Ultimate wedding shoes guide Ultimate wedding shoe guide

Ultimate Wedding Shoe Guide

How To Choose Your Bridal Shoes

While many brides start with a dream gown, others design their look around heirlooms, venues, themes, or statement pieces like ornate bride shoes. Whatever your process, Bella Belle is here to help you determine where to start your shoe selection. Take our quiz to see which Bella Belle shoes are made just for you based on your personality, venue, and engagement ring styles, among others.

Bride Shoes for Every Bride Type

Traditional Bride

Our ivory wedding and lace bridal shoe collections are the best places to begin your wedding shoe journey. Traditional brides who love clever design also go crazy for our blue wedding shoe collection

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Romantic Bride

If your dream wedding falls somewhere between fairy tale and tradition, your first stop in our bridal shoe boutique should be our wedding shoes with bows or our flower wedding shoes collections.

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Glam Bride

You may be partial to our beaded and bling wedding shoes collections. Ornate beadwork and lucent crystals dominate these collections creating everything from subtle to show-stopping looks.

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Free-Spirited Bride

If bohemian beauty and nature motifs answer your soul's calling, you'll want to start with our wedding sandals, flats for brides, and bridal block heels collections. These shoes exude ease paired with casual extravagance.

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Bridal Shoes for Grass Weddings

For venues that prominently feature grass, block heel bridal shoes are your best bet. If you love stilettos or kitten wedding heels, add a heel stopper which will prevent your heels from sinking in grass.

Wedding Shoe Trends
Every season, we publish the authoritative wedding shoe trends that makes your heart sing.
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Bride Shoes for Outdoor Terrain

You can still bring glamor and grace with any selection from our wedding flats and sandals collection for outdoor mountain venues, beaches or even grassy knolls with uneven terrain. You'll never have to compromise style for comfort with Bella Belle.

Don't Go Wrong When Selecting Your Shoes

Anatomy of the Shoes

Discover what makes Bella Belle shoes comfortable and known as the 'Prettiest 12-hour shoes'.

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Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid

Learn from your fellow brides on picking the right wedding shoes.

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Reviews from Real Brides

Hear from the fabulous Bella Belle brides and check out their fashionable wedding day look.

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Colorful Selections

One of the first acts you probably addressed when planning your wedding was selecting the color palette for your special day. Whether you incorporate these shades into your bridal look or opt for wedding shoes to match your jewelry or hair accessories, Bella Belle designs come in fashionable, complementary colors. From black to blue to blush, nude, and champagne to gold our shoes don't stop at ivory and white.

How to Pick Your Wedding Shoes Based On

Top 2023 Wedding Dresses

Take cues from the top 2023 wedding dress trends to pick your wedding shoes. Feel free to swoon or drool - we don’t judge. Calling all fashionistas aboard!

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Your Zodiac Sign

If you choose what color to wear based on what your zodiac forecast tells you, then this is for you. Follow this guide to pick the right shoes for your zodiac so you are aligned with the stars and the moon.

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Your Myers-Briggs Personality

A must-read for those who have taken the Myers Briggs personality test. We have the right shoes to fit each of the 16 personalities. Share with your friends for more fun.

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17 Must-Have Shoes Accessories
17 Must-Have Shoes Accessories
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Bridal Party Shoes

Now that you have some guidance on selecting your perfect wedding shoes, it's time to think about your future in-laws and bridal party! Bella Belle offers equally exquisite bridesmaid and mother of the bride and groom wedding collections too.

After the Wedding Day

Shoe Care

From cleaning to hacks to get the perfect fit, we cover all the burning questions you have on how to care for your shoes.

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How to Clean Your Shoes

We list the steps to help you get your shoes in tip top shape again

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Re-wear Your Wedding Shoes

Special occasions, anniversary, or dinner dates are only some examples on when you can re-wear your wedding shoes.

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