The Prettiest 12-Hour Shoes

Bella belle comfortable and beautiful bridal shoes

You Deserve The Best

Say goodbye to the saying “beauty is pain”. We design shoes that are stunning on the outside, and comfortable on the inside. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds for 12 hours and more!

Bella belle shoes soft and comfortable padding

Dance the night away! The secret weapon of Bella Belle, this is why we were called "The Prettiest 12-Hour Shoes". Our footbed is heavily padded with soft memory foam to absorb shock and stabilize your arch.


Walk confidently. Pliable and breathable mesh molds to the shape of your feet perfectly, and prevents sweaty feet.

Bella belle shoes quality silk material
Quality Materials

You will love how you look and feel in Bella Belle. From genuine leather to 100% silk, you won’t suffer from any allergic reaction to synthetic materials.


Elevate your look and gain compliments. Each pair is expertly crafted by artisans from start to finish. The results? Exquisite shoes that will take your (and everyone's) breath away.

Bella belle shoes handmade bridal heels
Bella belle shoes made with love Bella belle shoes made with love

Made with Love

Discover how the ‘Prettiest 12-hour Shoes’ are handcrafted with love
what real brides have to say about bella belle shoes

What Brides Have To Say

From “the comfiest heels I’ve ever owed” to “I did not get any blisters or feel pain”, brides rave about Bella Belle Shoes

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