High Neck Wedding Dresses and Bella Belle Wedding Shoes

Fashionable High Neck Wedding Dresses and Wedding Shoes for a Trendy Bride

There’s an undeniable allure to the timeless elegance of a high neck wedding dress. Just glance at the wedding albums of celebrities like Sofia Richie or Paris Hilton, each gracefully adorned in their own interpretation of this classic neckline. From the grandeur of a neckline reaching the chin to the subtle allure of one skimming the mid-neck, high neckline wedding dresses offer a spectrum of style possibilities.

While the term "high neck" may evoke notions of modesty, today's bridal fashion landscape paints a different picture. These dresses span a range of designs, from intricate lace to daring high slits and mesmerizing open backs. Before diving into your search for the perfect gown, consider your desired level of coverage, the extent of embellishment, and the overall aesthetic you wish to embody on your wedding day. We've curated a selection of high neckline wedding dresses that harmonize perfectly with our exquisite range of bridal shoes, ensuring your ensemble is nothing short of perfection.

Vera Wang High Neck Wedding Dress with Lace Bridal Heels

Vera Wang High Neck Wedding Dresses and Bella Belle Penelope Wedding Shoes

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For the classic and romantic bride, the Vera Wang Edilene Dress is just what you need. With its princess-cut silhouette, high neck, and long sleeves this lace high neck wedding dress is perfect for those dreaming of a fairytale wedding. Pair it with our Penelope heels, where silk ribbons wrap around the ankles. With floral lace embellishments and hidden pearl beads, these ivory lace heels add an enchanting touch to your bridal ensemble. 

Amsale High Neck Halter Wedding Dress with Lace Wedding Flats

Amsale High Neck Halter Wedding Dress with Bella Belle Alicia Lace Wedding Flats

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Indulge in nature-inspired elegance with the Amsale Dimitra Dress, a stunning A-line gown adorned with delicate leaf embellishments. This long sleeve high neck wedding dress captures the essence of romance, perfect for the bride who seeks timeless beauty for her outdoor garden wedding. Pair it with our Alicia heels, chic bridal flats that exude femininity and comfort. These flats feature hand-sewn illusion mesh adorned with delicate Alencon lace and a charming tied bow at the heel. Experience all day comfort at your garden wedding with these romantic shoes. 

Pronovias High Neck Wedding Dress with Bow Bridal Block Heels

Pronovias High Neck Wedding Dress with Bella Belle Ardelia Bow Bridal Block Heels

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Get ready to captivate hearts in the Pronovias Elvinia Dress, the epitome of quiet luxury and minimalistic charm! This high neck sheath wedding dress is a vision of modern romance, with its off-the-shoulder neckline and enchanting swan-like back detail. It's the perfect choice for the bride who appreciates understated elegance. And to complete your look, slip into our Ardelia heels. Featuring long satin ribbons and a teasing open toe, these ankle wrap block heels add a touch of finesse to your bridal ensemble. 

Retrofete High Neck Open Back Wedding Dress with Bow Kitten Heels

Retrofete High Neck Open Back Wedding Dress with Bella Belle Ryan Bow Kitten Heels

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Steal the spotlight at your lively wedding reception in the Retrofête Mini Bow Dress, a halter mini adorned with a playful black bow cascading down the back. Perfect for the bride who wants to dance the night away, this high neck bridal dress exudes fun and sophistication. When selecting the perfect shoes to accompany this dress, we couldn't resist the charm of our Ryan heels. With their asymmetrical bow detail, these heels not only add an extra touch of elegance but also perfectly complement the playful bow at the back of the dress. The matching bows create a cohesive and eye-catching look that's sure to turn heads on the dance floor. 

Bronx and Banco Short High Neck Wedding Dress with Crystal High Heels

Bronx and Banco Short High Neck Wedding Dress with Bella Belle Skylar Crystal High Heels

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Not feeling the bow reception dress? The Bronx and Banco Simone Dress is the glamorous option! Its sleeveless design and stunning large embellished collar, make it the perfect choice for the bride who wants to make a statement at her reception. And to take your look to the next level, step into our Skylar heels. The crystal straps on these heels beautifully complement the embellishments on the dress collar, creating a cohesive and elegant look from head to toe. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your outfit harmonizes effortlessly, allowing you to exude confidence and grace as you dance the night away. 

Milla Nova High Neck Ball Gown with Flower Wedding Heels

Milla Nova High Neck Ball Gown with Bella Belle Rosa Flower Wedding Heels

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Prepare to make a grand entrance in the Milla Nova Cassidy Dress, a striking high collar wedding dress that combines modern elegance with timeless romance. With its embellished bodice adorned with lace and sequin ornaments, and a puffy tulle skirt featuring a daring slit, this dress is sure to turn heads. To complement the ethereal beauty of the Cassidy dress, we've chosen our Rosa Ivory heels. The chiffon flowers, laser-cut and pearl-beaded, perfectly echo the delicate detailing of the dress, creating a cohesive and enchanting look.

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