17 Must-Have Shoe Accessories

17 Must-Have Shoe Accessories

Bella Belle believes that shoes can be both comfortable and beautiful. Every design journey begins with the architecture of the shoes to ensure comfort. Many ladies are surprised by just how comfy a pair of Bella Belle shoes feel as they are used to having uncomfortable shoes. We invite you to try out our signature extra padded shoes for yourself, we promise that you’ll notice the difference! No matter your height needs, we have flats, low heels, and high heels for any special occasion. 

Everyone’s feet are unique, and so we all have different needs and challenges when it comes to figuring out the perfect shoe. We recommend keeping your own personal arsenal of supplies to keep your shoe collection in tip-top shape. Here is a quick guide of all the shoe accessories, so you can pick the one(s) that addresses your needs. 

Furthermore, you may find our Shoe Care article useful on how to take care of your Bella Belle shoes.  

Disclosure: we do not receive any commission for the products mentioned in this article. All accessories mentioned are the ones we recommend. 

Shoe Stretchers 

If you’re in that awkward spot between sizes, have wide feet, or experience any other fit maladies, then standard-size shoes may need some adjustment to achieve the best fit. A shoe stretcher allows you to customize your shoes by making them longer and/or wider.

bella belle shoe stretchers

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Bella Belle also recommends wearing your shoes around the house in thick socks, so that your shoes mold to fit your feet. A mesh shoe such as the Elsa ivory wedding heel has extra stretch for a super comfy fit.


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Shoe Trees 

Don’t let your shoes deform over time, especially creasing at the toe, and use a shoe tree when storing your shoes to maintain their structure. Cedar shoe trees also help with odor control. Shoe tree doesn’t fit in your heels? You can stuff newspaper or tissue paper in the toe area instead.


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Every Bella Belle shoe comes with tissue paper stuffing to protect your unique wedding shoes. Please hold onto the paper to store your shoes later.

Boot Shapers 

Tall boots flop over on their own, which can lead to cracks and creases if stored that way for too long. Slide in a boot shaper to keep boots standing straight and increase ventilation. A DIY hack is inserting rolled magazines into the boots.

bella belle boot shapers

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Booties such as Nikki have a short shaft, and tissue paper will be sufficient to hold the shape.


Shop for Nikki here

Dust Bag 

Every Bella Belle shoe comes with a white dust bag to protect your shoes from dirt and sunlight. Whether you’re storing shoes in the closet or toting them around in your purse, use a dust bag to keep shoes clean. Choose a dust bag made of soft fabric that doesn’t transfer color onto your shoes.


Shoe Protector Spray 

If you plan on wearing your shoes outside, apply a shoe protector spray first to help repel water and dirt stains. This is especially important for delicate materials such as silk, leather, and suede. Allow your shoes to air out and fully dry before wearing.


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Bella Belle shoes are made of fine silk and leather, for an unrivaled luxury look and feel. By taking care of your shoes, they will continue to look fabulous for many years to come. For outdoor weddings, we suggest a block wedding heel to keep from sinking into grassy lawns. 


Shop Abigail here

Sole Grips 

You may be concerned with slippery soles when wearing high heels. This can be addressed easily by sticking non-slip grips onto the bottom of your shoes to increase traction. You can choose clear grips, or a color that matches the soles.

bella belle sole grips

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If you’re worried about balancing in high heels, our comfortable wedding shoes have many low heel and flat options.


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Heel Liners 

Does your heel slip out of the shoe with each step? Add a heel liner to the back of your shoe to keep your foot secured. This will also stop the edge of the shoe from painfully cutting into your heel.
bella belle heel liners

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Stick with a shoe that securely holds the back of the foot like the Chloe pump, a perfect evening heel or wedding heel.



An insole will give you extra cushioning and arch support for comfort, and make too big shoes fit a little better. Wool insoles can also help reduce odor and dampness.

bella belle shoe insoles

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Choose a shoe that covers the edges of the foot, such as the Daisy embellished flat for weddings, to hide the insole from view.


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Heel Cups 

Your heel is the first part of the foot that strikes the ground when you walk, and a heel cup will add more padding to protect your foot from impact. This can also reduce discomfort for those with plantar fasciitis. Full-coverage styles like boots will hide the heel cup and keep you from stepping out of the shoe.
bella belle heel cups

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Every Bella Belle shoe comes with extra thick padding in the sole, our comfortable evening shoes are ready for an entire night of fun straight out the box.


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Ball of Foot Cushions 

We all know the dreaded soreness on the ball of your foot that comes with a long day in high heels. Ball of foot cushions help alleviate pain, and can prevent your toes from sliding too far forward in open-toe shoes.

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Open-toe heels like Bridget may cause your feet to slide past the edge of the shoe, so use ball of foot cushions to keep your toes secure. 


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Arch Support Inserts 

Does the arch of your foot not touch the shoe? Or do you have flat feet that need more structure? Place in additional arch support inserts to protect the natural curve of your foot.

bella belle arch support inserts

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High heels naturally have more arch support than flats, a perfect reason for choosing embellished wedding heels to give extra height.


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Toe Sleeves 

There’s always that one pair of shoes that causes one toe in particular to rub and blister every wear. Pop on a soft toe sleeve to protect the delicate skin on your toes from being pinched.

bella belle toe sleeves

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To avoid injured toes, try out an open-toe style that shows off your pedicure.


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Instead of resorting to band-aids when shoes are too painful, cut out a piece of moleskin. This soft fabric adhesive can be placed on the shoe or your skin itself, and stays on better than band-aids to protect you from rubbing. Don’t use moleskin on broken or injured skin.

bella belle moleskin

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Practice your runway strut ahead of time to break in your shoes, so that you don’t have to pull in the moleskin reinforcements on the big day. Our shoes like Emma require very little time to break into as the leather is incredibly soft. 


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Odor Balls 

Place an odor ball inside each shoe during storage to freshen them up. You can also use tea bags or dryer sheets in a pinch.

bella belle odor balls

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A shoe made of mesh, like the gold bridal and evening shoe Shirley is well-ventilated to reduce odor buildup.

bella belle shirley gold lace wedding shoe

Foot Powder 

If you sweat when nervous, sprinkle on a little foot powder before slipping on your shoes to absorb excess moisture and control odor.

bella belle foot powder

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Bella Belle’s mesh shoes are breathable to reduce sweat and keep your feet cool. Our elegant lace wedding shoes for brides are stylishly comfortable.


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Blister Block 

Red, irritated feet don’t need to be the tell-tale signs of a long day. Apply some blister block, a stick of waxy balm, to the parts of your skin that get rubbed against your shoes to protect against irritation.

bella belle blister block

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We use luxe silk and leather to reduce irritation, but everyone’s feet have different needs. Even ultra-strappy shoes like Rita can be worn with blister balm.


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Numbing Cream 

This celebrity secret helps withstand long red carpet events in towering heels. Slather numbing cream on your feet before putting on your shoes, and your feet won’t feel as sore later in the day.

bella belle numbing cream

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Too tight shoes may result in your feet feeling pain. We recommend going up half a size, choosing mesh shoes that stretch, or going for a heel that is thicker or lower for increased stability.


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