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Everything You Need to Find the Best Block Heel Wedding Shoes

If you’re a bride who's considering bridal block heels for your wedding day, this ultimate guide is for you. As wedding shoe experts, we know all about choosing the best block heels for your wedding day. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding or just feel more secure in block heels, use this as your shopping guide for your wedding block shoes.

bella belle shoes block heels

What is a Block Heel?

Block heel shoes are a type of shoe with a chunky and thick heel. The heel shape is typically square in shape or slightly rounded and made with sturdy material to support the weight of the feet. Wedding shoes with chunky heels have become increasingly popular because of the thickness of the heel, which provides extra support and security as compared to stiletto heels.

While this type of heel is commonly known as ‘block heels’, they can also be called ‘chunky heels’, ‘stacked heels’, ‘blocky heels’, ‘square heels’ or ‘thick heels’.

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Types of Block Heels

There are many comfortable and stylish block heel options for your wedding day. Here are some popular types:

bella belle shoes serafina platform heels

Platform Block Heels

Platform block heels feature a wider heel and a thick and raised sole. This type of heel typically provides stability and support under the ball of the foot, and additional height. 

bella belle shoes fabiola block heels

Block Heel Sandals

Block heel sandals feature a chunky heel with a strap that crosses over the foot. They are a popular choice for summer days because of the airy feel of the open toe design. 

bella belle shoes wren crystal block heels

Wedding Mules

Wedding mules block heels have an open back and a strap across the front, providing breathability and stability. They are versatile and easy to slip into, a popular choice for modern brides.  

bella belle shoes vivian blue block heels

Pointed Toe Block Heels

Pointed toe block heels feature a pointed toe at the front which gives the illusion of slim and narrow feet. Brides love the sleek and sophisticated look that this provides. 

bella belle shoes emery pearl block heels

Ankle Strap Block Heels

Ankle strap block heels have a strap that wraps around the ankles to provide security. Brides love having an ankle strap as they don’t have to worry about their heels slipping off.

bella belle shoes lace block heels

D’Orsay Block Heels

D’Orsay block heels are a sleek and elegant choice as they feature cut-outs on the side. This exposes the arch of the foot, creating a feminine look.

Pro Block Heels Tip

Many brides think that their shoes can’t be seen under their wedding dress, so they pick unflattering shoes that are comfortable. This is a common misconception as your shoes will still peek from under your dress as you walk. So you’ll want to choose fashionable shoes, like block heels, that combine style and comfort.

Why block heels for your wedding
Why Block Heels?
  1. Easy to walk in
    A lot of brides find block heels easier to walk in because of the chunky heel. This is perfect for brides who want an extra boost of height on their wedding day. 
  2. Great for outdoor weddings
    The wider and thicker heel gives you stability for the uneven terrain. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your heels sinking in grass. 
  3. Comfortable & stylish alternative to stiletto heels
    Block heels are a stylish and comfy choice for brides who want the height but don’t feel confident in a thin stiletto heel. 
  4. Formal choice for weddings
    Block heels look elegant for a formal event while providing the comfort and security from the chunkier heel. 
  5. Easy to rewear
    Rewear your heels as block heel evening shoes on date nights and special events  to relive the memories from your wedding day. 
  6. Doubles as reception shoes.
    Not only are you able to dance all-night, you also don’t have to worry about your wedding dress being too long or short for the reception. 

How to Choose Block Heels for Your Wedding Day

If you’re not used to wearing heels but you don’t want to wear flats, then block heels are the perfect choice. Here are the factors to consider to pick the perfect block heel wedding shoes for you:

Block Heel Heights

The first thing to consider is how tall you want to be on your wedding day. Bella Belle has block heels in different heel heights for every type of bride that are stylish and comfortable. 

4 inches

Love the height of a tall stiletto but want the comfort of a block heel? Our 4 inch block heel is a dream come true. 

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3 inches

If you can’t wear tall heels, then our 3 inch block heel styles are the perfect in-between. 

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2.5 inches

Brides who want just a little height will appreciate our 2.5 inch block heel options. 

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2 inches

Our low 2 inch block heels are made for taller brides who won’t want to tower over their fiancees.

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Your Wedding Dress Style 

The next thing to consider is your wedding dress style and look. You want your block heels and bridal dress to complement each other so that you have a cohesive wedding look. Get inspired by our #BellaBelleBrides wedding dress styles and their bridal block heels.

A-Line Dress

Sarah perfectly complemented her floral wedding dress with our modern Kate bow block heel

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Beaded Dress

Twirl confidently in our Camila block heels, like Rebecca did in her floral beaded wedding dress. 

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Silk Dress

A timeless silk dress with timeless lace block heels, perfect as an heirloom piece.

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Lace Wedding Dress

Lizzie added a touch of ‘something blue’ to her classic lace wedding dress look. 

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Mery wore a trendy long sleeve jumpsuit for her elopement in the mountains with our Fabiola block heels.

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An ethereal off-the-shoulder dress for a romantic bride, topped with our Abigail lace block heels. 

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Puffy sleeve dress

Ekaterina shows how to do a city wedding in style, with her fashionable dress and Chelsea lace block heels. 

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Crepe Dress

Make a subtle statement with a crystal block heel as it peeks from under your crepe wedding dress.

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Sheath Dress

Walk confidently in grass with our Zoya bow block heels. The perfect modern touch to your lace sheath wedding dress. 

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bella belle shoes block heels based on your wedding venue

Your Wedding Venue

While block heels are the most popular choice for brides who are having an outdoor wedding because of the wider heel, it is actually also versatile for any wedding venue. Opt for closed toe block heels for a more formal venue and a sandal block heel for a more casual wedding vibe.

Your Feet Type 

Getting the right size for your block heels is important to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day. Here are our expert tips to help you find your right size based on your feet type:

Most of our block heels fit true to size (check the specifications in each product description). If you have wide feet and the block heel fits true to size, we recommend sizing US ½ up from your usual shoe size. Some of our block heels fit wide feet and you can get your usual shoe size. Our wide fit block heels are: Ardelia, Margo, Valerie, Zoya, Heidi and Laurie.

We recommend selecting block heel styles that are made of mesh, like Abigail, Chelsea, Heidi, Vivian and Eliza as they are stretchy and more comfortable for your bunion. We also recommend sizing US ½ up from your usual shoe size if the block heels fit true to size.

Most of our block heels fit true to size. We have sizing recommendations in each product description. If you have narrow feet and the block heels fit true to size, we recommend sizing US ½ down from your usual shoe size for a better fit.

  • If the block heel product description specifies the size as running small, choose the bigger size in your size range. 
  • If the block heel product description specifies the size as running big, choose the smaller size in your size range. 
  • If the block heel product description specifies the size as runs true to size, choose the bigger size in your size range.

Pro Block Heels Tip

If your block heel fits just a little big but doesn’t warrant a ½ size down, you can add heel liner and insole padding to make your block heels fit more snug. If it fits just a little tight, stretch the shoes by wearing thick socks.

Pre-Wedding Day Prep

As wedding shoe experts, we have the best tips before your wedding day so that you feel your most confident self on your wedding day. 

  • Remove the plastic lining under your block heels to unveil soft and luxurious leather outsole. 
  • Break in your wedding block heels by wearing them around the house so that they fit you comfortably. This also allows you to properly figure out the perfect ankle strap or ribbon tie setting.  
  • If your block heels have prongs that hold crystals, you can apply a few coats of clear nail polish so that it doesn’t catch on your dress. 
  • Bring your wedding block heels to your dress alterations and fittings to hem your dress length perfectly. Plus, you’ll get to see your whole wedding look come to life!
bella belle shoes chelsea nude lace block heels
Post Wedding Day Prep

Now that your wedding day is over, here are some tips to help care for your bridal block heels so that you can rewear them for years to come. 

  • You can spot clean stains on your block heels by using a non fragrant wet wipe or a soft toothbrush in a gentle cleaning solution (1 part gentle detergent to 3 parts water). Use a paper towel to dry it to prevent water stains. 
  • If your block heels have any odor, you can leave a pair of socks (filled with baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil) in your flats overnight. 
  • To prevent any molds or discoloration, keep your block heels in the same stuffing and shoe box that it came with, in a closet away from direct sunlight. 
  • Block heels are so versatile! Rewear them for your honeymoon, date nights or your anniversary to relive the beautiful memories. 
  • If you would like to dye your block heels, you can do so by going to a professional dyer. 

The Perfect Bella Belle Designer Block Heel Wedding Shoes

Here is what makes Bella Belle block heels known as The Prettiest 12-hour Shoes: 

what makes bella belle shoes vivian special what makes bella belle shoes vivian special

Bella Belle Block Heel Bestsellers

If you’re still unsure on what bridal block heels to pick, here are some of the bestselling block heels:

Most Glamorous

All eyes will be on you with these stunning block heels that have crystal straps that will bedazzle

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Most Photogenic

Have your block heels look great in every photo with these enchanting blush block heels with gardenesque chiffon flowers.

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Most Classic

Lace is timeless and will never go out of style. Laurie features lace embroidery on a modern bow.

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Most Romantic

The most romantic combo: ethereal tulle and breathtaking hand-beaded flower design. 

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Most Rewearable

Rewear these butterfly and pastel lavender beauties for every occasion and venue, perfectly fitting every outfit.  

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Most Modern

A minimal sandal with modern architectural structured silk bows. 

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Block Heels for Brides FAQ

If you are deciding between block heels or stiletto heels, you’ll want to consider what you are more comfortable wearing. If you want height but aren’t confident in stiletto heels, then block heels are best for you. 

Block heels are the perfect blend for a casual or formal wedding. If you like the casual look of sneakers, opt for block heel sandals as the open toe design is deemed as more casual than close toe block heels.

Some brides view wedges as more traditional while block heels are a more modern take as they look more sophisticated, minimal and less chunky. 

If you want a little height but you want the comfort of flats, block heels are the perfect choice for you.

It’s your wedding day so we recommend choosing a block heel color that is an extension of your personality! Have fun with it. 

Yes you definitely can! Our ivory block heels are a very light ivory, so they go perfectly with both ivory wedding dresses or white bridal gowns. 

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