Liv Hart x Bella Belle Collection

What started months ago has finally come to life: Introducing the Liv Hart x Bella Belle Occasion collection!

The collection features modern, clean, classic and chic French style shoes that are made by women for the modern day women. We believe in making shoes that are comfortable and stylish for a confident and strong woman who embraces her real beauty unabashedly. We’re so honored to share this special collection with all of you and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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bella belle liv hart evening shoes collection

From Liv Hart:


I love beautifully crafted designs and the idea that shoes can be versatile enough to wear again after your wedding. My vision for this collection is that brides would be able to wear this chic piece of their wedding look to future special events and anniversaries.

bella belle mariee blush bow ankle strap evening heel

This collection is incredibly well-crafted and is so versatile. You are able to change the ankle strap and wear the shoe four different ways. A plain silk strap, silk strap with silk bow, floral crystal strap, or floral crystal strap with the silk bow allow you to change the look from understated to a more statement look with just one shoe. All of these strap options are included with each shoe. 

bella belle liv hart evening shoes collection

The Collection

I put my heart into these designs and gave my full name to the collection, Olivia Marie.

The Olivia

bella belle x liv hart olivia ivory with silk bow and jewel embellishments
bella belle x liv hart olivia black silk bow with jewel embellishments
This shoe is inspired by my love for chic design with memorable details. I’ve spent time in France over the past few years and I am so inspired by the clean lines of modern French style and more ornate elements seen in vintage French design. The pendants used on this shoe are also used in my accessory and headpiece collection.

Check out Olivia Ivory and Olivia Black

bella belle x liv hart olivia black silk bow jewel embellishment evening shoe

The Mariée

bella belle x liv hart mariee blush silk bow jewel embellishments evening shoe

bella belle x liv hart blush silk bow jewel embellishments evening shoe
Mariée translates to bride in French and is also my middle name. This shoe has the same foundational French inspired feel with elegant lines and a slightly more playful look. It also features the same jeweled pendants used in my accessory and headpiece collection.

See more of Mariée here!

Collaboration bella belle x liv hart black silk bow jewel embellishments evening shoe

I have always loved to work with artists that share a similar heart and vision for design. I have had the great privilege of working with Bella Belle’s designer, Erina, over the past six months and have truly enjoyed every moment. I love the tangibly heartfelt feel of the designs when two artists see and work towards the same goal of creating something truly memorable.
bella belle x liv hart evening shoes collection

From Bella Belle’s designer, Erina:

This collaboration has been a true match made in heaven. Combining Liv Hart’s signature European vibe and Bella Belle’s love for craftsmanship, the collection has been a project we relished in from day one. We fell in love with Liv’s vision to make this collection chic and versatile for wedding and after wedding. The interchangeable straps can be adapted for many different occasions, perfect for modern women who are looking for versatility to change the looks to match their outfit. 

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Shoe Collection: Liv Hart X Bella Belle Shoes
Photography: Winsome and Wright
Gown: Berta
Bridal: Anna be Bridal
HMUA: Liz Weg
Location: Union 27
Earrings: Liv Hart


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Very nice!!!

Natalie Ng 十月062018

Love your shoe collection very much. I would like to know if you will be creating more sandals (heel) with crystal embellishment in ivory. Your special attention to detail padding and blue is a beautiful touch for the bride who needs special touches. I am looking for this item for wedding July 2019. Thank you for a creative and beautiful collection.

Carolyn Robinson 八月292018