Bridal & Wedding Block Heels


      Bridal & Wedding Block Heels

      Block Heel Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Bella Belle's bridal shoe block heel collection features comfortable 3-inch heel heights, a good in-between of a 4-inch high heel and 2.5-inch low heel wedding shoes. These 3-inch bridal chunky heels give you the height you need to feel confident on your wedding day with the best level of support. If you're not used to wearing stilettos, then wedding block heels are perfect for you. In addition, our platform wedding shoes provide stability so you won't accidentally trip in your gown. 

      Bridal Block Shoes For Outdoor Weddings

      A question we often get is, "what shoes should I wear for an outdoor wedding?" Our answer? Block wedding shoes! These platform shoes are great for a summer-time outdoor garden wedding or reception party because they provide stability in the often-times uneven terrain. The biggest fear that many brides have is falling down as they walk down the aisle. If that's your worry, block heels will settle that fear. Like wedges, bridal block heels also have extra width in the heel, so you won't need to worry about sinking in grass or staining your beautiful shoes as you might with flats. 

      How to Find the Right Block Bridal Heels

      Select block shoes that match your personal style and wedding look. Our wedding shoes collection appeals to brides looking for comfort. If you're not sold on bridal platform shoes, wedding sandals are another great choice for stability. 

      Block Heel Bridal Shoes Colors & Detailing

      Several colors are available in Bella Belle's wedding shoe platform collection, like our beautiful nude shades that you can easily re-wear after your wedding day on a romantic date night! So many brides have worn their block heel shoes again with a pair of comfortable black jeans, skinny blue jeans, or a summer floral dress; the choices are endless! 


      Blue wedding shoes have become a smart way to complete your wedding tradition checklist. Need something blue? Meet Vivian, our hand-beaded touch of 'something blue' wedding shoe block heel. Brides love the romantic soft blue beading on the wedding platform shoes for the bride as it fits seamlessly with a wedding affair. Besides, can anyone say no to a pop of baby blue color as well as ivory wedding shoes chunky heel peeking under their lace wedding dress? 


      Suppose you want to go the more traditional route. In that case, Bella Belle has wedding shoes block heel selections in classic ivory sure to suit your church wedding, conservative enough for the setting but elevated and refined for modern fashion.  


      Looking for a statement heel? Try a stunning beaded floral design with a secure ankle strap like Chelsea. Brides love having an ankle strap with a chunky floral heel because it adds so much security, so your shoes don't fly off when you get down on the dance floor. You deserve the best for your wedding day, after all, it is the most important day of your life. So say yes to these stunning and comfortable block-heel wedding sandals.

      Most Comfortable 12 Hour Bridal Shoes, Block Heel

      Our brides rave about Bella Belle's shoes and the 12-hour comfort level they bring. The hardest part of shopping online to find your perfect bridal shoes high heel platform is this: you fall in love with the design, but when it arrives at your doorstep, and you try them on for the first time, they are so uncomfortable. You no longer need to worry about that. Our chunky low-heel wedding shoes have three times more insole cushion and padding than any other shoe brand. When you try them on for the first time, it'll feel like you are walking on clouds - literally! So why be in pain on the most important day of your life?


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