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Comfortable Wedding Shoes Low Heel Guide

Looking for the prettiest bridal low heels that are actually comfortable or don’t know where to even start shopping? We prepared this ultimate guide on everything you need to know about shopping for your low heels wedding shoes. Whether you’re a tall bride who doesn't want to tower over your fiance, or can’t walk in high heels, use these tips to find your cute low heels. 

bella belle low heel wedding shoes

What is a Low Heel Shoe?

Low heels are a type of shoe that has a small heel height, typically no higher than 2.5 inches. While low heels can be seen as frumpy, modern low heels have been redesigned to be sleeker and sexier, without sacrificing their comfort level. So it’s no surprise that low heel shoes have become more popular in recent years and are now considered a staple in every wardrobe due to their re-wearability. Low heels are also known as kitten heels, mini heels, demi heels, petite heels and low pumps due to their low stiletto heel shape.


Types of Low Heels

Feeling overwhelmed by the many choices for low heels? We got you covered. These are the most popular styles of low heel shoes:

bella belle low heel pumps

Low Pumps

Low pumps have a low height and a closed-toe design. They are classic and great for a formal occasion.

bella belle low block heels

Low Block Heels

Low block heels have a sturdy and wide-shaped heel in a low height. Comfortable low block heel sandals are a popular choice for outdoor events.

bella belle low mules

Low Mules

Low mules are known for their backless design which allows the wearer to easily slip into the shoes. The shoes stay secure with the strap across the feet.

bella belle low slingback heels

Low Slingback Heels

Low slingback heels have an adjustable slingback strap that wraps around the back of the heel for security. Typically the preferred choice for modern brides.

bella belle ankle strap low heels

Ankle Strap Low Heels

Ankle strap low heels have an adjustable strap that wraps around the heels to prevent the heels from easily slipping off.

bella belle d'orsay low heels

D’Orsay Low Heels

D’Orsay low heels feature a cut-out on the side that exposes the arch of the foot. They are seen as a sleek, elegant and even sexy choice.

Pro Low Heels Tip:

One misconception is that you can’t wear low heels for an outdoor wedding. You certainly can with the help of a heel stopper. This will prevent your heels from sinking in grass.

why bella belle low heels
Why Low Heels?
  1. Comfortable for arch support
    Low heels provide more arch support than flats, so brides will often feel comfortable in them for the whole wedding day. 
  2. Easy to walk in
    If you’re not used to wearing high heels, low heels are a great choice due to the lower heel height. 
  3. Formal choice for weddings
    Low heels look elegant and sophisticated for the formality of your wedding day, while also providing comfort.
  4. Trendy & easy to re-wear
    Since low heels are becoming increasingly trendy, you can easily re-wear them with any outfit for an added height boost. 
  5. Doubles as reception shoes
    Don’t worry about switching your shoes for the reception as low heels are comfortable to dance all-night in. 
  6. Great for all brides
    Whether you’re a short or tall bride, you can enjoy wearing elegant low heels and feel confident in them.

How to Choose Low Heel Wedding Shoes

If you’re not used to wearing high heels but don’t want to wear flats, low heels are the perfect choice. Here are some common factors to consider when picking your low heel wedding shoes:

Your Wedding Dress Style

Now that you’ve said YES to your dress, you’ll want to choose the right low heels for your wedding day. We don’t recommend switching from high heels to flats as it will cause your dress to be incorrectly hemmed — low heels are a great alternative. Get inspired by our #BellaBelleBrides and their choice of comfortable low heel wedding shoes based on their dress embellishment and silhouette.

Crepe Wedding Dress

A modern bride with a crepe long sleeve wedding dress and modern pearl slingback heels. 

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Ball Gown Dress

Trung balanced her exquisitely beaded ball gown dress with classic lace heels. 

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Tulle Wedding Dress

An ethereal tulle long sleeve dress was Amanda’s choice, paired with equally ethereal low heels. 

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Off the Shoulder Dress

Nathalin added a touch of glamor to her modern and minimal wedding dress. 

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Lace Wedding Dress

Jessica was a vision in her lace wedding gown and her lace wedding shoes. 

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Sweetheart Neckline Dress

Kiandra added a soft touch of blush color to her ivory wedding dress. 

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Sequin Wedding Dress

Use this section to explain a set of Angel looked like an angel in her sparkly sequin bridal dress and her beaded wedding low heels. 

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A-line Wedding Dress

An ultimate classic combo: An A-line bridal dress with embroidered lace and a pair of lace low heels. 

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Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Feel timeless in a long sleeve lace bridal gown with these lace low heels. 

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Low Heel Heights

Next, consider how tall you want to be on your wedding day. If your fiance is tall, consider if you want to be a little taller or the same height. Bella Belle offers 2 inch and 2.5 inch low heels. 

2.5 Inches

Made for brides who want just a little more heel height without being too tall. 

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2 Inches

Our low 2 inch heels are perfect for taller brides who don’t want to be taller than their partners. 

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Pro Low Heels Tip:

We recommend breaking in your low heels before your wedding day as the shoes will mold to the shape of your feet perfectly. This also gives you a chance to practice your first dance in heels. 

wedding low heels based on your venue

Your Wedding Venue

Low heels are a popular choice for brides who are having a formal wedding as they look elegant and sophisticated for every venue. For an outdoor wedding, add a heel stopper to prevent sinking in the grass or sand.

Your Feet Type

It’s so important for you to get the right fit and size of low heels so that you feel secure, confident and comfortable. Here are our recommendations based on your feet type: 

Most of our low heels fit true to size (check the size specifications in each product description). If you have wide feet and the low heel fits true to size, we recommend sizing ½ up from your usual shoe size. Our Mina lace heels fit wide feet perfectly.

Most of our low heels fit true to size (check the size specifications in each product description). If you have narrow feet and the low heel fits true to size, we recommend sizing ½ down from your usual shoe size.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

  • If the low heel product description specifies the size as running small, choose the bigger size in your size range. 
  • If the low heel product description specifies the size as running big, choose the smaller size in your size range. 
  • If the low heel product description specifies the size as runs true to size, choose the bigger size in your size range.

Pro Low Heels Tip:

If you find your low heels are just a little tight, wear thick socks to stretch them out. You can also use a blow dryer (in low heat and far distance) along with the thick socks to speed up the stretching process.

Pre-Wedding Day Prep

As bridal shoe experts, we know what it takes to plan your wedding day. So use these tips to prep your low heels before your wedding day so that you feel your very best. 

  • Remove the plastic lining from under your low heels to unveil a soft and luxurious leather sole. 
  • If your low heels have prongs to hold the crystals, you can apply a few coats of clear nail polish on the prongs to help with catching on your wedding dress. 
  • Bring your low heels to your wedding dress alterations so that your seamstress can hem your dress accordingly. You can also see your wedding look vision come to life. 
  • If your low heels have ankle straps or ribbon straps, practice tying and walking in them so that you feel most comfortable. 
  • Be sure to break in your wedding low heels by wearing them around the house.
Post Wedding Day

Now that your wedding day is over, here are our expert tips on how to care for them so that they can be re-worn after. 

  • Spot clean stains from your wedding low heels by using a non fragrant wet wipe or a soft toothbrush in a gentle cleaning solution (1 part gentle detergent to 3 parts of water). Be sure to dry it completely to prevent water stains. 
  • To prevent mold or discoloration, keep your low heels in the same shoe bag and shoe box, in a closet away from direct sunlight. 
  • Dying wedding low heels can be done by going to a professional dyer. 
  • Re-wear your low heels with your many outfits! The options are endless. Get inspired by our many celebrities who wore their low heels with stylish outfits. 

The Perfect Bella Belle Low Heel Wedding Shoes

Here is what makes Bella Belle low heels a cult favorite amongst brides: 

bella belle what makes georgia low heels special bella belle what makes georgia low heels special

Bella Belle Low Heel Bestsellers

These are the bestselling Bella Belle low heel wedding shoes:

Bow Low Heels

These silk bows are exquisitely hand-crafted in an asymmetrical way for a wow factor. 

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Lace Low Heels

Classic floral lace that is hand-sewn from start to finish, securely fit with an ankle strap. 

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Beaded Low Heels

The most ethereal and dreamy low heels with beaded floral lace details and an exquisite tulle bow. 

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Pearl Low Heels

Wear jewelry on your feet with the pearl and crystal embellished low heels. 

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Low Heel Pumps

These closed toe pumps are perfect for a formal occasion, elevated with hand-beaded floral details that cascade on the side.

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Crystal Low Heels

Dazzle in these bejeweled crystal low heels that shine brightly under the light. 

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FAQ about Low Heels

Kitten heels are low heels that are typically between 1.5-2.5 inches in height. They are known for their comfort and walkability. 

Kitten heels are typically between 1.5-2 inches in heel height. 

They are considered training heels for “kittens”, or younger girls who are not yet ready for high heels that adult women wear. Hence why they are called kitten heels. 

Kitten heels started becoming popular around the 1950s, and have remained a staple in every woman’s closet ever since.

While kitten heels have always been a staple, they became more popular in the 2020s during Covid as women stopped wearing high heels due to the quarantine. Kitten heels are good in between to give a little height in a heel silhouette. 

The great news is that kitten heels are very versatile and can be worn with virtually any outfit. From adding height to your straight jeans to completing your summer sun dress look, the style choices are endless. 

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