2 Inch Wedding Heels


      2 Inch Wedding Heels

      "I can't wait to wear them again for our anniversaries to come!"


      "They photographed SO well!"


      While they might seem unassuming, 2 inch wedding shoes still pack a punch with Bella Belle’s signature designs. All the details, from classic lace and romantic floral beadwork to the on-trend pearls and bows, are handmade from start to finish. Each thread and bead is meticulously hand-sewn, just like the silk bows are hand-pleated and sculpted by Bella Belle’s shoe artisans. 

      The result is stunning 2 inch bridal shoes you’ll want to show off for every occasion. Wear your 2 inch heels again for your honeymoon, date nights, anniversaries, or special events.

      Need help to select your 2 inch heel wedding shoes?

      Check out our Wedding Shoes Low Heel Guide for comfort and style advice. 

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