Shop Ivory Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle


      Shop Ivory Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      "I spent hours on the dance floor, so comfortable"


      "They made me feel like Cinderella"


      "These really are the 12 hour shoes"


      Why Choose Ivory Wedding Shoes?

      At Bella Belle, we aim to provide the most comfortable and stunning ivory wedding shoes in shades ranging from cream to diamond white. If you wear a white wedding dress, you can still wear ivory bridal shoes! The ivory color of our shoes is white, with a tint of ivory. In other words, if you look at a white swatch and our ivory shoes, you can barely tell them apart. Rest assured, our brides who've worn various shades of white have left glowing reviews for our ivory styles, praising them for matching perfectly! Ivory wedding shoes are the go-to for many brides, especially those who love traditional wedding ensembles. Whether you walk the aisle in ivory wedding heels or settle on comfy ivory lace shoes, Bella Belle has a number of striking designs that will fit your fashion, personality, and vision. 

      Unsure if ivory shoes are the right choice for you? Bella Belle is here to help. Check out our 
      Ultimate Wedding Shoe Guide for the best in expert tips, tricks, and advisement, or try our Bridal Style Quiz for more personalized bridal shoe suggestions. 

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