Poetry of Love

The Poetry

The Poetry

This collection is wrapped in the art of poetry. It captures the essence of Love as penned by famous female poets—multi-dimensional, emotive, thoughtful, and a bit whimsical. The collection is our interpretation of what a poetry would be in the form of a shoe.

Labored with love, the collection is a nuanced fusion of poetic elements and Bella Belle’s aesthetics. Explore the fluidity found in the embroideries, the airiness in the floating tulle bows, and the rhyming of exquisite beadworks.

Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes

The Poets

Each whimsical wedding shoe is named after a famous female poet, and the design reflects her poetry. Their expression of emotions and interpretation of love inspired us to design a romantic and everlasting collection. Select a poetic shoe to view the intricate and intentional design closer.


Taking place in poetic Lake Como, a summer retreat destination for writers throughout the ages, this editorial explores the depth and complexities of love. A great poem stirs emotion and leaves you pondering. This captivating editorial featuring our handmade whimsical wedding shoes portrays love as penned by famous female poets.


Storied Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Painterly Light Photographer: Laura Gordon Photography
Creative Mastermind: Joy Proctor
Motion Picture Maestro: Zen Film Works
Make-Up and Hair Magician: Harold James
Calligraphy Artists: Shasta Bell CalligraphyVeronica Halim Calligraphy
Logistics Connoisseur: Centorose e un Tulipano
Dreamy Dress Coutouriers: Paolo SebastianRime ArodakyNicole + FeliciaAndrea SediciCostarellosXtabay VintageClaire La FayeBongiwe Proctor
Pretty Details Artists: Nicola BathieTwigs and HoneyHaute BrideLauren Taylor Creates
Poetic Villas: Villa Sola CabiatiVilla Balbiano of The Heritage Collection

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