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      Embroidered Shoes

      Buy Embroidered Shoes In The Latest Trends

      Embroidered shoes are the biggest shoe trend in the fashion industry this season. At Bella Belle, you’ll find the most trendy flower embroidered shoes that would fit with your personal style. These embroidered shoes women love to wear were first made famous during fashion week as celebrities and streetwear fashionistas rocked them. When they first hit the scenes, these shoes were so different and bold from the other sparkly or simple leather shoes that people often see that everyone wanted a piece. Now, these womens embroidered shoes have gone from just eye candy and unattainable to becoming a fashion statement among women all around the world. 

      Just like how sparkly crystals bring glamour to your outfit, a perfectly sewn pattern of embroidery on your shoes adds a handmade touch to your outfit and really makes you stand out from the rest. There are so many different ways to style your shoes embroidered with gorgeous patterns to your outfits. 

      How Are Embroidered Shoes Made - By Bella Belle? 

      Shoes embroidered by Bella Belle are created and crafted by the utmost care and love by our team of embroidery craftsmen. Each thread is carefully sewed onto the shoes to create a beautiful and exquisite pattern. The embroidery is either sewed onto our signature comfortable mesh or breathable linen. While they are both different materials, they are equally as breathable and comfortable. 

      Bella Belle embroidered shoes come in a variety of colors and styles. Brides who love floral embroidered shoes will gravitate towards our blue and blush styles that have romantic flower embroidery on the shoes. We also have embroidered slip on shoes that have beautiful gold flower thread work with a pretty pearl in the middle, to give the illusion of an actual flower on the embroidered slip on shoes. 

      In our linen shoes embroidered collection, you’ll find exquisite white and blue threads that look like vines going from the toe to the heel of the shoe. The vines are connected by ivory and baby blue tiny flower buds, bringing romance and femininity to all your outfits. You’ll also find this couture-like design in our embroidered flat shoes with a pretty oversized bow at the front. Regardless of which embroidered shoe catches your eye, they make a statement like no other and will be sure to add an element of depth to all our outfits. 

      Which Outfit Goes Best With Embroidered Shoes? 

      Luckily, embroidered shoes for women are very easy to style! These shoes look great when paired with a chic cocktail dress or a black formal dress. Not feeling a dress? No problem, you can dress them with casual cropped jeans that have faded blue tones and a white blouse. For an easy Fall look, choose our embroidered shoes in black or gold that will look perfect with the darker tones of the season. Wear them with a cosy and cute sweater and some black jeans or a long sleeve burgundy dress. For a summer breeze look, rock them with a sundress or with a tulle skirt and crop top! Don’t just play it safe, you can even wear them with ripped shorts and a cute flowy top. They literally match with almost everything you have in your closet so rest assured that you’ll be getting a lot of wear with them. 

      Pro tip: Match the color of your embroidered flower shoes with your top! If your flower embroidered heels have pink embroidery details, match it with a pink top! It’ll truly make the look stand out. 


      From Patty “My daughter was obsessed with these shoes for her reception so I surprised her with a pair. They arrived in a week and were absolutely gorgeous. The detailing is insane and they fit her like a glove. Thank you for making such a fabulous shoe!!!”


      What to wear with embroidered heels?

      Embroidered heels elevate any outfit! Wear it to elevate a casual jeans look or with a dress for a date night. 

      How to style embroidered heels?

      Wear your embroidered heels with a sleek dress for a date night or with a pair of skinny jeans with a pretty top. 

      How to wear floral embroidered heels?

      Keep it floral and wear your floral embroidered heels with a floral dress, or elevate a casual jeans with your floral embroidered shoes. 

      How to pull together an outfit with embroidered heels?

      Embroidered heels elevate any outfit and give it that extra flair! Keep it simple at the top with a sleek dress or jeans. 

      Embroidered dress homecoming what shoes to wear?

      Embroidered heels like Eve are perfect to wear with your embroidered dress for homecoming. 


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