8 Perfect Barbie Wedding Dresses and Barbie Shoes

The Perfect Dream: Luxurious Barbie Wedding Dresses and Enchanting Shoes

Ok, ladies grab your tiaras, here we go on a Barbietastic journey where we'll transform your wedding dreams into a reality, sprinkled with a touch of #barbiestyle magic!

The plot line of the new Barbie movie revolves around Barbie and Ken getting thrown out of Barbie land for not being perfect (just like most of us) and the adventures that follow. 

Barbie is played by the gorgeous Margot Robbie and we are loving her Barbie-themed outfits. It appears that even some prominent fashion houses predicted the everything pink future, as seen with Valentino's captivating 2022 Pink PP Collection. There is certainly an intriguing fashion perspective in the movie and we're confident that Barbie will exert a significant influence on the fashion scene in the coming years. In fact, a new trend has emerged, affectionately dubbed 'Barbiecore.' But fear not, this doesn't mean every bride will be donning bright pink puffy barbie wedding dresses —far from it! However, we've discovered a few delightful ways to subtly infuse your Barbie wedding dress style with Barbie's playful charm and glamorous essence.

So let’s move along on a delightful journey into the world of luxury Barbie wedding dresses. These Barbie bridal gowns are designed to make any bride feel like a true Barbie princess on her special day. With the occasional pop of pink, sparkles, and fluffy details, these Barbie wedding dress outfits are sure to make your childhood dreams come true. We can't forget that Barbie also adores her shoes. So to complement these Barbielicious creations, we've also curated a selection of our enchanting Barbie shoes. Let's dive into the magical world of Barbie bridal fashion and discover the perfect Barbie pink wedding dress for your wedding day.

Movie Premiere Gown

 8 Perfect Barbie Wedding Dresses and Barbie Shoes

Margot Robbie, the star of the Barbie movie, attended the premiere in a satin blush pink wedding dress with an oversized fluffy trim. Taking inspiration from this Barbie wedding dress look, we can certainly elevate it to a whole new level of sophistication. How about this elegant Barbie bridal satin gown by Rami Al Ali? It features a special slimline belt and the pièce de résistance is the flamboyant feather fringe. 


Shop Harlow

This Barbie wedding dress is further accentuated by the lace sleeves and would look lovely with our Harlow wedding heels. This Barbie shoe features ruffled feathers forming a flower embellished with beads at the toe box, providing a delightful bounce as you walk. The high heel is fastened with an adjustable buckle strap. Let your Barbie heart and your shoes bloom with these charismatic and playful wedding shoes.

Barbie is the New Black

Barbie wedding dresses and shoes

Barbie knows that the timeless combination of black and white is forever in vogue! We took a little inspiration from Barbie’s old school black and white swimsuit in the movie. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere! Take a look at this satin 'Dove' gown from Galia Lahav, featuring a square neckline corset top and the most darling black satin bow details (because Barbie can't resist a bow, darling!). This Barbie wedding gown emits an aura of pure majesty, you know! The corset blends magically into a box-pleated satin cathedral skirt, adding a touch of elegance that's perfectly balanced and never over the top. 


Shop Kate

And don't forget to pair it with our glamorous Barbie heels named Kate, adorned with shimmering black silk ribbons. These ribbons gracefully intertwine around your feet, creating a chic criss-cross design that's oh-so-stylish, just like Barbie herself! To add one more touch of Barbie-inspired elegance, these super comfy tie heels are embellished with a stunning oversized bow at the back.

Bring Back Peter Pan

 Barbie bridal shower outfit

We are pretty confident that the Barbie frenzy of the moment will bring about some new trends (or more correctly - bring back some old trends). Will the ‘Peter Pan collar’ be one of them? Margo Robbie certainly pulls off this look in her ever-so-cute Barbie pink dress with its rounded collar and puffy sleeves. To emulate this Barbiecore look we chose this Chanel dress with sheer puffy sleeves and bodice with tiny pearls. 

Barbie dorothy bow shoe

Shop Dorothy

The perfect Barbie wedding shoes would be our Dorothy pumps which feature a sparkling bow decorated with tiny pearls just like the Chanel dress. These ivory silk heels would keep the feet of Barbie-inspired brides, pain-free and ready to dance to every catchy song from ‘Barbie: The Album’.

Western Style

 Barbie bachelorette western theme look

Barbie is a woman of many styles and we had to include her good ol’ western outfit. Whilst Barbie’s suit is her typical shocking pink, we have decided to keep the Western feel but still very bridal vibe. This West Wedding Gown from Chantel Lauren certainly fits the bill. With the most gorgeous mesh embroidered sleeves and a narrow belt, this Barbie wedding dress would be just fabulous with our western-feel booties. 

Bella Belle booties for weddings Barbie

Shop Belle

Belle embroidered wedding boots feature a mesh background (just like the dress) and tiny handmade flowers decorated with pearls. This Barbie wedding outfit would make any Barbie-inspired bride want to ride off into the sunset.

Get Your Shine On

Barbie sparkly wedding dressBarbie’s iconic style usually includes a pop of pink, a touch of glam, and a whole lot of attitude. We think this Muse by Berta creation has it all. The Hayden Barbie wedding gown mini dress is all about drama with its tight-fitting bodice decorated with shimmering sequins and lavish embroidery. The sheer tulle over-skirt adds movement and fluidity and guess what - there are also fluffy bows! 

Barbie shoe with tulle bow

Shop Elise

Need more bows? We are happy to oblige with these totally fab Elise bridal shoes. They're super comfortable with their extra padding, perfect for your big day. And, oh my, they're adorned with the most adorable fluffy tulle bows! The soft silk upper and removable ankle strap makes these stiletto heels oh-so luxurious, perfect for a fairytale wedding.

BarbieLand President

Barbie wedding gown ballgownIn the Barbie movie, the talented Issa Rae portrays the President of Barbie. She wears an absolutely stunning gown. Inspired by that magnificent vibe, we couldn't resist capturing its essence. Behold this breathtaking Zuhair Murad Barbie wedding gown—a tribute to Barbie's iconic style, embracing everything that is pink, shimmery, and larger than life. It’s sexy fitted bodice is accentuated by a cinched waist and off-the-shoulder cap sleeves. The voluminous skirt is decorated with celestial shimmering gold crystalline. 

Barbie pink heels

Shop Mariee

To complement this ethereal gown, the most perfect Barbiesque shoes have to be our Mariee Barbie bridal heels. Fit for any princess, these comfy blush pink wedding shoes feature the most gorgeous golden jewel flowers and you won't be surprised to hear - pink, silken, oversized bows. After all, when in doubt, wear pink and sparkles

Vogue Covergirl Style

 Modern barbie wedding dress

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be a Barbie or on the cover of Vogue? Margot Robbie has achieved both and looks as amazing as ever in her shocking Barbie pink gown. We have toned it right down to subtle bridal ivory but kept the shiny satin fabric and trendy 3D flowers. This breathtaking Barbie bridal gown from Milla Nova showcases a gracefully flowing A-line silhouette crafted from lavish Mikado fabric. The waist is adorned with charming dimensional flowers and delicate silken ribbons, adding an enchanting touch. And let's not overlook the magnificent train that brings a touch of drama to this extravagant Barbie wedding gown. 

Barbie pink shoes block heels

Shop Fabiola

Speaking of drama, let's turn our attention to the luxurious Fabiola Blush embellished block heels. With a subtle, soft pink hue, these heels pay homage to Barbie's love for pink while exuding timeless elegance. The front design reflects simplicity and classic beauty, mirroring the gown. However, the true showstopper lies in the exquisitely detailed heels of these wedding sandals. Glittering pearls and tiny beads are meticulously hand-sewn into delicate flowers, gracefully cascading down the comfortable block heels—a perfect choice for outdoor weddings on grass. With these stunning Barbie heels, you'll feel like you're dancing through a magical fairytale garden.

After Party Sparkle

Barbie reception party look

If you're ready to turn heads at the after-party, why not embrace your inner Barbie with a dazzling jumpsuit? It's the perfect chance to let your sparkle shine! We've discovered the ideal match for Barbie's golden ensemble: say hello to Lucinda Gold by Nadine Merabi. This jaw-dropping jumpsuit is an absolute showstopper, designed to embrace your curves and make you the center of attention. With flared trousers that add a playful twist, it's like a dream come true straight from Barbie's world!

Barbie gold heels

Shop Teagan

For an extra touch of glamor, opt for our Teagan golden wedding heels. They're decorated with handmade crystal ropes that gracefully wind around and secure your ankle. These opulent heels are not only stunning but also provide luxurious comfort with their sumptuous soft padding. So go ahead, strut your stuff, and dance the night away pain-free. So come on Barbie, let's go party!

As we reach the end of our Barbie wedding outfit extravaganza, we hope you are feeling truly inspired to rock your inner Barbie. There you have it, six exquisite Barbie wedding outfits designed to make your dreams come true. We think Barbie herself would be green (or pink) with envy. Paired with the most perfect Barbie shoes, your bridal ensemble will be complete. So, you too can be a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!

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