Poetry of Love Collection

The scratch of a pen across a blank sheet of paper, the tapping of shoes against a tiled floor, we experience beauty and the promise of potential in both a heartfelt poem and a pair of luxurious shoes. We’ve been keeping this secret for a long time, and are excited to finally introduce our Poetry of Love editorial. Our dream team thoughtfully designed a concept that explores the evocative nature of love in stanzas of poetry via a physical manifestation as wedding high heels, low heels, and flats. View the entire collection HERE and the lookbook HERE.

bella belle shoes edna wedding heel

Shoe: Edna

“My heart is warm with the friends I make” Edna St. Vincent Millay

We are honored to work with some of the best creatives in the industry. We couldn’t have done this without their expertise and flair for beauty.

bella belle shoes poetry of love zen film works cinematography

Motion picture maestro Chris (@zenfilmworks), named the best wedding filmmaker in France, directed a visual feast for the eyes. The precise editing and music arrangement adds extra dimension to this moving experience.

“I was able to translate this to film through directing the model’s beautiful movements -- dancing through the words and emotions of love and poetry. I was also able to push other elements such as vulnerability, sensuality and journey through composition, negative space, light, and direction of camera movement and camera angles” - Chris, Zen Film Works

bella belle shoes harold james paris make up and hair

Harold has applied perfectly blended eyeshadows to some of the most famous faces in the world, and is a permanent fixture at the backstage of runway shows around the world. His looks are meticulously blended, timeless, and ready for any special event.

“To reflect freedom, it was important for me to see the hair in motion. Eventually, I decided to play with the beauty look to evoke softness, passion or strength thanks to the versatility of textures and colors.” - Harold

bella belle shoes villa balbiano

bella belle shoes villa sola cabiati

For a theme like Poetry of Love, we needed the perfect backdrop that inspires both literary urges and romantic adventures. Dynamic duo Daniela and Paola of Centorose E Un Tulipano Planning (@centoroseuntulipano_weddings) used their insider knowledge to carefully choose two settings in the lovely Lake Como in Italy.

“The "Poetry of Love" has been set exactly where one of the most famous poet and writer of the eighteenth century composed the poem ‘Mattino’. Villa Sola Cabiati and Villa Balbiano are two of the most refined examples of eighteenth-century architecture present on the lake. Graceful and commanding in stature, each villa features breathtaking painted ceilings, beautiful frescoes and fine tapestry. Truly poetic in every sense of the word.” - Daniela and Paola, Centorose E Un Tulipano

bella belle shoes shasta calligraphy

bella belle shoes shasta calligraphy

Calligrapher Shasta Bell (@shastabellcalligraphy) really has a way with words. This self-taught calligrapher elevates cards and envelopes into miniature works of art. We challenged her to put her graceful penmanship on skin instead of paper, talk about taking words to heart!

“It was so fun to put pen to skin and create living art - making a gown out of words - ‘weaving fabric’ from love and ink.” - Shasta Bell

bella belle shoes joy proctor styling and design

One of our favorite visionaries in the industry, Joy Proctor (@joyproctor) is one of our frequent collaborators and is an internationally renowned wedding designer. She has a flair for realizing romantic dream-come-true’s from the conceptual into real life.

“To visually translate the theme, I chose not to tell it in literal sense but proposed that we make our model a living depiction of the poet’s muse.” - Joy Proctor

bella belle shoes laura gordon photography

bella belle shoes laura gordon photography

Laura Gordon (@lauragordon) is a like-minded romantic who shares our passion for whimsy and jubilance. A master of light, Laura’s photography style is dynamic and emotive. We adore how every shot is tenderly composed with depth and texture for true opulence. Each frame breathes life into our editorial to tell our story from Lake Como to you.

bella belle shoes emily peep toe lace wedding shoe

Shoe: Emily


“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality” Emily Dickinson

Dedicated to all of us who have been moved and touched by love, this editorial conveys the multi-dimensionality of love, as expressed in poetry. The collection is a nuanced fusion of poetic elements and Bella Belle aesthetics. We utilize ornate embroidered lace, meticulously hand-beaded florals, weightlessly fluffy tulle, and satiny silk ribbons for whimsy and charm.

bella belle shoes sylvia lace wedding shoe

Shoe: Sylvia


“I am so hungry for a big smashing creative burgeoning burdened love” Sylvia Plath

Just like a great poem does, this editorial will stir emotion and leave you pondering about love. Named after some of our favorite female poets, every shoe features harmonious handmade details and refined silhouettes. We hope you can feel the strength and wisdom from these talented women each step of the way. Explore the fluidity found in embroidery, the airiness in a floating tulle bow, and the rhyme of exquisite beadwork.

bella belle shoes dorothy beaded bow wedding pump

Shoe: Dorothy


“I’m one of the glamorous ladies, at whose beckoning history shook” Dorothy Parker

The flow of words on a page, the flow of sparkling beads atop crisp silk, each element weightlessly blends into the other. Tie up any loose ends with the romantic bow of Matilda, or catch everyone’s eyes with the crystal florals of Emma. We preserve the careful balance of a well-designed shoe, from pointed toe to strappy heel.

bella belle shoes lace wedding shoes

Shoe: Maya, Mina

"If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded” Maya Angelou

Like staccato lines of poetry, repeating motifs can be found in the fine details of each shoe. Look closely to discover dainty pearls in the center of Maya’s flowers, and feel classically chic with the silk cap toe of Rita. We choose delicate particulars to intimate thoughtful romance and poetic emotion.

We hope you fall in love with this collection, just like we did.

bella belle shoes team

With love,

The Bella Belle Team


See the Poetry of Love collection here!