10 Barbie-Inspired Heels For Weddings And Every Occasion

10 Barbie Shoes For Weddings And Every Occasion

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is talking about Barbie. From Barbie movie teasers featuring Barbiecore pink looks from Margot Robbie to the red carpet movie premiere where every star was dressed to impress, Barbie is going to take over Summer wedding looks and outfits by storm. 

Brides will be looking for Barbie-inspired wedding looks for every bridal event, from their bridal shower, bachelorette, engagement shoot and even reception dress. So we rounded up the perfect Barbie shoes for brides that are fun, flirty and a little sassy. 

And if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own Barbie heels or Barbie pink shoes, we grant your wish with the most perfect pink Barbie heels that you’ll ever lay your eyes on. 

So scroll below for 10 Barbie-licious heels, like the ultimate Barbie pink shoes that will make you feel like a Barbie doll. 

Barbie Pink Shoes 

Mirabelle Pink

Get ready to step into a world of pink perfection in Mirabelle Pink. These fabulous Barbiecore heels with silk bows are the ultimate fashionista companions. They’ll make you feel like a true Barbie princess, strutting your stuff with style and grace at every step. Who needs a Ken when you've got pink heels this magical?


 Barbie heels pink bows and crystals Mariee

Picture this: versatile pink silk heels with interchangeable ankle straps, so you can switch up your Barbie pink shoes look whenever you please. Transform from plain silk straps to a charming silk bow or even embrace the sparkle with floral crystal straps. Mariee Barbie sandals truly is the ultimate pink Barbie heels that are versatile and oh-so-chic. 


Pink Barbie heels sandals open toeIf you’re more of a block heel kinda Barbie gal, Fabiola Barbie sandals are right up your alley. A simple sandal at the front in an open toe silhouette, perfect to beat the scorching summer heat. Look at the back and you’ll see the most stunning floral design that is handcrafted from start to finish. You’ll have everyone marveling at your Barbie pink shoes block heels as you walk away from any crowd. 


Rose gold Barbie Heels with Crystals Strappy HeelsOne thing Barbie is known for, is her love of switching up her color choices. She is not only obsessed with Barbiecore pink, but you’ll see her rocking a rose gold color every now and then. Our Teagan rose gold stilettos are blinding —- literally, but in a good way. Gold crystal ropes wrap around your legs beautifully, giving you those highly sought-after Barbie legs. While the crystals dazzle and shine under the light.

Ivory Barbie Heels For Weddings


Barbie heels platform heels sandals ivory weddingBarbie has always loved a platform heel, so Serafina truly fits the bill for brides to feel like Barbie on their wedding day. These Barbie sandals chunky platform heels for brides feature the softest and most luxurious knotted silk at the front, making these perfect for even wide feet brides. Don’t worry about tripping or falling as the adjustable ankle straps are like a seatbelt for your feet. 


Ivory barbie heels for wedding with feathers and flowers

Equal parts charming and flirty, Harlow has layers of ruffled feathers that form a beautiful flower at the front. Look closely and you’ll see a cluster of hand sewn beads that form the flower buds. So strut down the aisle in full Barbie confidence with these heels. P.S. The flowers have a fluffy bounce effect with every step that you take, how fabulous is that?


Cinderella inspired barbie heels with crystals glass slipper

Did you grow up loving Disney princesses and Barbie dolls? Say hello to Elsa! This quintessential Barbie heel has over 1000+ sparkling crystals and beads to form the most exquisite glass slipper — and they are actually comfortable too! Breathtaking on the outside, comfy on the inside. Elsa really is the best of both worlds!


Princess barbie heels with flowers and crystals This is for the brides who, like Barbie, wear her heart on her sleeves. Norah’s highlight is her shimmering beads and sequins in a rose flower design for a subtle hint of sparkle. Plus the seductive cut at the toe ensures that this Barbie bridal heels flatters every feet type —- you won’t be able to stop looking down at your feet. 


Crystal barbie heels for a glamorous brideSparkle and shine in your Barbie-inspired reception outfit with these glamorous Florence crystal embellished heels. Hand beaded with milky teardrop stones, glistering crystals and luxurious beads, Florence will be the bridal shoe that you instantly fall in love with. But that’s not all, brides rave about the 12-hour comfort due to the extra soft padding. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds! 


Feather barbie heels in ivory for reception looks outfit

Come on brides, let’s go party in these Quinn feather bridal heels. Feathers are all the rage right now, besides Barbiecore pink. So move and dance in these fashionable chic Barbie sandals for your afterparty. You’ll feel supported with the double ankle straps that also elongates your legs marvelously. 


Bow Barbie Heels for brides Barbie Wedding

Anyone can look and feel like Barbie in our Dorothy pump heels. The clean and classic lines are sleek and modern, while the sparkly bow at the front adds an extra flair as it peeks from under your bridal dress. Plus, the D’orsay cut is perfect for any brides who have a bunion as it covers your bunion beautifully. 

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