the construction of each shoe. Each detail of our shoe is hand-cut, sewn and lasted for that unsurpassed durability. We use the finest and most luxurious materials to construct our shoes so that you get the highest quality in shoes. Engineered for comfort, each shoe is cushioned with thick padding for all-day wear.

Gone are the days of the saying “No Pain, No Gain”. We believe that you should never sacrifice comfort for style. Instead, the two should always come together in a pair of beautiful shoe.

See the style and experience the comfort in a Bella Belle Shoe.

Our Philosophy

bella belle lookbook

Besides making ladies feel beautiful in our shoes, we believe in the importance of women empowerment. Guided by our female founders, we believe in creating a close knit community that supports women to achieve their goals and dreams. We work closely with many women-owned businesses in our network of suppliers and amazing vendors.

We are also proud supporters of Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that empowers women through economic achievement around the globe. No women should be held back from their goals because they are not able to dress the part due to their economic situation.  We love paying forward to those who are in need to advance their socioeconomic status.

The Faces Behind Bella Belle

bella belle faces

The shoe-obsessed one, Erina’s passion for design started in Architecture. After her formal training and a brief stint as an architect, she realized her actual dream was to become a #LadyBoss. Equipped with her technical background, love for designs, and endless entrepreneurial spirits, she set her foot forward with Bella Belle and never looked back. She enjoys taking laid-back trips to coastal towns in New England and loves a good white T-shirt.

To Veronyca, Bella Belle exists first and foremost in the happiness industry, and it just happens to be in the shoe category. Her heart flutters when she receives emails from happy ladies after they receive their orders. A passion project with her best friend, Bella Belle is a medium for her Excel-loving and Instagram-obsessed self to sharpen her craft. She loves white kitchens with gold accents, and can be found at Japanese restaurants.

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