Here's How You Can Achieve Your Dream Disney Princess Wedding Part 2

With nearly a century’s worth of Disney princesses in existence, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many girls and women dream of looking like one on their wedding day. If you’re planning a Disney Princess wedding, then it’s a good idea to know what to wear so you can channel your favorite princess and really have the enchanted evening of your dreams, like Pippa Middleton's gorgeous Giles Deacon wedding dress and our prediction for Meghan Markle's wedding outfit


Snow White Wedding Outfit Inspiration

snow white

Hayley Paige fall 2018 wedding dress corset inspired deep V neck white wedding dress

Above: Hayley Paige Fall 2018 collection

Snow White’s character design is the simplest of all the Disney princesses, a deliberate choice by Walt Disney. He wanted the character to be relatable and human to the young girls watching the movie. A simple, down-to-earth girl would definitely want to keep it simple on her wedding day. She wouldn’t want the glitz that comes with a Pnina Tornai gown. No, Snow White would probably keep it simple with this corset inspired gown from JLM Couture – Hayley Paige Fall 2018 collection. It’s deep V-neckline, and simple lace details makes it the perfect dress for the girl who wants to wear a beautiful dress, not have a beautiful dress wear her.

Bella Belle Adeialde floral vintage wedding heel by Joy Proctor

Above: Bella Belle Adelaide by Joy Proctor, Photography by Sposto

The simplicity of her style will go from her head to her toes. So, she’s going to need a pair of shoes that will complement her style rather than clash. The Adelaide by Joy Proctor would be the perfect shoe for her to wear for her walk down the aisle. The hand embroidered floral pattern will be reminiscent of the days she spent living in the enchanted forest without being too bold. And the straps and extra padding will keep her shoes on and feet comfortable for when she’s dancing at the reception (or if the huntsman decides to come after her heart again).

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Ariel Wedding Outfit Inspiration

Berta fall 2018 sexy with deep V neckline and sparkling sequins and crystals wedding dress bridal collection

Above: Berta Fall 2018 wedding dress

Ariel is a stubborn, fiery redhead who’s going to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Even though she left everything behind to live the life she always wanted, Ariel would probably want to pay homage to her aquatic roots with a mermaid gown. Even though she could, she would want to keep the bottom as light as possible like this sexy elegant deep v-neckline dress with 3D detailing from Berta Bridal’s 2017 collection. So she can get married on the beach to ensure all her friends and family can be in attendance.

Bella Belle hera crystal embellished comfortable etsy wedding sandals

Above: Bella Belle Hera wedding sandal, Photography by Cavin Elizabeth

Walking in the sand with a pair of spiky heels is a disaster waiting to happen. So, even though Ariel is stubborn, she’s smart enough to know to wear a pair of cute sandals to her beach wedding, which is why she’d opt for Hera, a sparkling pair of thong sandals. Not only are these perfect for a beach or destination wedding, but Ariel will also be able to wear them again so she can show off her new human feet.

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Tiana Wedding Outfit Inspiration


Marchesa Notte fall 2018 bridal wedding dress

Above: Marchesa Notte Fall 2018 bridal dress

Tiana doesn’t get as much love as she deserves, and it’s a shame. She’s such a great role model for girls because she knows what she wants and works hard to make her dreams come true. She’s the most realistic out of all the Disney princesses. Thinking about the Jazz Age, Tiana would need a dress she can dance in, which means anything to puffy and too tight is definitely out of the question. She would probably feel the most comfortable in this light and airy gown from Marchesa Notte Fall 2018 bridal collection. The honeycomb lace and cut of the dress are reminiscent of something she would wear in the 1920s and is sexy without going over the top.
Bella belle allegra comfortable ivory ballet bridal flats

Above: Bella Belle Allegra wedding flats, Photography by Laura Gordon 

Tiana’s probably not going to waste money on the things she can do herself, so between dancing and greeting guests, she’s going to be in the kitchen making sure her cooks are doing things right. Since she’s going to be on her feet more than the average bride, she’s going to splurge on Allegra flats. The floral embroidery and lattice beading are perfect for a bride who loves small details, and the flat, well-padded shoe will help her stay on her feet throughout the evening.

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Mulan Wedding Outfit Inspiration


Lela Rose pantsuit spring 2018 bridal collection

Above: Lela Rose Spring 2018 bridal pantsuit

The last few years have been all about breaking down gender norms, just like Mulan when she took her father’s place to defeat the Huns. That’s why Mulan, and all others like her, will want to wear a pantsuit like the one from Lela Rose Spring 2018 bridal collection instead of a traditional wedding dress to make her feel like herself on her wedding day. The pantsuit features the fashionable off-shoulder silk top with pearl beading on the edges with a matching sleek white pants. Let’s face it: dresses aren’t for everyone and brides should wear what they’re most comfortable wearing.

Bella Belle bootie wedding shoe

 Above: Bella Belle wedding bootie, Photography by Artiese Studios

Since it takes a powerful woman to wear a pantsuit to her wedding, she’s going to need a powerful pair of shoes to compliment the look. Pairing a pair of Belle booties with 3D floral details and pearl embroidery to match the Lela Rose pantsuit is going to work best with this elegant, powerful and yet feminine ensemble.

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Rapunzel Wedding Outfit Inspiration


Galia Lahav fall 2018 sexy wedding dress with high slit and with sleeves

Above: Galia Lahav Fall 2018 wedding dress

Even though she was kept locked up in a tower her whole life, there’s no denying Rapunzel is an Earth child. On her wedding day, she’s going to keep it boho chic in a sexy high slit wedding dress from Galia Lahav Fall 2018 collection. Not only does this dress fit Rapunzel’s free spirit, but the starry embroidered sequins are set in a pattern to honor the years she spent looking at the lanterns her parents and city sent into the sky to honor her birthday.

Bella Belle embellished comfortable pink crystal wedding sandal

Above: Bella Belle Jules embellished wedding sandal, Photography by Sophie Epton

Since Rapunzel spends her entire movie barefoot, it was hard to decide what shoe would suit her style the best. Since she never had the opportunity to learn how to walk in high heels, her wedding day probably won’t be the best time to learn. It would be a safe bet to say Rapunzel would feel most at home in Jules, a simple pair of slip-on sandals. The rows of blush, clear, and opal embellishments in a floral pattern will speak to her flower child heart. They’re also going to be easy to slip off for when she wants to return to her barefoot ways.

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Cinderella Wedding Outfit Inspiration


Lazaro bridal fall 2018 wedding dress

Above: JLM Couture - Lazaro Fall 2018 wedding dress

Like Snow White, Cinderella comes from simple beginnings. However, she’s not afraid to go all out on her wedding day because it’s the first time she has a day where she’s at the center of everything. So, don’t be surprised when she walks down the aisle in a dress like a crystal beaded net gown with ivory silver embroidery from JLM Couture - Lazaro. While it’s not a ball gown, the net gown cut with an A-line skirt and side pockets are more practical for a modern day Princess to be able to waltz the night away. After years of slaving away for her stepmother and sisters, it’s her time to shine in a Swarovski crystal-studded dress with a chapel train that will “wow” everyone in the pews. Her wedding is the epitome of the Disney Princess wedding.

Bella Belle Elsa something blue cinderella sequin crystal wedding shoes

Above: Bella Belle Elsa wedding heel, Photography by Tamara Gruner 

Naturally, Cinderella is going to want to honor the night she and Prince Charming met, so she’s going to wear Elsa Blue. The sequins and shimmering effect are a dead ringer for the glass slipper that reunited her with her soulmate, and the icy blue color of the imported silk will be a reminder of the ballgown her Godmother gave her.


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Dressing like a princess is every girl’s dream for her wedding day. We all have our favorite Disney princess that comes to mind when we think about when we’re dressing up. When you’re planning your dream Disney Princess wedding, don’t forget to ask yourself what your favorite prince would wear and maybe you’ll find the right look for you.

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