Your Burning Wedding Hair and Makeup Questions Answered by Industry Experts

Choosing your wedding hair and makeup look is one of the most challenging things you have to decide (after your wedding dress and shoes). It sets the tone of your entire look. Do you go for a natural wedding makeup look or make a statement with a bold eye makeup look? If you go for a natural eye makeup look, do you match with a bold red lipstick color or a coral shade? 

The next hardest challenge is deciding your wedding hairstyle. What are the best and most appropriate wedding hairstyles for long hair and short hair? Should you wear your hair up or down? What are the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair? 

If you have all these questions about your wedding hair and makeup look, we have the answers for you! We asked bridal beauty experts, Face Time Beauty, for their help to answer all your burning wedding hair and makeup questions. 

Facetime Beauty

Katherine and Linsey of Face Time Beauty

Face Time Beauty was born out of a love for social events and a lust for gorgeous looks and luscious locks. Linsey and Katherine have cultivated a dream team of beauty gurus who travel the globe dolling-up their private clients. From brides to Broadway, Face Time Beauty’s hair stylists, makeup artists, and "pretty primpers” of all kinds work their magic on all of those who want to feel and look their very best. They believe that there is nothing more celebratory than gathering your best girls for a day of glam, especially when a stroll down the aisle follows in festivities.

wedding skincare tips

Photo: Laura Gordon. 

Best Skincare Wedding Tips

As a bride, you want to have that glowing and flawless wedding skin as you walk down the aisle. From when to get a facial and hair laser removal to the best skincare tips and skincare routine order, get all your popular skincare questions answered by experts Face Time Beauty. Feel and look the best on your special day with these wedding skincare tips guaranteed to give you a pimple-free skin. 

1. What do I do if I have a breakout before my wedding? 

DO NOT PANIC! It happens. Keep your hands off of any blemishes and spot treat with your favorite spot treatment (we love a dab of Mario Badescu’s drying lotion). You can use ice to help bring down any swelling and your makeup artist can use their magic to cover the rest. 

2. What are the top skincare tips before the big day? 

Cleanse, moisturize, and drink water :) Don’t try any new products or anything too severe or irritating to the skin. 

3. Is it important to get a facial before the wedding? 

Totally up to you and your skin goals! If you regularly get facials, stick with them and speak with your esthetician about any additional services you should add in to make your skin its very best for the wedding day. If you’re new to facials, you want to start your new regime early to ensure you don’t have any skin reactions. We recommend brides start seeing an esthetician about a year out from their wedding. 

4. Any recommendations for dry skin to prevent chalkiness?

Speak with a dermatologist or esthetician for the best hydrating moisturizers and serums for you. Incorporate an exfoliant into your routine 1-2x a week to prevent and flaking/dead skin showing under makeup. Our choice is always the Naturopathica Cherry Enzyme Peel. It’s gentle and super effective. 

5. How many days before the wedding should I get a facial or laser hair removal on the face?

If you regularly get facials and laser hair removal and do not have any adverse effects, you can safely have these done up to a week before the wedding. 

wedding makeup top tips

Photo: Elizabeth LaDuca

Wedding Makeup Tip

As the most photographed day of your life, you want to make sure your wedding day makeup look is top notch - as pictures last forever. Expert makeup artist Face Time Beauty shares their top wedding makeup answers to all your bridal makeup questions. With these wedding makeup tips, you can happily say ‘I do’ without worrying if you look cakey or if your mascara is running after that heartfelt vow. 

1. Is it offensive to ask your makeup artist if you can do your own foundation and eyeliner?

Not at all! Your makeup artist is there to help you look and feel your best. If you feel most comfortable doing your own foundation and eyeliner then you absolutely should.

2. Which is better? Individuals lashes or strip lashes?

We love individual lashes. They are much more natural and customizable. 

3. How to ensure my makeup/lipstick lasts all-day and not look cakey?

It’s all about your primer and setting spray. There are different primers for different skin types (oily, dry, etc), so make sure you have the best one for your skin. Be sure to use waterproof eye makeup and mascara. Use a setting spray once you have your makeup completed to lock everything in.

4. Is airbrush really as good as people say?

We prefer traditional makeup applications. It lasts just as long and is more natural looking. 

5. Should I go for a bold or natural eye makeup?

Personal preference :) If you are a bride that wears more makeup on a normal basis, go for it! If you are more of a natural gal, stick to a more natural, subtle look. You want to look and feel like yourself. 

wedding soft curls natural makeup

Photo: Abby Jiu

6. How to prevent or cover under eye darkness without looking cakey?

There are great concealers out there that have great coverage and lasting power without looking cakey or creasing. We love the Nars concealer and Shape Tape from Tarte. 

7. How to prevent lipstick transfer?

Use a long lasting lip color or lip stain. Our choice is always MAC’s liquid lipstick or Laura Mercier’s Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick. We love the Benetint Lip Stain from Benefit for a more subtle look, too. 

8. Best foundation and primer for oily skin and large pores?

For a matte finish, we love the original Fenty foundation or the Make Up For Ever foundation. For a natural skin finish, we love the Laura Mercier liquid foundation, or Too Faced Born This Way.

9. Can a pale bride get away with not getting a spray tan?

Absolutely! You want to feel your best and like yourself. If you aren’t comfortable with getting a spray tan, skip it! 

10. Pros and cons of eyelash extensions vs fake eyelashes? 

The biggest differences between the two would be the price and longevity. Eyelash extensions are great because they last for a few weeks. So, if you are going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, brides love to opt in for lash extensions to wake up feeling glam on vacation. If you don’t want to spend the money but still want to add fullness and length on your wedding day, false lashes are a great alternative. 

wedding hair updo

Photo: Judy Pak

Wedding Hair Tips

Whether you are planning on doing your own hair for your wedding or getting a hairstyle to work their magic, you’ll want to know these wedding hair tips from Face Time Beauty. Your wedding hairstyle should look and feel like the best version of yourself, that makes you feel confident. If you’re deciding between going for a classic wedding updo bun or beachy wavy curls, you’ll want to get these wedding hairstyle tips from hairstylist experts, Katherina and Linsey. 

1. Open hairstyle or a bun? Which is better?

This is a personal preference and also depends on a few factors (dress neckline, hair holding power, texture, etc). If your hair holds curls and volume well, an open or down style could be a great option for you! If you like having your hair up off your neck, an updo might make more sense. No one option is better than the other :)

2. What is the best hairstyle for fine/thin hair?

There are so many options! You could do an elegant low bun or you can wear it down and add curls and product for volume. You can always add in clip-in extensions or bun inserts to help add body as well! 

3. What are the best hairstyles for a square face?

Try something soft and romantic with some pieces down by your face. You can wear your hair down with soft curls, or up with softer pieces pulled out around your face. We love to see a side part to help add elegance and softness. 

4. I want to wear my hair down, how do I make it look extra fancy?

Soft, glamorous hollywood waves is one of our favorite and most requested wedding hair looks! It’s such a classic and looks good on every bride :) 

5. What are the best simple hairstyles that hairstylists can do for brides?

Soft curls or beachy waves are a safe option or a simple low bun!

wedding hair half up half down

Photo: Heather Waraksa

6. What are some hairstyle options you suggest for a bride that does not want an updo?

Fully down with curls or waves, you can have a deep side part with one side pinned back, or a half up half down style. 

7. Should I let my bridesmaids choose their own hairstyle?

These days we mostly see bridesmaids choosing their own styles. You could ask for a general theme. For example, everyone has their hair down or up, etc. That way each bridesmaid can ask for her own style within those general guidelines. 

8. How to make my hair appear full and dense? 

Hair extensions or bun inserts (depending on the chosen style) are great options to add fullness!

9. Hair extensions or no extensions? Pros and cons? 

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length, and drama to your overall bridal look. We always recommend clip in extensions because they are fairly comfortable and easy to take in and out. Check with your stylist to make sure they will work with extensions. Always use real human hair extensions. 

wedding beauty tips
Photo: Laura Gordon

10. What goes on first, hair or makeup? 

We normally like to start with hair and finish with makeup so that a bride’s makeup stays as fresh as possible! 

11. How much should I spend on a hair and makeup artist? 

This will really depend on the importance of hair and makeup to the individual bride, how many people receive hair and makeup services, etc. 

These are the best wedding hair and makeup tips from wedding beauty experts, Face Time Beauty. Are all your beauty questions answered? Ultimately, your wedding hair and makeup look should feel and look like you. Trust your gut feeling and you’ll know which look fits your personality the best.