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Best Father-Daughter First Dance Songs For Weddings, According to Real Brides

Your father-daughter is a very special moment - it’s the first dance you share with your dad as a married daughter after countless dances shared together over the years. It’s a celebratory dance yet emotional, celebrating a new life and saying goodbye to your younger self. 

The song you choose to dance with your father is meaningful and signifies your beautiful relationship with your dad. The song you choose can showcase your gratitude to everything he has done for you, and it can also be a personal letter from your dad to you. 

If you’re struggling to find the perfect father-daughter dance songs, you’ve come to the right place. We asked our past, current and future brides who wore Bella Belle comfortable dancing shoes what father-daughter songs they will be dancing to. 

From classic and heartfelt father-daughter dance songs to groovy and unique father daughter dance songs, these are the best father daughter wedding dance songs our #bellabellebrides danced to. Did any of these songs make it to your wedding day playlist?

Father-Daughter Dance songs


Bride: Jennifer. Photo: Lizzie Burger 

You’ll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins 

If you and your father loved the beloved Disney movie, Tarzan, then this song would be the perfect father-daughter dance song. The lyrics “My arms will hold you, Keep you safe and warm, This bond between us, Can't be broken” signify the relationship between your dad and you, that no matter what happens, he’ll always be there for you. This song is also very appropriate for the occasion as Phil Collins wrote this song for his daughter, Lily. 

From #bellabellebrides Kaya, “My dad has two left feet so we wanted a song that is slow-paced. He is from Croatia and he learned English by watching Disney movies with us as kids. This song is a beautiful memory for the two of us and a good pace for him.” - @ksvasilj

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

This is a classic 60s song that is timeless and classic for a formal ceremony or a casual backyard wedding. The lyrics are touching and celebratory, and the rhythm is not too slow-paced, nor is it too groovy that you have to worry about missing a dance step. 

From #bellabellebrides Jessica, “My parents were struggling to have children at the beginning of their marriage, and after 3 years, I was born on my mother’s birthday. My dad always told me that he loves me one thousand percent and I mean the whole world to him. During the process of deciding the perfect song, it came down to this question: when I came into his life, what did he say to himself? I believe it was, is and will always be what a wonderful world. When I told my parents about this song, my mother told me it was the perfect song to dance with my dad. She was in tears of joy. That is the moment I knew it had to be this song.” - @jessicaharyanto. 

My Girl - The Temptations 

If you know you’re going to be emotional and want to avoid another tear jerker, this Motown favorite from The Temptations will be our best pick. The lyrics are sweet and simple but still describes a beautiful father-daughter relationship. It’s a more up-tempo beat so your dad and you can have fun on the dance floor, and your guests can sing along to this beloved song. In fact, #bellabellebrides Kathryn’s dad surprised her with this father-daughter dance song during her wedding day. 

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Photo: Chris J. Evans

Dance With My Daughter - Jason Blaine

This song was the song that #bellabellebrides Emma danced with her father during her wedding day. It is a letter from a father to his daughter. It talks about a father wanting to spend as much time with his daughter, knowing that one day, he’ll have to let her go. These lyrics beautifully describe the feelings of a father, “Spin her around under the lights, Cause I'm just a father, Making the most of this moment in time, Before she lets me go, I'll hold her close”. Get ready for an emotional daddy-daughter dance as he sings this song to you. 

I’ll Be Your Man - Zac Brown

Zac Brown, a father of four daughters, wrote this song the minute he knew he was going to have a daughter. He said in an interview that “ I've been preparing myself to have to let her go, and that's heavy". As a father of a daughter, Zac mentions that “There’s no greater honor than to be a father to a daughter and to always be their man.”

This feeling echoes with #bellabellebrides Honorata who said “I have a very strong relationship with my dad. Getting married was incredibly emotional because in a sense, I was leaving him and a new man was going to be a big part of my life. The song really strengthens the idea that my dad will always be there for me despite getting married.” - @honbo_

Here For You - Neil Young

Neil Young wrote this song for his daughter who was 21 years old at the time and was in her last year of college. The lyrics “When your summer days come tumbling down, And you find yourself alone, Just close your eyes and I'll be there” talks about how a father will always be there for his daughter. Neil also sings about how he misses her but doesn’t want to ever hold her down “Yes I'd miss you, But I never want to hold you down”, instead saying that he’ll always be ready for her with open arms whenever she comes to him. 

This song is the song to describe the unconditional love a father has for his daughter, never pushing but always welcoming. 

Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle 

If you were born in the 90s, you’ll remember this tune from the Hannah Montana movie as Miley belts this with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. This ballad is made for a daddy-daughter song as it describes fatherhood. From helping his daughter during bedtime prayers to walking her down the aisle. This gentle melody is made for a slow dance and the sentimental lyrics are sure to leave a few tears down your face. Get the tissues ready. 

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Photo: Bethany Erin 

Half The Man - Jennifer Smestad

“Daddy set the bar real high, Showed me what a real man looks like, It's gonna take one to fill those shoes”. If your dad truly was your hero, then this song might be the perfect song for your father-daughter wedding song. Jennifer writes about her dad setting the bar real high for her future husband because he truly was an exceptional dad. 

Mariam, a future #bellabellebrides echoes the same sentiment, writing “My parents immigrated from Iraq with nothing but a 1 bedroom apartment to call their own. He left his family behind and worked day and night to provide a better future for our family. He did everything in this power to try and make the best of every situation. As his forever little girl, it really seemed like he could do it all. As the song states, “daddy set the bar real high” and I’m thankful my future fiancé shows characteristics that I see in my own dad.” - @mariam_kkamel

Forever Now - Michael Buble 

The video made parents all around the world sob as it follows a parent’s journey. From being the person the kids ran to for everything to letting them go and do their own thing, while always reassuring their kids of their unconditional love and support. 

For #bellabellebrides Megan, this song reflects her journey to mend her relationship with her father, “Growing up, my dad and I had a rocky relationship. I wanted a song that represented all the things in life rather than just “everything was good always”. We’ve learned how to forgive each other again and our relationship has never been better.” - @megankbateman


Bride: Madeline. Photo: Sarah Bradshaw

Moondance - Van Morrison

The best father-daughter dance songs are ones that have a sentimental value, from the song that your father used to sing to you or the ones that you shared countless of dances with your dad. 

Moondance hit a particularly striking cord with #bellabellebrides Jacquilyn who danced with her dad to this song throughout her life, “When I was little, my dad and I used to dance to this song in the kitchen. I would stand on his feet and he would twirl me around all crazy. It was some of my fondest memories with him and our dance at my wedding was definitely my most favorite time dancing to it.” - @jaclavalle 

These ten songs are the most popular father daughter wedding songs that our brides have danced to or will dance to with their dads. Whether you’re going for something more sentimental or one with a groovy tune, we hope you find a song that means something to you and your dad. 


Photo: Anya Kernes

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