Flat Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle


      Flat Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Wedding Flats by Bella Belle

      Bridal flats by Bella Belle are stunning and comfortable. We design our shoes to make your feet look delicate, so you feel beautiful and relaxed on your special day. After all, you should spend your wedding day celebrating, not learning to walk in a new pair of heels. 

      Bridal Flats for Brides by Height

      No matter your height, wedding flats are a refined, elegant option.

      Bridal Flats for Tall Brides 

      Wedding shoe flats are a popular choice among tall brides. Bella Belle flat bridal shoes have a 0.5-inch heel to give you the posture boost of wearing heels without towering over your future spouse (unless you want to). 

      Flat Wedding Shoes for Brides of Average Height

      While many brides of average height prefer wedding heels, flat wedding shoes are still an excellent ceremony and reception shoe if you prefer comfort over a height boost. With our vast array of choices, you're sure to find glamourous wedding day flats that stun! 

      Bridal Wedding Flats for Short Brides

      Many brides of shorter height opt for pumps  to appear taller at the altar. Other petite brides choose specific dress shapes like trumpet gowns and mermaid dresses to elongate their waistlines. Flat bridal shoes give a sprite-like, ethereal finish to shorter bridal gowns. 

      The truth is that no matter your height, any type of shoe or dress can work for you. We recommend you choose a bridal outfit and pair of shoes that reflect your personality, match your style, and leave you feeling confident and happy on your wedding day.

      Selecting Wedding Flats

      Our best tip for finding the right wedding flats is to match them with the detailing of your dress. 

      Does your dress have sparkly accents? Then choose a crystal-embellished wedding flat that would match! If you wear a lace wedding dress, go for similar lace embroidered shoes.

      At Bella Belle, we offer bridal flats with rhinestones, crystal wedding flats, pearl wedding flats, and more. Our embellished flats have stunning intricate designs for weddings, each creating spectacular 3D effects sure to impress. Regardless of which cute shoes you choose, we recommend ordering your flats in advance so you can take them to your bridal fitting. It's the perfect time to see if your dress needs to be hemmed to accommodate your bridal flats. It's also the first time you can see your whole wedding look in person, so remember to bring the tissues! 

      Ballet Flats for Wedding

      One popular trend making its way down the aisle is wedding ballet flats. Bridal ballet flats have become popular due to the feelings of elegance and grace they evoke. Whether choosing ballet flats for the wedding reception or all-day wear, our delicate ankle straps and hand-beaded jewels are sure to leave you feeling beautiful, balanced, and secure. If wedding ballerina flats are the shoe for you, be sure to meet Alicia, our chic hand-sewn lace illusion wedding ballet flats for bride wear. 

      Ballet flats for wedding guests is another popular trend taking weddings by storm. Guests who come in heels can really let loose and get down on the dance floor by supplying these dainty shoes. 

      Bridal party flats have also become a popular thank you gift for wedding party members. 

      How To Wear Flat Shoes for A Wedding 

      Bella Belle flats are designed to accommodate any venue. Whatever venue you choose for your wedding day, you want to be comfortable for all the festivities that follow. At Bella Belle, we guarantee you'll stay comfortable and beautiful in our satin women's flat wedding shoes.  

      Perfect As First Dance Shoes 

      Since our wedding flats are comfortable and stunning, these beautiful shoes are perfect for your first dance and reception. After-party dancing can get a little wild, and these wedding flats are perfect for withstanding all the movement and keeping your feet from being in pain. You don't have to worry about removing your shoes; Just keep dancing! 


      How to wear flats to a wedding?

      Brides who do not want to wear heels to a wedding can wear wedding flats! Bella Belle bridal flats are not only comfortable, but they are also stunning in detail. No frumpy flats here. 

      What shoes does the bride wear at a wedding reception?

      Bella Belle brides usually wear the wedding shoes they wore for the ceremony or change into a pair of comfortable wedding flats for the reception. 


      How do I wear my wedding flats with my wedding dress?

      If you're wearing bridal flats with your wedding dress, check out our styling guide on pairing your flats with your bridal dress

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