Here’s How To Re-wear Your Wedding Shoes

Here’s How To Re-wear Your Wedding Shoes

Brides, you did it! You had your dream wedding and it was better than everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. 

If you’re like most brides, you’re probably wondering what to do with wedding shoes after the wedding. What’s more, we all need to take a little more care of our planet and think about sustainability. It might be difficult to wear that gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress to the supermarket but wearing wedding shoes again is easy. We have lots of ideas as to how you can be a little more sustainable. Let’s face it unless we are going to wander about in our bare feet, we need to wear shoes. Bella Belle shoes are so comfortable that you will simply want to wear them again and again and again!

How can you rewear wedding shoes so you can sleep soundly at night knowing you have contributed towards becoming more sustainable? Don’t fret because we have all the tips and tricks so that you can rewear wedding shoes again with the clothes that you have currently in your closet (you don’t have to buy new outfits — trust us). 

You always want to get wedding shoes you can wear again because when you do, they will make you feel all the magical and emotional feelings that you got during your wedding day. Besides, when your bridal shoes are THAT stunning and gorgeous, why not show it off again? If your shoes got a little dirty, we have the top tips to clean your wedding shoes and bring them back to life so that they become bridal shoes you can wear again. 

So if you’re trying to see if wedding shoes can be worn again, get inspired by our beautiful Bella Belle ladies who styled their wedding shoes in a variety of ways. From elevating a casual jeans look to re-wearing wedding shoes that can be worn again to a fancy event like a gala or as a wedding guest. 

Floral Dresses with Wedding Shoes 

rewear wedding shoes with floral dress

Shop Georgia

Floral dresses are always a classic choice to wear with your wedding shoes that can be worn again, especially during the Spring and Summer months. They add so much fun and romance to a date night with your spouse or a fun day out with your friends and family. 

rewear wedding shoes with floral dress

Shop Bridget

Meaghan paired an ivory dress with sage flowers with her Georgia pearl kitten heels while Abigail wore a summer-esque bright yellow dress with her Bridget stiletto heels, proving that wedding shoes you can wear again are possible. These short dresses will be great to show off your legs during the warmer months and you can swap them with midi or long maxi dresses with floral details when it gets chillier. 

White Dresses with Bridal Shoes

If you’re like us and you still obsess over the White Party looks from Gossip Girl, these little white dresses will soothe your obsession with wedding shoes that can be worn again. 

rewear wedding shoes with white dress 2

Shop Gabrielle

Wrap dresses are a staple in the closet and for good reason. They define your waist, giving you that hourglass look naturally. Molly dressed her short wrap dress with off-shoulder sleeves with our Gabrielle pearl bridal shoes. 

rewear wedding shoes with white dress 2

Shop Victoria

If you’re all about dressing according to the latest fashion trends, then you’ll love this feather dress that Stherfane wore with our Victoria crystal heels. The perfect balance of chic and flirty with bridal shoes you can wear again. 

Wedding Shoes with Evening Dresses

rewear bridal shoes with evening dress

Shop Lilian

A fancy night out like a Gala or a black tie dress code for weddings deserves glamorous evening dress looks with wedding shoes that can be worn again like these from Elizabeth and Natali. 

rewear bridal shoes with evening dress

Shop Morgan

Instead of going for a traditional evening dress, we love evening dresses with high slits as they show off your personality. Besides, why not show off your legs and your stunning bridal shoes you can wear again like these D’Orsay bridal shoes, Lilian and Morgan. When wedding heels look that good, they deserve to be shown — compliments are guaranteed. 

Wedding Shoes with Jeans

rewear wedding shoes with jeans

Shop Bridget

Want that effortlessly chic look? The denim-and-wedding-heel combo is the perfect duo for you. 

We got 99 problems but having enough shoes to match jeans ain’t one of them. Jeans can go with any heels, especially your wedding shoes, but here are a few tips

  1. Remember to show off your ankles. It gives the illusion of height and is totally on trend at the moment. You may need to roll up your jeans to pull off this style.
  2. If you want to make your legs look longer, your blush or nude wedding shoes will be perfect. Or stick to one color - white jeans with your white wedding shoes can help elongate your silhouette. You can make this look more casual by wearing with a simple black t-shirt.
  3. Finally, do not be afraid to experiment. Do not worry, all different styles of jeans will be perfect with your wedding shoes.

If you are looking for inspo, look no further, Kamille pairs denim with our fun and flirty Bridget wedding heels.  

Two Piece Outfits with Bridal Shoes

rewear wedding shoes with skirt 2

Shop Carolina

Make the city your personal fashion runway with these flirty and feminine two piece outfits with bridal shoes you can wear again, inspired by Tricia and Lena. Tricia wore her Carolina T-strap wedding shoes with a cropped top and midi length skirt while Lena chose a puffy sleeve top with a ruffled blue skirt to go with her Lisbeth pearl bridal shoes

rewear wedding shoes with skirt 2

Shop Lisbeth

Summers in the city means that everyone is dressing to impress as it is the only time you don’t need to layer with jackets, so show off your wedding shoes you can wear again with these feminine looks. 

rewear bridal shoes with pants

Shop Matilda

If you’re more of a trousers or pants type of lady, then these all-white two piece looks from Kat and Kara are right up your alley. 

The key to re-wearing your bridal shoes with pants is that you want to have a cohesive look where the patterns don’t clash but complement each other. For example, Kat chose to keep her look simple with a bandeau top and tailored high waisted white pants since her wedding shoes, Matilda has so much detail with the tulle bow. 

rewear bridal shoes with pants

||Shop Lisbeth

However, you don’t have to just stick to a solid texture and color. Kara wore the Lisbeth pearl bridal shoes with lace pants and a matching lace corset top which adds a hint of sass and personality to this classic look. 

Bridal Shoes with Power Suit

rewear wedding shoes with suit

||Shop Gabrielle

If Beyonce’s ‘Run the World (Girls) is your get ready song, this one's for you. A two-piece power suit is perfect for all occasions, from a work meeting to dinner parties and even the grocery store. You can separate the pieces and wear a tailored or cropped blazer with straight-leg jeans to keep it casual or over an elegant dress. The world is at your feet. 

Speaking of feet, a statement blazer and suit needs an equally powerful pair of heels (like your wedding shoes). Patty (seen in photo above) styles a dramatic lilac blazer and shorts with our powerful pearl wedding heels Gabrielle. Why not give power dressing a try and watch the world fall at your feet! 



What to wear to a Gala?

Gala events are usually a black tie event, so you'll want to wear an evening gown that is full length paired with glamours heels such as Evelyn Ivory.

What to wear to the opera?

When going to the opera consider wearing business casual mid-maxi length that is comfortable to sit in. Also remember to layer with a shawl or scarf as it can sometimes be cold. To finish off the look wear some classic yet elegant heels such as Florence.

What to wear to a tea party?

For a tea party, you must wear bright colors and avoid black. We would suggest a semi-formal summer dress paired with a floral shoe such as our Abigail block heels.

What to wear to the ballet?

Opt for something elegant but comfortable for the ballet as you will be sitting for a while. We suggest a semi-formal dress or skirt and jumper combo depending on the venue of the ballet. These outfits could be paired with minimalistic heels such as our Dorothy bow heel.

What to wear to a banquet?

A banquet is usually a formal dinner so the appropriate dress code would be to wear an evening dress that goes below the knees, paired with glamorous shoes such as Lilian.

What to wear to Coachella?

You cannot really go wrong at Coachella with sandals such as our Hera and a funky outfit with lots of sparkles and personality. Be yourself and shine like a star!


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