Peep Toe & Open Toe Wedding Shoes


      Peep Toe & Open Toe Wedding Shoes

      Open & Peep Toe Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Peep toe and open toe wedding shoes are a favorite amongst brides who want to add a bit of fun and flexibility to traditional wedding shoes. These shoes are perfect for brides who have wider feet or want to show off their pedicure. They're also an excellent option for summer brides. The open toe silhouette allows your feet to breathe against the summer heat – no sweaty feet here. 

      Whether you desire the freedom of an open toe shoe or the tease of a peep toe heel, you're sure to find the style you desire here.  

      Open Toe Wedding Shoes vs. Peep Toe Wedding Shoes

      While many brides and fashionistas find them interchangeable, there is a difference between open toe and peep toe bridal shoes. Open toe shoes secure your feet with a broad front strap similar to a sandal. These shoes are best for brides wearing summer midi gowns or hi-low romantic dresses. Think of open toe bridal heels as something of a heeled wedding sandal. 

      Peep toe bridal shoes are similar to classic wedding pumps with a small opening sitting at the tip of the toe box. Peep toe sandals pair with a wedding dress much like any classic pump but are best for brides who want to add a modern twist to their bridal shoes. The best part? Many Bella Belle peep toe bridal shoes are made of pliable mesh that provides extra give for a perfect fit that will gently conform to your feet. 

      Popular Open Toe Wedding Shoes for Bride

      Bella Belle has many open toe bridal shoes for brides to wear on their wedding day. Brides who want something with a tall heel will love styles like Elise. The tulle adds fun and personality to a minimalist ivory shoe silhouette. 

      Have an outdoor wedding and want something sturdy? Brides love Fabiola, stunning open toe wedding heels in comfortable block heels. Fabiola might look simple at the front, but look at the back. It has a wow factor of floral beads and pearls. 

      Looking for peep toe wedding flats for your beach wedding? You'll love the glamorous gold jeweled Luna sandal. If you love the look of silver, Hera is right up your alley. 

      Whether you're looking for flats or a traditional heel for your wedding, Bella Belle has plenty of open toe styles that will fit your preference.

      Comfortable Peep Toe Heels for Wedding 

      Bella Belle peep toe bridal shoes are known for their 12-hour comfort level. Bella Belle brides rave that they can wear their shoes for 12 hours and more, from getting ready in the morning to dancing all night, with no need for any backup flats.

      Emily is a popular choice for ivory peep toe heels, thanks to her breathable peep-hole toe box decorated with embroidered petals and tiny pearls. 

      Trendy brides find comfort in peep toe wedding bootie Nikki and Belle by Joy Proctor. These bootie style peep toe wedding heels offer full coverage in floral embroidered mesh, providing security to brides who like a snug fit. Meanwhile, the peep hole on these bridal booties delicately lets you flex your manicured toes and your free spirit. 

      Brides set on comfort and a stable day or night on their feet gravitate towards Octavia. These bridal peep toe heels combine classic design with delicate trappings, flexible embroidered mesh, and a sturdy block heel for maximum comfort and breathability. 

      While these are just a few popular options among brides, there are many unique handmade designs. So take your time and find your perfect open toe or peep toe wedding shoe.


      Can you wear open toe shoes to a wedding?

      You totally can! Open toe shoes give you plenty of room for your feet for all the dancing, but you can also show off your pedicure. If you prefer wedding sandals, opt for open toe wedding shoes. If you lean more towards classic wedding pumps, go with peep toe design. 

      Wearing open toe shoes to a wedding, so how do I wear pantyhose? 

      Even if you're wearing open toe shoes to a wedding, you can still wear pantyhose. The trick is to choose a pantyhose color that is close to the color of your skin tone. This way, it looks more natural. 

      Which is more popular? Closed toe or open toe wedding shoes?

      It totally depends on your personal style and aesthetic! Check out when we polled our brides and their answer