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Bridal Flats from Bella Belle are stunning and comfortable, not frumpy at all. Bella Belle makes flat wedding shoes that are redefined to make your feet look slim like models, so you feel the most beautiful on your special day. What used to be frumpy is now exquisite and elegant. Who says you can’t be both comfortable and feel like a princess? Bella Belle bridal flats are the perfect choice if you are a flats girl at heart and can’t wear heels. Your wedding day is not the time to try wearing new heel heights. For tall brides who love flats, we hear your plight! With only a 0.5 inch flat heel height, Bella Belle flat bridal shoes give you a small extra height boost so you can stand tall and proud during your wedding day and not tower over your future spouse, unless you want to. As brides, you want something special to peek from the bottom of your skirt, but you don’t need unnecessary height. It is just so hard to find beautiful and delicate flats that feel wedding-y. With our wide array of enchanting bridal flats, you will sure pick something you would love. 

Whether you are a short, average or tall bride, Bella Belle has many bridal shoes flats options for you to choose from. Your wedding day is when you need to feel confident as you glide down the aisle and dance with your new husband or wife. 

How to wear flat shoes for wedding 

If you are looking for ways to wear your bridal flat shoes to your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place. Bella Belle wedding flats for bride are designed so you can wear your bridal flats anywhere. You can wear them to your English garden wedding, followed by a posh tea party, or at a bohemian and whimsical forest wedding. Alternatively, you can wear your wedding flat shoes to a traditional church wedding or even a rustic barn wedding. Whichever wedding venue you choose for your wedding, you want to be comfortable for all the wedding festivities and at Bella Belle, we guarantee you’ll stay comfortable and feel beautiful in our satin bridal flats.  

The right bridal flats for you

Our best tip in finding the perfect bridal flats for you is to match it with elements of your dress. Take a look at the detail of the dress! Does your dress have sparkly details? Then choose a crystal embellished wedding flat that would match! If you are wearing a lace dress, then go for a similar lace embroidery in your flats. At Bella Belle, our embellished flats have stunning intricate designs for weddings, including lace, pearls, spectacular 3D elements, and more. Regardless of which cute wedding flats you choose, we recommend ordering your flats in advance so you can take them to your bridal fitting. It’s the perfect time to see if your dress needs to be hemmed to fit the bridal flats. It’s also the first time you can see your whole wedding look in person, so remember to bring the tissues! 

Perfect as first dance shoes 

Bella Belle shoes are made with comfort in mind, so you can be comfortable from morning to night and the first dance. Since they are both comfortable and stunning, these bridal flats are perfect for your first wedding dance and after-party dance. Choose to flats all day, or save them as a back-up flat bridal shoe for special moments and to prevent aching feet the next day. The after-party dance can get a little wild, so these wedding flats will be perfect to withstand all the dancing and keep your feet from being in pain. You don’t have to worry about removing your shoes any longer to keep on dancing! 

From Holly “These shoes are absolutely beautiful and probably one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever owned! Customer services have been amazing as well with answering questions I had about the order. I would highly recommend Bella Belle!”

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