Bella Belle shoe care tips Bella Belle shoe care tips

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Tips and tricks to care for your shoes

Your shoes have been made with the finest materials by our skilled artisans. We put our hearts into each pair, and we hope you feel it in every step you take. Here are the ways to keep your shoes in tip-top conditions.

Bella Belle shoe care

- Store your shoes in their box. This will keep moisture away and preserve their shapes. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight such as your closet.

- Wear the shoes around the house before the event. If needing a bit of stretching, wear them with thick socks.

- If your shoes fit slightly big, you can fill the gap with insole insert and heel liner.

- Our shoes come with a layer of protective film on the outer sole. Be sure to remove the the liner before you wear them.

- If the embellishments of your shoes catch on delicate fabric of your dress (such as tulle or lace), you may want to try this trick. Apply a few coats of clear nail polish over the embellishments to prevent the prongs from catching onto delicate fabric.

- You may choose to treat your shoes with water and stain repellent before wearing. Ensure the product you choose is safe and gentle for silk materials. We also recommend bringing them to your local cobbler to have them professionally treated.  

- If your event is outdoor, we recommend using Heel Stoppers to your heels from sinking into grass.  

Your shoes will last a long time with the right care.


- Avoid wet, grassy, and rough pebbled areas. The silk and leather components that make up your shoes will thank you.

- In case your shoes get dirty, the first thing to do is to remove any loose dirt. Be careful not to rub any dirt into the material. For silk shoes, spot clean soiled areas using a soft toothbrush and water diluted in gentle soap detergent. Use a gentle circling motion to tackle stubborn marks.

- All our embellished shoes are hand-beaded. Periodically check for loose metal prongs to make sure they are holding the crystals intact.  Press down or tighten the prongs around the crystals.

- Always store your shoes in a dry place away from direct sunlight. To preserve the shape of the shoes, use unbleached and dye-free paper stuffing to help them keep their shape for a long time.

Bella belle shoe care

We don't recommend pairing tulle dress with crystal shoes. But if you really love crystal shoes, here's a tip we recommend to prevent snagging:

Apply a few coats of clear nail polish over the prongs that hold the crystals to prevent the prongs from catching onto delicate fabric.

The soles are made from smooth, delicate and genuine leather. We do not recommend to walk on any wet surfaces as this may cause water damage to the sole. You can add a sole grip at the bottom to protect the soles.

You can add a heel protector at the heel to protect it from any damage. This will also allow you to wear heels on grass as it will prevent sinking.

Your shoes are covered by a layer of genuine silk which gives it that luxurious look and smooth finish. We recommend that you avoid water or wet surfaces as it can cause damage. You can spray a water and stain repellent that is safe and gentle for silk.

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