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Designed for the romantics, the hopefuls and the daring, the shoes highlight our artistic craftsmanship for elaborate designs and use of new materials to portray the intensity of love. We translate those exhilarating feelings of infatuation, yearning and desire into our shoe designs that will leave you breathless and wanting for more.

Te Amo / I Love You

A chronicle of the exhilarating feelings of falling in love. Your heart flutters, your pulse races and you can't shake that feeling. Suddenly, your whole world is turned upside down, and all you feel are the exuberant feelings of love.

Te Adoro / I Adore You

Adoration embodies that love which almost overwhelms you. As you enter the world of exploration, you begin peeling away layers of mysteries. Filled with adventures and surprises, you celebrate your love fearlessly, full of adoration.

Te Deseo / I Want You

We delve into that uncontrollable and oftentimes, explosive emotion of desire. To love is to have, but to desire is to want. That passion is insatiable and undeniable.


Storied Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

Creative Mastermind: Joy Proctor

Motion Picture Artist: Zen Film Works

Dreamy Photographer: Claire Morris

Make-Up and Hair Magician: Liliya Makeup

Logistics Connoisseur: YucantanLove

Gown Coutouriers: Kim Kassas, Tanya Rayhelgauz, Viktor & Rolf, OM Couture, Eisen Stein, Madebride by Antonea, Dylan Parienty

Accessories: Dolecka, Jennifer Behr x Micaela

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