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Ivory Wedding Shoes for a Classic Bride

Ivory wedding shoes are loved by many brides, but especially classic brides who want a modern touch to the traditional color. The ivory color became popular when Queen Victoria wore the beautiful color to marry Prince Albert. Before Queen Victoria, brides wore any color for their wedding dress and shoes. But when Queen Victoria wore it, brides all around the world fell in love as it signified the status one has in society. If you were high in society, you were able to keep the ivory color clean. Since then, the ivory color is the most popular color of choice for brides for their shoes and dress, such as ivory lace shoes with an ivory lace dress! 

At Bella Belle, we aim to provide the most comfortable and stunning wedding shoe ivory shades for all brides, from cream wedding shoes to diamond shades of white. As a brand founded by two best friends, we understand the struggle to find modern designs that have this traditional color - most are frumpy or out of fashion. We took that struggle that so many brides have and created beautiful ivory bridal shoes that have exquisite lace, beadworks, crystals, and pearls, elevating traditional wedding dress shoes ivory is often associated with. 

What Shoes to Wear with Your Ivory Wedding Dress

If you are wearing an ivory wedding dress, then wear similar ivory wedding shoes to match! A question we're asked a lot is, "what shoes to wear with a lace wedding dress?" Does your boho wedding dress have beautiful lace detail? Then wear a lace wedding shoes ivory based, that has hand-embroidered lace to please your bohemian bridal style. For a look that's a bit more demure, try ivory ballet flats for wedding styling that is a bit more graceful in theme. Are you a lover of anything pearls and have pearl accents on your A-line dress? Try one of our pearl styles, all hand-embroidered delicately and expertly by our team of artisans. Our ivory lace bridal shoes are both classic and modern, but never boring.

At Bella Belle, there are so many styles of ivory wedding shoes and ivory lace wedding shoes, so you'll be sure to find your perfect match. Romantic brides love our hand-crafted styles that have beautiful beads and details. Brides marvel when they first receive their shoes in the mail because pictures don't do our shoes justice - the beads look even more stunning in person! Glamorous brides will surely gravitate to the crystal and sequin styles that sparkle as brightly as the stars in the night sky. 

We offer various ivory wedding shoes flats, and heel heights that come in all different styles that would match your ivory wedding dress. Short brides that need a height boost will love our ivory wedding heels that come in a high but very comfortable 4 inch height. Can't do the tall height but still want a slight elevation, so you're not that shortest person at the wedding, then you'll find comfort in our ivory low heel wedding shoes styles. Beautiful and stunning, our 3 inch white heels are a combination you'll love! Tall brides, rest assured as we also have ivory wedding flats that are simply stunning! Just because you are tall, doesn't mean you have to settle for frumpy flats. Our flat bridal shoes ivory collection combines lace, embroidery, and bling to make sure you're comfortable but still shining. 

Ivory Shoes for Wedding Dresses That Are White

If you are wearing a white wedding dress, you can still totally wear ivory satin wedding shoes! The ivory color of our shoes is very light, almost like white, with just a tint of ivory. If you look at a white color swatch and our ivory shoes, you can barely tell them apart because the ivory is subtler. Rest assured, our brides who wore a long white dress have worn our ivory styles and they match perfectly! 

Ivory Bridesmaid Shoes

Don't forget about your bridesmaids! They, too, deserve to feel beautiful on your special day. Gift them a pair of beautiful ivory bridesmaids shoes to complete their bridesmaid outfit. Your bridesmaid or maid of honor will be sure to thank you endlessly for gifting her with a stunning and comfortable ivory bridesmaid shoe. The most comfortable bridal shoes ivory has to offer, find your ivory wedding shoes for bride & bridesmaids today!

Real Bride Review

From Kristine #bellabellebrides: "I so love my Anita Ivory wedding shoes from Bella Belle. The color and embroidery were a perfect match to my wedding dress.  I wore it for 9 straight hours and did not feel any discomfort at all even though we went out to several locations for a pictorial after the ceremony (not to mention it was winter and some locations still have some snow left in the pavement) and some dancing during the reception.  The silk straps kept my feet snuggly tight and the soft padding helped cushion my feet".

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