Wear Lace Wedding Shoes With A Lace Wedding Dress

Lace wedding shoes are the perfect romantic and classic shoe for brides. Bella Belle Shoes is known and famous for our lace bridal shoes, beloved by so many brides and even bridesmaids on social media, especially Instagram, as the shoes are both timeless and very fashionable. Wear Bella Belle bridal shoes lace designs with classic,stunning lace wedding dresses or a wedding dress with long lace sleeves. The embroidery lace would match your wedding dress perfectly to create the most romantic and elegant wedding look. 

Bella Belle has many different kinds of lace heels for wedding looks in different embroidery styles that would match any wedding season! If you are having a summer or spring wedding, you’ll be sure to love our white lace heels wedding designs that have breathable mesh so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. Having an outdoor wedding during the summer or spring, consider wearing a lace block heel, lace low heel wedding shoes or even lace wedding flats! For heels, just add a heel stopper so you won’t sink in grass. 

Having an intimate fall or white winter wedding instead? Choose from our white lace bridal shoes booties instead! You can totally rock ankle boots for your winter wedding as they will keep your feet feeling warm. It’s also the perfect fashionable shoe for the season. Rest assured that the ankle boots are nothing basic. We have beautiful lace embroidery on all our booties styles so they look stunning and rich in embroidery details. It will make any fine-art bride feel stunning. Depending on if you prefer just a hint of lace or want to showcase the whole lace look, we offer options from just a few delicate lace flowers to elegant full-lace designs for your lace wedding shoes

Pro tip: Satin lace shoes also complement tulle wedding dresses perfectly! 

Lace Wedding Shoes For Bride 

Why Bella Belle? We offer non-cookie cutter wedding lace shoes! It is very hard to find shoes that are exquisite that do not look mass produced, where every detail is not overlooked.Sometimes you find the most perfect shoes as shown in pictures when you shop online. However, when you get them in real life, they don’t look or feel as good in real life as they do in pictures. Sometimes, you will find shoes that look good in real life, but when you try them on, they are not comfortable, as is the struggle of online shopping for shoes. Finding lace flat shoes that look exquisite, look good in real life, and are comfortable is like winning the shoe jackpot, and Bella Belle checks off all the right boxes!

How are Bella Belle shoes exquisite? Our wedding lace heels, kitten heels and flats are all hand-embroidered by skilled artisans that have over fifteen years of experience. Each shoe such as a lace wedding shoes low heel has more than 20 hours of craftsmanship, so you know for a fact that they are artfully handcrafted from start to finish. Each thread is carefully sewn onto the shoe to create exquisite lace patterns. Some of the shoes have extra details such as pearls, crystals or beads on top of the lace to give it that extra touch. This stylistic embellishment is particularly elegant on our shoes, as the hand-stitched lace covers the toe part of the shoes.

Why do Bella Belle shoes look so good in real life? A common review we often get is the “pictures don’t do them justice, they look so much better in real life”. It is often hard to capture details beautifully in pictures because they are 2D. So when you get them in person, be prepared to have your expectations exceeded and beyond because the lace detail will literally leave you speechless. 

What about what makes Bella Belle wedding heels lace so comfortable? That’s the easiest question for us to answer because we engineer all our lace wedge wedding shoes with extra padding on the insole so they feel very comfortable to wear! Our philosophy is why make shoes that are uncomfortable? That just means they are unwearable. As women who love shoes, we understand that you want stunning shoes that feel as good as they look. So we made sure that all our styles have extra padding so you are comfortable all-day. 

From Alena #bellabellebrides: “Incredibly beautiful and equally as comfortable, they don't even feel like 4-inch heels. WOW I am so impressed by them - the photos don't even give justice because the shoe is so detailed and beautiful with the lace on the white. The inner blue sole is light blue and makes the heels so comfortable you wouldn't even believe it”. 

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