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The Edelweiss collection is inspired by the rare and pure Edelweiss flowers that only grow in the Swiss mountain top region. This collection pays homage to eternal love and undying devotion that stands the test of time.

Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes

The shoe collection features everlasting details such as pearls and lace. You will also find small, white flower buds to emulate the purity of an Edelweiss flower. Each shoe feels effortless, driven by the power of love.


The editorial pays homage to devotion and fidelity, inspired by the rare and pure Edelweiss flower. Folklore has it that if someone gifts you this flower, they are giving you their eternal love and undying devotion While time attributes to decay, the devotion to love stands unwavering to the test of time, with a backdrop of a century-old warehouse. ⁠


Storied Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Painterly Light Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography
Creative Mastermind: Joy Proctor

Floral Design: Naomi Demanana

Fashion Styling: Gabrielle Hurwitz
Make-Up and Hair Magician: Facetime Beauty
Calligraphy Artists: Shasta Bell Calligraphy
Dreamy Dress Coutouriers: Chana Marelus, Wtoo by Watters, Sebastian Luke, Zuhair Murad

Bridal Boutique: Spina Bride, Kleinfeld Bridal
Pretty Details Artists: Liv Hart
Venue: Metropolitan Building

Stylish Mat: Styling Mat

VeilSebastian Luke, Girl and a Serious Dream