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Bella Belle By You 2023

This page is updated as we go through different stages of shoe development. 

Picture this: YOU, a design virtuoso, calling the shots on the chicest shoe design ever! Yep, that's the vibe of #BellaBelleByYou, where YOU are the artist behind the art.

We kicked it off with your design dreams and crafted shoes that were pure magic. You've already lent your creative vision to the breathtaking Eden, the enchanting Aurora, and the stunning Odette. Your style notes and creativity sprinkled with our design expertise created a symphony of stunning shoes.

Now, you can embark on the journey again of creating your dream shoes by casting your votes. Check back to this page as we will provide real-time updates as we go through different stages of shoe development. 

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Stage 1: Vote on your favorite shoes elements

(CLOSED) Thank you for your votes! Stay tuned as we announce the winning elements. 


Stage 2: Your Winning Votes: Shoe Elements

We gave you choices of shoe elements to create your dream shoes. The majority of you voted on the following components: 

bella belle by you winning components


Stage 3: Proposed 4 Shoe Designs

In the last few weeks, we compiled all of your votes and feedback to design your NEW dream wedding shoes. Here are 4 shoe designs for you to vote. The design that receives the most votes will be produced, making your dream shoe a reality!

Here are thoughts from Erina, our Creative Director on each design: 

Bella belle by you design 1

“This design is the epitome of elegance, where classic meets modern in a regal embrace. These dazzling slingback pumps adorned with an intricate fusion of crystals and pearls are fit for a modern-day princess. Picture yourself slipping into these enchanting shoes, and suddenly, you're transported into a real-life Cinderella tale. The way these crystals twinkle and pearls shimmer creates a personality that whispers, "You are the belle of the ball, the princess of your own love story" 

Bella belle by you design 2

"Design 2 is like a walk in a fashion world meets candy wonderland. These pink booties bring out your inner pop star with their pointed toes, vibrant floral beadwork, and a hint of shimmer. The stunning beadwork extends up to the ankle. It's got the 'main character' energy you need to feel when you walk into any room" 

Bella belle by you design 3

"Design 3 is like stepping into a dreamy British garden with its soft pleated tulle, romantic blush floral embroidery, and a 'something blue' that every bride needs. It's all about versatility and comfort with its block heel and ankle strap. The soft blue hints at Bridgerton vibes, invoking the elegance and sophistication of the aristocracy. A shoe fit for a modern-day duchess."

 bella belle by you design 4

“Design 4, where glamor meets allure. Dripping in lustrous pearls and sparkling crystals, these heels boast a sultry silhouette with a small platform that screams sophistication and sexiness. With every step, it's like strutting in your personal jewel-adorned spotlight, oozing opulence and sultry vibes.“

Stage 4: Vote on which design you want to bring to life 

(CLOSED) Thank you for your votes! Stay tuned as we announce the winning design. 

Stage 5: Winning design announcement

design 1 winning design

Drumroll, please! After an incredible journey of creativity and style, your overwhelming amount of votes have crowned Design 1 as the dazzling winner of #BellaBelleByYou

This stiletto masterpiece boasts a pointed toe adorned with crystals and pearls. Your love and support have made this journey unforgettable and we can’t wait to provide you with more updates as we bring Design 1 to life! 

Get excited, because we will be unveiling the next chapter of this campaign soon. xoxo

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