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The Essential Comfortable High Heels Wedding Guide You Need

Your wedding day is ultimately all about *YOU*. And if you’re like most brides, you want to stand tall and confident on such a momentous occasion. Bella Belle’s bridal high heels, also known as the ‘Prettiest 12-hour Shoes’, are your answer to feeling both stunning and comfortable. So, if you are unsure where to start or just want to know everything about high heels, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to answer all your burning questions.

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What is a High Heel Shoe?

A high heel shoe is a type of footwear that is 4 inches and taller. They feature an arch in the middle of the shoe design to support the arch. Women with high arches typically find wearing high heels to be comfortable for their feet. Due to the elevated heel at the high angle, it creates a very graceful posture that is seen as stylish and sophisticated. Hence, high heels are the preferred choice for formal occasions and events.

Some common silhouettes of high heels are pumps, stilettos, platforms, and wedges.

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Types of High Heels

There are many comfortable and stylish high heel options for your wedding day. You’ll want to choose a high heel type that you’re more comfortable and used to wearing on a daily basis. Here are some popular types:


Stiletto heels

A stiletto heel has a heel that is slender and tall, typically 4 inches and above. This slim, tall heel creates a sophisticated and elegant look due to its elongated effect on the legs.


Platform heels

Platform heels feature a wide heel and a thick sole. Growing in popularity, they provide stability and support for the foot.

Bella Belle Shoes Edna Floral Beaded Lace Wedding Heel with Tulle Bow Edna Ivory

Slingback heels

Slingback heels have an adjustable slingback strap that wraps around the back of your feet for security. Quiet luxury brides often prefer this minimalist design.


Peep toe heels

Peep toe heels have an open design at the front to expose a small portion of the feet. The playful design makes it one of the most versatile silhouettes for every occasion. 


Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels feature a sturdy strap that wraps around the ankles. Brides call this “a seat belt for my feet” as they don’t have to worry about their heels slipping off. 


Mule heels

Mule heels are known for their open back design with a minimal strap across the front of their foot. Brides love the ease of wear as it is easy to slip into. 


T-strap heels

T-strap heels feature a strap in the shape of a “T” that typically extends from the toe to the ankle. This vintage design provides support and a visual interest to the shoe. 


D’Orsay heels

D’Orsay heels have a cut-out at the side of the foot to expose the arch. The sleek and elegant design is loved, especially among brides who want to show a little skin without revealing too much.

Bella Belle Shoes Giada Tie Leg Pearl Strappy Heels

Strappy heels

Strappy heels have multiple thin straps that elegantly wrap around the foot to provide support and an alluring aesthetic. This design is popular for more casual events. 

Pro High Heels Tip

If you’re not used to wearing high heels, your wedding day is not the day to try something different. Instead, consider alternatives like block heels, low heels or even flats. If you do love the look of high heels and how they make you feel, practice wearing them before your wedding day.

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Why Choose High Heels?
  1. Boost your confidence
    The design of the heel corrects your posture so that you look elegant and graceful, which can increase your confidence. 
  2. Gives you modelesque legs
    High heels can make your legs look longer, toned and sexier. It’ll give you the illusion of having model legs. 
  3. An extra height boost
    If you’re much shorter than your partner, high heels will lessen the height gap so that you can stand tall and proud. 
  4. Comfort
    You wear high heels on a daily basis and find them more comfortable than other heel types. 
  5. Part of tradition
    High heels have long been a part of tradition for weddings. So you may want to incorporate a piece of tradition to your wedding day. 
  6. Perfect for formal occasions
    High heels are seen as more suitable for formal weddings and events due to the sophisticated design and silhouette. 

How to Choose High Heel Wedding Shoes

Here are the factors for you to consider when choosing your high heel wedding shoes

Your Wedding Dress Style

You can choose your wedding heels based on the dress embellishment or the silhouette of the dress. Take inspiration from our #BellaBelleBrides and their wedding heels and bridal dress choice. 

Slit Wedding Dress

Show off your Reese bow heels with a high slit wedding dress. 

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Short Wedding Dress

A statement-making short feather dress balanced with Anna modern high heels. 

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Lace Wedding Dress

Classic from head to toe in a lace dress and Sophia lace wedding heels.

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Beaded Wedding Dress

Feel like a Cinderella with your beaded and tulle dress and Elsa crystal high heels. 

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Tulle Wedding Dress

Add a touch of sparkle to your tulle wedding dress with Florence.

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Ball Gown

Live out your happily ever after in a dramatic ball gown and Anita lace high heels.

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Mermaid Wedding Dress

Complement your timeless mermaid wedding dress with Elise tulle high heels. 

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Strapless Wedding Dress

Make a romantic statement with Edna beaded high heels and a strapless bridal gown. 

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Crystal Wedding Dress

Dance the night away with a sparkly bridal dress and Wisteria stiletto heels. 

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wedding heels based on your venue

Your Wedding Venue

Wedding heels are very versatile for any wedding venue. If you are wearing high heels for your outdoor wedding, add a heel stopper so that the heels don’t sink in grass. Plus, it’ll keep the heels clean! For more formal weddings, choose closed toe high heels that have a clean and timeless look.

Your Feet Type 

Choosing the right high heel size is the make or break of whether you feel pain or discomfort on your wedding day. It is important to make sure you have wiggle room in your toes as your feet will swell throughout the day. 

If you have flat feet, you’ll want to choose high heels that have a wider heel as that will help distribute your weight. Consider Serafina platform heels for the chunkier base and heels for support and comfort. 

It can be tricky to find high heels that are comfortable if you have a high arch. Luckily, our high heels have good support for high arch feet. Choose from our array of high heel wedding shoes.

Choose wide width high heels for weddings that are made of soft and stretchy material like our mesh styles. Some best sellers are Anita, Claudia and Florence. We also recommend sizing US ½ up from your usual shoe size if the high heels fit true to size

We don’t recommend going for a 4 inch high heel style. Instead, choose our Dorothy high heels that are 3 inches. The D’Orsay cut is proven to be supportive and comfortable to accommodate all feet types. 

  • If the high heel product description specifies the size as running small, choose the bigger size in your size range. 
  • If the high heel product description specifies the size as running big, choose the smaller size in your size range. 
  • If the high heel product description specifies the size as runs true to size, choose the bigger size in your size range.

Sister Styles

Did you know that most of our high heel wedding shoe styles have a low heel, block heel and bridal flats sister? There is the perfect heel height and type for every bride.

Pro High Heels Tip

You don’t want to choose a size that is too large or too small. When you try them on, you’ll want them to fit just right or slightly big. Your feet will swell throughout the day, so a little wiggle room is preferred. If the shoes fit only slightly big, add heel liners and padding for a more snug fit. 

Pre-Wedding Day Prep

Here’s what you need to do before your wedding day to ensure you feel comfortable and confident all-day. 

  • Remove the plastic lining on the soles of your high heels to unveil soft and luxurious leather outsoles. 
  • Wear your high heels around the house so that they fit you comfortably on your wedding day. If your high heels have ankle straps or ribbon ties, you can play around with different ways to tie them.  
  • If your high heels have prongs that hold crystals, apply a few coats of clear nail polish so that it doesn’t catch on your tulle or beaded wedding dress.
  • Bring your high heels to your wedding dress fittings to hem your dress length perfectly. Plus, you’ll get to see your whole wedding look come to life! 
  • If they need a little stretching, wear thick socks with your high heels. You can also get the heel stretcher to gently stretch them even more.
bella belle norah ivory wedding heel
Post Wedding Day Prep

Your wedding shoes can be kept and re-worn for multiple occasions after your wedding day. Here are some helpful tips on how to care for them. 

  • Spot clean minor stains on your high heels by using a Clorox wet wipe or a soft toothbrush in a gentle cleaning solution (1 part gentle detergent to 3 parts water). Use a paper towel to dry it to prevent water stains. 
  • If your high heels have any odor, you can leave a pair of socks (filled with baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil) in your heels overnight. 
  • To prevent any molds or discoloration, keep your high heels in the same stuffing and shoe box that it came with, in a closet away from direct sunlight. 
  • High heels are so versatile! Rewear them for your honeymoon, date nights or your anniversary to relive the beautiful memories. 
  • If you would like to dye your high heels, you can do so by going to a professional dyer.

The Perfect Bella Belle High Heels Wedding Shoes

Bella Belle’s beautiful high heels for weddings are known as the ‘Prettiest 12-hour Shoes’. Here’s why:

bella belle edna best wedding heel bella belle edna best wedding heel

Bella Belle High Heel Bestsellers

Bella Belle has many comfy high heels for weddings to choose from. Here are some of the most popular and loved styles from our brides:

Most Glamorous

3000+ crystals and beads makes Elsa sparkle beautifully under the light. You’ll make a WOW statement! 

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Most Photogenic

Penelope’s beautifully embroidered flowers and silk bows will guarantee compliments all-night long. 

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Most Classic

Classic is far from boring with Giselle. Classic lace is timeless while the removable silk bows ensure versatility. 

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Most Romantic

Feel like a ballerina with the ankle tie straps that elongates your legs beautifully. P.S. Anita was worn by Jennifer Lopez in her movie, Shotgun Wedding!

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Most Rewearable

With romantic floral beads and delicate pearls, this high heel beauty will elevate any look. 

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Most Modern

Like the Duchess of Wales, Kate is the epitome of class with the luxurious silk ribbons. Feel secure with the criss cross design, made for 12-hour wear. 

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High Heel Wedding Shoes FAQ

We recommend wearing your heels around the house for a few minutes every few days. If you’re lounging on the couch, you can also wear them so that they mold to the shape of your feet perfectly. 

We recommend buying your wedding heels before your first wedding dress alterations so that the seamstress can hem your dress length according to your high heels height. 

We have a comprehensive guide to clean your satin wedding shoes

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