Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your Wedding Shoe

Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your Wedding Shoe

Every woman should feel like a princess from head to toe on her wedding day. But picking the wrong shoes for the occasion could turn any princess into an evil queen. It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find that perfect pair of wedding shoes to carry you down the aisle. There are hundreds of white and ivory, satin heels and flats to go through that it might seem like a good idea to just pick a pair without giving it a lot of thought. After all, no one will see the shoes under the long dress, will they?
Picking your shoes should go beyond just matching them to your wedding dress. When looking for that perfect glass slipper, you want to really think about what you’re going to be doing on your wedding day and how long you may or may not be standing on your feet. To help you get through the process, we’ve assembled a few mistakes to avoid when picking your wedding shoe.
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Picking Wedding Shoes that Are Uncomfortable

Allegra feminine and romantic floral lace embellishment wedding flat

Above: Allegra wedding flat, Photography by Carrie King 

As a bride, your wedding day is going to be anything but a day of leisure. You’re likely going to spend most of the day on your feet, so you have to make sure your footwear is up for the challenge. One mistake to avoid when picking your wedding shoe is picking a pair that is uncomfortable. Find a pair that can endure a long day of walking, standing, greeting relatives, and dancing with your new life partner. If you’re not used to wearing high heels, then try a pair of flats like this enchanting pair of Allegra ballet flats which are designed to guarantee all-day-comfort with the extra padding at the soles. Happy feet = happy bride.

Annalise vintage white crystal wedding low heel, Amelia ankle strap white feminine, romantic and classic wedding low heel

Above: Annalise and Amelia low wedding heel 

But if your dream is to wear a pair of heels with your dress, then your best bet would be to choose a smaller heel (no one wants to see the bride trip her way down the aisle). Sure, we can laugh it off like Jennifer Lawrence, when she tripped on her way to the Oscars stage, but none of us really want that. Wearing a shoe with a lower heel like the Annalise or the Amelia is a smart, practical way to go while still looking fabulous. The 2 ½ inch heels are perfect for those who still want a heel without having to worry about sore feet at the end of the day. If you want to learn more about comfortable wedding shoe options, we’ve got it covered in this blog post


Forgetting to Break in Your Wedding Shoes

Anita romantic, feminine, classic and chic floral lace white wedding heel

Above: Anita white wedding heel, Photography by Carrie King 

Like any other shoe in your collection, your wedding shoe should be worn before the Big Day. While, the thought of getting a spot on their pristine, white satin might seem like a nightmare, you’ll regret keeping them in their box until the minute before standing at the altar. You don’t have to wear them on every outing before the wedding, but it won’t hurt to slip them on every so often. One of the best ways to break in your shoes without damaging them is to wear them in the house or at the office. Walking in your wedding shoes for these short spurts of time will help them become bearable when it’s time to show them off. We know the feeling of excitement when you receive your wedding shoe, especially the beautiful blue box that our shoes come in, so why not use this excuse to try them on and actually have a practical reason to do so! 


Forgetting to Bring a Spare

Priscilla lace white comfortable wedding slippers

Above: Priscilla lace slippers, Photography by Kurt Boomer. 

Wearing high heels the entire evening isn’t going to work out for anyone, and walking around barefoot might not be an option depending on the location of your reception. It’ll definitely won’t be practical to wear high heels while you’re getting glammed up by your glam squad. A comfy pair of slippers or our Priscilla lace slippers might be the best choice pre-wedding ceremony. Change into a glamorous pair of high heels for the ceremony to bring out the inner princess in you. Besides, it’s always an added bonus to be an extra couple of inches taller for that picture perfect first kiss.


Vintage white wedding flat Jackie, comfortable embellished and jeweled wedding sandals 

Above top from left: Jackie flats, Luna sandals, Agatha sandals, Hera sandals

Photography top from left: Rachel May, Josh and Serena

When buying a basket of flip flops for your guests don’t forget what you’re going to wear on the dance floor. So, when you’re packing your bridal bag don’t forget to throw in a lovely and comfortable pair of bridal sandals to switch into for when your feet just can’t take it anymore and are in desperate need of a break when you’re on the dance floor. If you’re a boho chic bride, the Greecian inspired Agatha sandal will transform you into a Greek goddess. Vintage brides will adore the crystal jewels on our lovely Luna wedding sandal while glamorous brides adore the sparkling oval cut sparkles and pearls on our Hera sandal.

 If you’re a bridal flats girl, our best seller the Adora flat will be perfect for you. Vintage brides will fall head over heels (not literally), for the Jackie flat with crystal stones and a something blue center stone. Our bridal sandals and flats have extra padding on the sole, so they are super comfortable on the dance floor, and they are stylish too! Trust us; you’ll be thankful you (or your Maid of Honor) thought ahead before the night is over.


Not Matching Your Dress

Florence sparkling crystal ankle strap white comfortable wedding bridal heel
Above: Florence wedding heel, Photography by Nicole Lapierre

If you’re wearing a floor length gown, you might think that matching your shoes to your dress isn’t a big deal. But on your wedding day, you should strive for a perfect, cohesive look especially if you’re planning some cute photos of your wedding shoes. It might be in your best interest to pick your footwear before you decide on your dress. Your wedding shoes are what will determine your height on the day. So, if you’re planning to rock a pair of six-inch heels, then you need to ensure the dress is still going to reach the floor. And if you’re going barefoot, then you want to make sure your feet will be covered, so they don’t end up the focus of your outfit.


Buying a Pair You’ll Never Wear Again

Filipa nude crystal embellishment jeweled comfortable wedding bridal heel

Above: Filipa nude wedding heel, Photography by Gray Door

Yes, not matching your dress is a huge mistake to avoid when picking out your wedding shoes, but it would also be a travesty never to wear those shoes again. When picking out your wedding shoes, you should consider if and when you’d ever wear them again. While the tradition white satin wedding shoe may not work in the office, you could still wear them to other formal events, like the Filipa heel, a nude soft metallic color that has intricate mesh vamp encrusted with sparkling crystals at the front.

Dawn light blue wedding heel

Above: Dawn Blue wedding heel

And wedding shoes don’t always have to be white or even ivory. More and more brides are opting to wear more colorful, unique shoes that will fit their style way beyond their wedding day. A pair of light blue wedding shoes, like our Dawn Blue wedding heel might be the perfect choice for brides who are looking for versatility. While a light blue wedding shoe isn’t the traditional kind of shoe, it’ll be the something blue you need to add to your wedding outfit.


Anita Gold romantic, feminine, classic, chic white floral lace ankle strap gold wedding bridal heelTess gold romantic wedding heel

Frances champagne crystal embellishment ankle strap wedding low heel

Above: Anita Gold, Tess heel, Frances Champagne low heel, Photography by Taylor & Porter, Gray Door

If you have always dreamed of being a Golden goddess, then our gold heels Anita Gold and Tess will be right up your ally. The Tess heel is comfortable with extra padding on the sole, but also evokes a dream-like feel with the intertwined embroidery design. On the other hand, the Anita Gold is classic and chic for brides who love a romantic floral design. Otherwise, add a little champagne into your life with Frances Champagne, a low heel wedding shoe option that is gives you a little height boost while still being extremely comfortable. As a cherry on top, the soft gold teardrop stones and beads at the front will stand out in photos.


Forgetting to Put the Shoes in the Budget

Belle comfortable romantic wedding bridal bootie white floral 3D design  

Above: Belle wedding bootie, Photography by Julia Kaptelova.

Forgetting to put your shoes in the budget is a huge mistake to avoid when buying your wedding shoes. Wedding shoes can get very expensive, and it could be a huge blow to buy them without considering how the cost could affect other parts of the wedding. 

Picking the right shoes for your wedding is one of the most vital parts of bridal preparation. Your wedding shoes should showcase your style while staying comfy enough to enjoy every moment, from stepping out, from taking that first step down the aisle, to dancing with your friends and now-hubby at the reception!

Always remember that comfort is the key to picking the perfect wedding shoes and do your research, so you know what mistakes to avoid when picking out your wedding shoes.

And don’t forget that penny for good luck!

Fall/Winter 2017 Hottest Wedding Shoe Trends

Fall/Winter 2017 Hottest Wedding Shoe Trends

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall and Winter. Fall is one of the most beautiful months of the year, especially when the leaves turn bright hues of red, pink, orange and yellow. With the cold winds, it means more indoor weddings that are as glamorous and dazzling as Sofia Vergara’s wedding day. Autumn weddings mean darker colors, gold heels, peep toe booties, and lots and lots of crystals! Nothing says a Fall or Winter wedding like lush velvet in a maroon hue with a gold peep toe bootie and a matching metallic clutch to complete the look. We’ve rounded up our favorite and super trendy wedding shoes that are perfect for a Fall and Winter 2017 Wedding that have a 2-in-1 deal: stylish and extremely comfortable!

Peep Toe Booties & 3D Details


Bella Belle Wedding Shoe, Wedding Bootie, Wedding Heel, white, floral, 3D details
Above: Belle Wedding Bootie, Photography by Julia Kaptelova 
Booties are so in for Fall and Winter! It protects you from the cold but is still super chic with the heel and various designs. If you love the way booties make you feel on an everyday basis, then you’ll also love it on your wedding day. This gorgeous peep toe bootie, Belle, is intricate and unique with the 3D floral details, something that was seen all over the Fall 2017 bridal runway. The mesh material invokes a romantic feel that is perfect for an intimate and small wedding in your backyard, church, or a glamorous ballroom. One thing’s for sure, the comfort and security that an ankle strap gives you will ensure a stress free night as you get down on the dance floor.

Bold Colors


Bella Belle something blue wedding shoe, wedding heel, vintage inspired

Above: Annalise Blue Wedding Heel, Photography by Henry Photography

Add a something blue to your wedding look with Annalise, a Great Gatsby era inspired vintage wedding heel. The comfortable 2.5 inch is a more manageable heel height that ensures comfort during your big day while the hand embroidered and beaded baguette crystals, strings and glass beads add a massive statement piece to your entire wedding look. While wearing a blue wedding heel isn’t the first thought that comes to any bride’s mind, we say that the colder months are the perfect time to try something new, even if it’s something blue. Also available in White and Ivory. If this blue gem is something Leonardo diCaprio (who starred in The Great Gatsby film) would approve, then sign me up!


Bella Belle gold wedding shoe, wedding heel, Anita Gold, floral, classic, shic

Above: Anita Gold Wedding Heel, Photography by Carrie King

If you ever dreamed of having a pair of gold heels that matches a romantic and dreamy castle or a European vineyard destination wedding, then Anita Gold would be the picture-perfect match for you. While the Anita heel is also available in White, we definitely love the Anita Gold as it brings an extra pop of color to an already beautiful white ensemble. The illusion mesh with delicate Alencon lace is classic yet modern with the cross ankle straps and tied bow, alluding a contemporary and romantic ballerina feel. Wear this and it’ll complete your dream destination wedding look. If you have ever dreamed about being a ballerina, this beauty will definitely make you feel like one.


Bella Belle Gold Wedding Heel, Wedding Shoe, Tess, Destination Wedding

Above: Tess Gold Wedding Heel, Photography by Brandy Jackson

Looking for something a little more glamorous? Tess might just be up your alley. This glamour meets lady-like vintage piece is embroidered with 3-D gold lace across the body of the shoe and criss cross gold leather straps for a stylish secure finish. The open toe design is also super trendy for a fall or winter wedding. You’ll love adding this piece to a gorgeous white tulle wedding dress or even an alluring slip on satin dress. Rock this golden goddess in a fancy ballroom or even in a lavish backyard wedding with white roses and peonies hanging down from the tent. Que hours of Pinterest research now!


Sparkles & Crystals

Bella Belle nude wedding shoe, wedding heel, crystals, sparkles

Above: Filipa Nude Wedding Heel, Photography by Corina V

We can never have too much sparkles in your lives, right? Sparkles are the key to this stunning wedding heel. Filipa is a match made in heaven for any bride that wants a classic nude heel that has a major statement piece at the front. The sparkling crystals are gorgeous to look at and even more dazzling in pictures, especially when you strike a sexy leg pose. While the 4-inch heel may be a little too high for some, it’ll be perfect for brides who need an extra height boost on their big day. Now you can make a statement and pose like Angelina Jolie on the Oscars 2012 red carpet.


Bella Belle Florence wedding shoe, wedding heel, crystals, sparkles, ankle strap white

Above: Florence Wedding Heel, Photography by Jeremy Chou

Florence is a sparkling gem, an intricate and luxurious wedding heel that is perfect for all wedding dress styles. From glamorous cascading lace ruffles to romantic tulle ball gowns and bohemian off shoulder wedding dresses, Florence is meant for every kind of bride. Hand beaded with milky teardrop stones and beads, the details of the heel is one that is hard not to look twice at. The delicate crystals would satisfy any bride who loves a little bling in their outfit without overpowering the entire look.

Bella Belle Frances wedding shoe, wedding heel, low heel

Above: Frances Wedding Low Heel

If you’re in love with wedding heel Florence but want a shorter heel, then Frances is the one for you. Exactly like Florence, only different in height, Frances is sassy with a bundle full of personality. It’s flawless for a bride who is modern but has a slight touch of tradition, wants a statement piece to her outfit but also needs more comfort than an ordinary stiletto might give. Lovely and glittery, Frances is a gem that shouldn’t be missed.


Bella Belle Willow Wedding Flat, wedding shoe, comfortable

Above: Willow Wedding Flat, Photography by Happy Bloom

This Cinderella wedding flat mirrors a glass slipper look while being extremely durable and comfortable with the mesh and silk finish. Willow is just like wedding heels Florence and Frances in design but is extremely comfortable with the flat format. If you’re looking for more comfortable wedding shoe options, check out our previous blog on Most Comfortable Wedding Shoe Styles. Sparkling with encrusted crystals and romantic with the mesh illusion, this pair of wedding flats is a match made in heaven and a definite accessory for a bride who loves a little shine in her life.

Top Picks from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Top Picks from The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

It’s finally the time everyone has been waiting for! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here to give us a much needed wardrobe makeover. It’s the perfect time to purchase that flowy floral dress you’ve been eyeing for a Summer Wedding #OOTD or the chic little black dress because let’s be real, can you ever have enough of black dresses? We know we can’t! With summer weddings running in full gear before the colors of Autumn bloom, we created the picture-perfect outfits for a casual outdoor wedding or even for a celebratory rehearsal dinner for brides, bridesmaids and guests with our favorite Nordstrom dresses and Bella Belle Shoes. If you’re looking for a more traditional bridal look, we’ve got you covered with this blog on HOW TO COMPLETE YOUR NORDSTROM WEDDING LOOK WITH BELLA BELLE FLATS 

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Bachelorette Party

Whether it’s a fun night out in Las Vegas or a laid back weekend on the beach in Mexico, a Bachelorette can be the last hurrah for the bride, a way to escape the tiring wedding planning or just what you need to calm the wedding jitters. We created a bachelorette look that’s a perfect day to night time look.

Bachelorette dress Chelsea 28 Nordstrom blue velvetBella Belle Paloma white wedding heels

 Above: Chelsea 28 dress & Paloma heels. Photography by Natalie Bray

Most people would say to stay away from a velvet dress as the material can be unflattering for some body types. We say that the fit & flare cut of the Chelsea 28 dress is super flattering for all despite the velvet material. In fact, the velvet navy blue shimmer radiates elegance to the wearer. The Paloma white heels has romantic and delicate floral beadings with an ankle strap for a sparkling night of fun hush antics. As they always say, what happens at a Bachelorette, stays at the Bachelorette.


Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is always full of excitement and jittery nerves as the Big Day draws near. After months and months of careful planning and endless Pinterest research, everything is finally coming together. It is an occasion of celebration in a relaxed environment as families and close friends come together and mingle in a not so hectic scene. It is also a place for guests to get to know each other to avoid the wedding day awkwardness that can come.

 Rehearsal dinner white lace romper for bride Bella belle adora jeweled wedding sandals

Above: Socialite romper & Adora flats. Photography by Eleigh Sium

This Socialite lace romper screams elegance for brides who are more laidback in nature. The plunging neckline is anything but modest and the lace roses creates a very feminine feel. As trendy as the red carpet fashion, the sheer back is the way to do sheer clothing right without being borderline obscene. Finish this look with Bella Belle comfortable flats Adora.  From the endless guest greeting and crazy family antics, we know you’ll prefer a comfortable flat rather than a tall heel. Hence, the glittering rose embellishments will surely keep you looking stylish while ensuring comfort.


Casual Outdoor Wedding

 It’s the new obsession. More couples are opting for a no frills, intimate and laidback wedding that is equally as elegant as a traditional one, but not overblown. The carefree nature is perfect for couples who want to allow their personalities take over without being overshadowed by the glitz and glamour. Whether it’s a simple backyard wedding or a white tent beach wedding, a casual wedding setting allows you to play with colors and style in the midst of formality. If you’re a casual elegant bride or a guest going to a non-traditional wedding, we crafted the perfect look for you.

Casual outdoor wedding Cece white lace dress for bride

Bella belle Belle white floral wedding booties

Above: Cece dress & Belle booties. Photography by Danielle Coon
This super chic white Cece A line dress is so worthy for a Hamptons Summer wedding on a yacht or garden overlooking the ocean. The lace dress exudes an aura of elegance and simplicity with the black bow tie streaming down the back for that added statement piece. The Belle by Joy Proctor booties creates a feminine and romantic touch to the whole wedding look. Exquisite in nature these delicate booties are made for the modern bride who’s looking for a statement piece. Floral and lace can never go wrong for an outdoor summer wedding.
Casual outdoor wedding Ted baker black dress for guests Bella belle willow white comfortable wedding flats

Above: Ted Baker dress & Willow flats. 

As guests, there’s always the fear of accidentally outshining the bride. This simple yet stunning Ted Baker black dress has lattice like loops around the waist and hem, creating a sexy illusion for those who like to be a little daring without drawing too much attention. Pair it with Bella Belle Willow flats for a sparkly modern Cinderella slipper finish. Comfortable yet anything but boring, this rhinestone and beaded embellished flats are made for a woman who wants to be dancing the night away.


City Hall Wedding

Back in the day, city hall weddings were the biggest events of the year. The endless amount of black and white photographs of couples taking their first kiss on the steps were everyone’s dream. If you’re like Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell who all you need to tie the knot is just each other, then a city hall wedding is just for you. While it is the most intimate and simple kind of wedding, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look your best.

city hall alive + olivia white floral dress

Bella belle anita white floral ankle heel wedding heels

Above: Alice + Olivia dress & Anita heels.

This Alice + Olivia chic dress is the wedding dress you need for a simple city hall wedding. The floral prints and ruffles on the hems of the cream slip dress creates the perfect blend of effortlessness and sophistication you would need to pull off a stylish city hall wedding. Anita, an ankle heel with delicate Alencon lace and tied bows is super classic, feminine and handmade to perfection. Stunning in pictures but even more stunning in person, the Anita heel will elevate any outfit to ensure a fashion worthy city hall wedding. Something even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City will approve.


Vow Renewal Wedding

You’ve been married for a couple of years now. You’ve been together for the past 5, 10, 15, 20, maybe 50 years and you are as in love with each other as the first year of marriage. You want to re-create the moment in the beginning, maybe even celebrate a milestone or reaffirm your love and affection to one another. Different from a traditional wedding, a vow renewal ceremony isn’t as high maintenance or stressful in planning. A ceremony like this is simple, intimate and an occasion of festivity.


Vow renewal lafayette white bell sleeve dress

Bella Belle Florence wedding heels

Above: Lafayette 148 New York dress & Florence heels. Photography by Gabe and Brit.
A simple A line dress isn’t just meant for the office, this gorgeous Lafayette 148 New York white dress with the cuffs at the end adds a retro vibe to the classic style. The Florence heels with a tie bow strap and milky teardrop beads and stones adds a Cinderella effect of glitter and luxuriousness to a chic wedding outfit. Regardless, we are sure the groom will continue to thank his lucky stars when he sees you in this elegant ensemble. 
Vow renewal Vinca Camuto floral shift dress
Bella Belle Hailey pearl comfortable wedding flats

Above: Vince Camuto dress & Hailey flats. Photography by Carrie King.

For guests of this very special occasion, we choose this floral ensemble from Vince Camuto with a modest V neck. The fit & flare cut with the trumpet style skirt accentuates the waist, emphasizing your curves to give you a slender like-silhouette figure. Instead of heels, we opted to pair this outfit with a comfortable pair of pearl beaded flats, Hailey. The flats add a classic element to an otherwise already chic outfit. Get ready for the slew of flattering comments from other guests!



We’ve all heard the horror stories of ugly bridesmaid’s dresses. The recent viral meme of a women showcasing the various daily chores she does in her bridesmaid dress (gardening included) makes a solid case against the pink and violet frill dresses. Instead, we found a whole outfit that is not only re-wearable, but would also make you look super cute at your bestie’s dream wedding!

Bridesmaid Cece floral pink dress

Bridesmaid Bella Belle jeweled wedding sandals

Above: Cece dress & Hera sandals.

This Cece off shoulder floral chiffon dress is flowly, lightweight and breezy for a Summer hot and humid wedding – no sweat stains for the win! The big floral prints are also very slimming as they are dramatic and draw attention to the prints. Rock them with a pair of comfortable Hera sandals to top of the outfit! The glittering jewel embellishments of the sandals add a sparkle and statement effect to this fun and flirty outfit. Better yet, re-wear this whole outfit for a dressy cocktail party by the beach or your next date night.


Honeymoon Essentials 

Now that all the wedding shenanigans have ended, with a success, it’s time to relax, unwind and enjoy the newlywed bliss. Whether you’re going on a vacation in the beautiful blue tranquil waters of the Mediterranean or on top of the Eiffel Tower overlooking the streets of Paris, we got you covered. Regardless of where you are going, we created a day outfit for you to roam around and a dressy night outfit for a romantic dinner with your now-husband.

Honeymoon Cupcakes and cashmere off shoulder dress

Honeymoon Bella Belle Luna jeweled wedding sandals

Above: Cupcakes and Cashmere dress & Luna sandals. Photography by Kelli Durham.
Nothing goes better for a romantic honeymoon than a flowly and romantic floral dress from Cupcakes and Cashmere. It is also very trendy with the off shoulder cut and the unique ruffled neckline. Wear them with Bella Belle’s Luna sandals. embellished with gold crystal jewels and white onyx-like stones as a dressy element to a casual day outfit.
Honeymoon Ted Baker black dress
Honeymoon Bella Bele gold wedding heels

Above: Ted Baker dress & Tess heels. Photography by Rachel May. 

To end a perfect honeymoon, a dinner date is always a must. This Ted Baker dress is midi in length for a chic feel. The stripes patterns and shoulder-baring dress accentuate a feminine silhouette for a sexy vibe. Top it off with Tess gold heels for a picturesque finish with the fairytale-like floral patterns.