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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best Wedding Flats

As wedding shoe experts, we get so many questions daily from our brides about wedding flats. So we created this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to find the best bridal flats for your wedding day.. Whether you’re a bride with an outdoor wedding, a tall bride who doesn’t want to tower over your partner, or just a bride who feels more comfortable in bridal flats, use this ultimate guide to wedding flats shopping.

wedding flats are a flat shoe with no heel and is low to the ground

What are flat shoes?

A flat shoe is a type of shoe that has no heel or is low to the ground. Flat shoes can come in a variety of styles, such as ballet flats, sandals and more.

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Types of flats that are popular for bridal wear

When it comes to choosing the best flat wedding shoes, there are many stylish flat shoe styles available. Here are some types of flats shoes that you could wear to your wedding day:


Pointed-toe flats

A pointed toe flat trades the standard rounded toe for a narrow long point, giving the illusion of elongated legs. Our flats consist of pointed-toe flats which are a stylish alternative to round-toe flats as they feel more sexy and make your feet appear slim.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are designed to fit snugly around your feet, and are typically slip-ons without any straps. Ballet flats with embellishments like sequins, beads, or lace can be a chic and comfortable option to wear with your wedding dress

bella belle flat sandals

Flat sandals

A flat sandal is a shoe with little to no heel that includes an upper made of straps versus a traditional closed upper. Flat sandals with crystal or pearl embellishments can add a touch of glamor to a summery or beach wedding outfit.

bella belle ankle strap flats

Ankle strap flats

Ankle strap flats feature a strap that wraps around the ankle to hold the shoe in place. The ankle straps can feel more supportive for brides who don’t want to worry about their flats slipping off.

bella belle slingback flats

Slingback flats

Slingback flats feature a closed toe and an elastic strap that wraps around the heel. Modern brides love our modern slingback flats as they are minimalist in design while keeping you feeling secure.

bella belle D’Orsay flats

D’Orsay flats

The sides of D’Orsay flats are cut away, leaving the toe and heel areas connected by a thin strip of material. This design creates a sleek and elegant look.

Pro Wedding Flats Tip

When wearing a wedding dress with flats, your shoes can be seen under your dress as they will peep through with every step that you take. So ensure that your bridal flats complement your wedding dress beautifully for a cohesive look.

Reasons for wedding flats
Why Wedding Flats?
  1. If you are used to wearing flats in your daily life or are more confident in flats as it is your personal style, we would recommend wearing flats for your wedding day. You will be on your feet from walking down the aisle to dancing to the wee hours. 
  2. Wedding day flats are also a very comfortable and stylish alternative to high heels for tall brides who don’t want to be taller than their partner. 
  3. Brides who are limited by medical conditions or past surgeries would rejoice in the fact that they can look and feel amazing in comfortable wedding flats for brides. 
  4. Some brides also prefer the more relaxed bridal look that non heel wedding shoes provide and love that they can double as comfortable reception shoes to dance all-night in. 
  5. Comfy wedding flats are also perfect for outdoor weddings as the flat surface area of the sole allows you to walk confidently. 
  6. Finally, elegant wedding flats would make a great photo opportunity in your heirloom wedding album, showcasing your fashion aesthetics on the meaningful day. Your photographer will take beautiful, styled images of your wedding shoes as part of the wedding day coverage. Don’t forget an elegant picture of you putting on your shoes! 

How To Choose Wedding Flats

There are so many factors to consider when you are choosing the perfect flats to wear for your wedding day.

Your Fashion Aesthetic

The first point of reference is your personal fashion aesthetics. Take cues from what you already have in your closet. Here are some of the most popular aesthetics: 


Does your closet have a lot of solid colors and clean lines? Most likely your style is modern, which means one of our bridal flats with bows will tug at your heartstring. 

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Trends come and go but one classic trend that remains is lace. Lace flats are timeless and perfect to be passed down as an heirloom.

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Brides who want to live out their happily ever after in romantic embroidery and beadwork will fall head over heels for our beaded bridal flats.

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Boho Chic

Are you all about flower and nature motifs? Our most popular lavender flats will surely get your heart to flutter. 

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If you want all the attention on you, our crystal bridal flats will suit your fancy.

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Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? Then you’ll know that pearl bridal flats are the most popular wedding trend.

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Your Wedding Dress Styles

The next factor to consider is your wedding dress style. Your shoes and dress are to be in harmony and complementary to each other. Did you pick a lace dress? Then, consider lace shoes. Or, did you pick an embellished dress? It would be a beautiful juxtaposition to pick a modern sleek bride flats to complement your dress. Take inspiration from our #BellaBelleBrides and their wedding day flats choices.

Crepe Ball Gown

Twirl as graciously as Juliana in her crepe ball gown and our Alica lace flats 

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Mermaid Dress

Who says crystals and lace don’t match? Kristin shows you how to wear both beautifully. 

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Floral Embroidered Dress

Megan was the epitome of a romantic bride with her floral embroidered dress and Adora floral flats. 

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A-Line Dress

Add soft pop of color to your wedding dress with our Celia nude lace flats.

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Sweetheart Dress

Alicia used her bridal flats as her ‘something blue’ to complement her lace wedding gown. 

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Sheath Dress

A timeless look with heirloom worthy flats to be passed down.

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Lace Wedding Dress

Brooke shows how to do a head-to-toe lace look right with our Ivy lace and bow flats.

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Silk Wedding Dress

Kalyn added a touch of crystal with her bridal flats, to complete her effortless wedding look

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Long Sleeve Dress

Mia complemented her long sleeve lace wedding dress with our modern bow flats, Reilly. 

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best bridal flats for every wedding venue

Your Wedding Venue

When choosing your flats, you’ll want to consider your wedding venue. While flats are great for both indoor and outdoor venues, you’ll want to take into account the vibe or feel of the venue. 

The Weather Of Your Wedding Month
  • Are you getting married outdoors during the summer months? Your feet will swell and sweat the most during the summer months. Therefore, choose bridal flats made from mesh as they are breathable and more comfortable during these hot months. 
  • If you’re getting married in the colder months, opt for our bridal flats made from leather and silk as they provide full coverage to keep your feet warm. 

Your Feet Type

Finding you the perfect fit is our ultimate goal. Bella Belle shoes go through many rounds of testing to ensure the perfect fit. So here are our top tips to choose your wedding flats size and fit based on your feet type:

Most of our flats fit true to size (check the specification in the product description). If the flats fit true to size, we recommend sizing US ½ down from your usual shoe size.

  • Most of our flats fit true to size (check the specification in the product description). If the flats fit true to size, we recommend sizing US ½ up from your usual shoe size. 
  • A wedding flat that runs large is Marcia

Most of our flats fit true to size (check the specification in the product description). If the flats fit true to size, we recommend sizing US ½ up from your usual shoe size. We also recommend selecting flat styles that are made of mesh as they will be more comfortable for your bunion.

If you have a high arch, we generally don’t recommend bridal flats. But if you love the look of flats, you can get arch support inserts that help to fix the gap between your arch and the foot bed.

If you have pes planus (flat feet) or fallen arches, the extra padding in each Bella Belle shoe offers additional relief for your arches. For maximum comfort and stability, we recommend shoe accessories like heel cups to reduce the impact on your feet as you walk the aisle, insole inserts for extra arch support, and heel liners to keep your feet firmly fitted in your comfy shoes.

  • If the product description specifics the size as running small, choose the bigger size in your size range. 
  • If the product description specifies the size as running big, choose the smaller size in your size range. 
  • If the product description specifies the size as runs true to size, choose the bigger size in your size range. You can always make the fit more snug with insole padding and liners.

Pro Wedding Flats Tip

Make sure to get your wedding flats before your dress alterations! Your seamstress will need to hem your dress according to your flat height. It also gives you a chance to see your wedding look come to life!

Pre-Wedding Day Prep

To ensure you feel the most comfortable and confident on your wedding day, here are some expert tips we have for your wedding flats. 

  • Remove the plastic lining to unveil a smooth and luxurious leather outsole. 
  • Break in your wedding flats by wearing them around the house periodically. 
  • Try on your wedding flats with your wedding dress by bringing them to your dress fitting. See your bridal look come to live! 
  • To prevent the prongs that hold the crystals from catching on your dress, apply a few coats of clear nail polish to smoothen the surface. 
  • If your feet keep slipping out of your wedding flats, add a heel liner or insole padding for a more tighter fit. 
  • If the shoes are a bit too tight, stretch the shoes by wearing thick socks with them around the house.
Post Wedding Day

Now that you’ve had the wedding day of your dreams, here are our tips to keep your bridal flats in a great condition, to be reworn on many occasions after. 

  • Spot clean any stains on your wedding flats by using a wet wipe or using a soft toothbrush in a gentle cleaning solution (1 part gentle detergent to 3 parts water). 
  • Remove any odors from your flats by adding some baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil into an old pair of socks. Leave the socks in your flats overnight. 
  • Keep your wedding flats in the shoe box and away from direct sunlight. Be sure to use the stuffings to keep the shape.  
  • Re-wear your wedding flats on your honeymoon, date nights and your anniversary! 
  • You can also dye your bridal flats by going to a professional dyer.

The Perfect Bella Belle Flat Shoes

What makes Bella Belle flat shoes different from other wedding flats? Here’s what makes us special: 

what makes bella belle bridal flats so special what makes bella belle bridal flats so special

Wedding Flats Bestsellers

Still not sure what flats to choose? Take note of these bridal flats that are most loved by our #BellaBelleBrides.

Most Glamorous

If you want all the attention on you, Willow’s crystals will shine all the spotlight on you. 

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Most Timeless

Classic floral lace with the prettiest ankle tie straps to elongate your legs. 

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Best for Something Blue

Check off your ‘something blue’ tradition with these blue flats

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Best Modern

Bow lovers will love the modern slingback flats with sculptural silk bows. 

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Best Romantic

Fall head over heels over the most charming flower details on these Cinderella glass slippers.

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Most Re-wearable

Re-wear these lavender beauties again for date nights and anniversaries. 

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