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Shop Our Wedding Shoes Low Heel Collection

Our wedding shoes low heel collection is perfect for brides who want a little height but don’t wear heels often. If you think 4 inch heels are a bit daunting, then try our low heel wedding shoes consisting of mostly 2 inch heels. Let’s be real, not everyone wants to wear pumps on their wedding day, and this big day is not the day to try something outside of your comfort zone. If you usually wear flats or kitten heels and want a little bit of height to help your posture, then go with a Bella Belle low wedding heel.

How to Pick Low Heel Dress Shoes for Wedding 

Bella Belle low heel bridal shoes are perfect for brides for almost any wedding theme, including fairytale, classic, romantic, bohemian, and vintage wedding styles. Are you a lover of romantic embroidered lace or the glamour that sparkly embellished crystals bring? Bella Belle has various small heel wedding shoes handcrafted to fit your personality and wedding dress style.

Vintage Wedding Shoes Low Heel Selections

If you’re planning a vintage themed wedding, complete with art deco details like white lace, Juliet veils, and heirloom jewelry, then bridal low heel shoes, often referred to as 1920s wedding shoes, are the perfect match for your theme. Check out Annalise Ivory and Annalise Blue. These kitten heel wedding shoes are adorned with art deco, silver jewel details that brides love to wear with their roaring 20s gowns. Frances Ivory and Elena are two additional vintage kitten heeled bridal shoes to consider, given the prevalence of chiffon and lace detailing in turn of the century bridal gowns. Going for a trendy Great Gatsby themed wedding? Then you’ve got to go with our gilded wedding shoes low heel pumps, Frances Gold. If you’re not sold on short heel wedding shoes, stop by Bella Belle’s lace wedding shoes collection for additional vintage bridal shoe inspiration.  

Low Heel Fairytale Wedding Shoes

Wearing a romantic tulle wedding dress for your fairytale themed wedding? Meet Maggie, our tulle wedding shoes with low heel, sure to match your gown perfectly. There is no such thing as too much tulle on the most romantic day of your life. With your tulle wedding dress and tulle kitten heel wedding shoes, you’ll feel like a princess at your fairytale themed wedding. For more fairytale wedding inspiration, check out our Disney bride style guide

Low Heel Wedding Shoes and Comfort

Like all of our pieces, our wedding shoes for bride low heel selections are designed with comfort in mind. If you have a bunion toe and prefer something with more wiggle room, then consider a peep toe wedding shoes low heel design. Peep toe shoes allow your toes to breathe and have room, so they don’t feel constricted or confined. 

Another option is to select a pair of our wedding shoes, low heel, wide width, mesh designs, which are perfect if you have wider feet. Several of our kitten heel wedding shoes are crafted with flexible fabric, making them popular among women seeking wide bridal shoes in low heel styles. With Bella Belle shoes, you are not restricted to round toe wedding shoes. You can wear a pointed toe and still feel comfortable, even if you have wide feet. The mesh material of our wedding dress shoes low heel products are stretchable, making it easy for you to mold them to fit your feet perfectly. How? Wear thick socks and walk around the house in your shoes before the big day to stretch the mesh to your desired shape. Whether it’s heel height or pinched toes, comfort is never compromised with Bella Belle low wedding heel shoes. 

Bridal Shoes Low Heel for Outdoor Weddings

If you have an outdoor wedding, then you should wear suitable and comfortable shoes for your venue. Lower heel height provides much more stability than a traditional 4 inch heel. With lower heel height, your center of gravity is less elevated, so you feel much more secure and stable as you move through grass or sand terrain. This is very welcoming to many brides because the last thing you want is to wobble or fall as you make your way down the aisle. Still, some brides worry about wearing satin low heels for their beach or garden weddings. They believe even if their white wedding shoes low heel is more stable, it’s also more likely to sink in the grass or sand and end up stained. If that is your concern, add a heel stopper to your kitten heel wedding shoes before you walk on the grass. For beach weddings, consider bridal sandals or block heels. If your venue has many stairs or uneven pavement outside, a high heel may not be the way to go. Wedding low heel shoes provide stability, comfort, and elegance. For more tips on outdoor wedding wear, check out our guide, How To Have An Outdoor Wedding, Elegantly.  

Regardless of which low heel wedding shoes you pick for your ceremony, Bella Belle’s wedding low heels collection is popular among brides-to-be for all-day wear, stunning embellishments, and style variety. We hear from our brides all the time about how much they love our wedding shoes low heel collections as they rave about them on Instagram. 

Real Bride Review

From Kathryn, who talks about having bunion toes but finding her perfect pair of wedding shoes with Bella Belle: 

“I bought the Amelia shoes and they were so perfect, really pretty and very comfortable. I even have a bunion and never needed to take off my shoes once, from midday to 4am the next morning! No sore feet the next day either. Thank you so much!”  

Check out more Bella Belle real bride reviews!  

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