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The Story

The Story

The Metamorphosis collection showcases beauty in the form of resilience and hope. The collection is created to empower women to feel comfortable in our own skin, as we go through stages of our own transformation.

Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes
Bella Belle Shoes

The Shoes

Inspired by the transformation process of a caterpillar into a butterfly, the collection is filled with subtle notions of a butterfly in the form of silhouettes, fabric techniques, and artwork to emulate its natural habitat.

The Editorial

Enlivened with feminine and playful frocks, the editorial reflects the confident and spirited character of a Bella Belle lady, as told in colors. As she evolves through every stage, she realizes what makes her different is what makes her special. She realizes the gravity of her own power, defying her own confines to be reborn into a powerful and confident heroine. This editorial is a sweet declaration of femininity and a proclamation of confidence all rolled into one.


Storied Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes
Dreamy Photographer: KT Merry
Creative Mastermind: Joy Proctor
Motion Picture Artist: Ale Vidal
Make-Up and Hair Magician: Liliya Mufalazova
High Jewelry: Vivid Diamonds
Gown Coutouriers:

Krikor JabotianEdwin OudshoornDylan Parienty,

Nicole + Felicia CoutureMarchesa, Madebride by Antonea, Sara Mrad  

Stunning Veils: Madebride by AntoneaThe White Dress 
Enchanting Garden: Vizcaya Museum