Bella Belle By You 2

Bella Belle By You Campaign 2

This page is updated as we go through different stages of shoe development. 

#BellaBelleByYou is where you get to be a designer! Last year, you enthusiastically took part in our first ever #BellaBelleByYou campaign and designed Eden and Aurora. Recap the #BellaBelleByYou campaign 1 journey.  

Now, you can embark on the journey again of creating your dream shoes by casting your votes. Check back to this page as we will provide real-time updates as we go through different stages of shoe development. 

Vote real-time and get the quickest update by following us on @bellabelleshoes on Instagram.

Stage 1: Vote on your favorite shoes elements

(CLOSED) Thank you for your votes! Stay tuned as we announce the winning elements. 


Stage 2: Your Winning Votes: Shoe Elements

We gave you choices of shoe elements to create your dream shoes. The majority of you voted on the following components: 
bella belle by you winning elements



The past few weeks, we have been hard at work compiling all of your votes and feedback to design your NEW dream wedding shoes. In the next few days, we will unveil 4 designs for you to vote. The design that receives the most votes will be produced, making your dream shoe a reality!

Here are thoughts from Erina, our Creative Director on each design: 

Design 1

“This design is for all of you who yearn for an almond toe design in a staple-worthy Mary Jane silhouette. Many of you believe this is the perfect hybrid between round and pointed toe. This classic silhouette is bedecked with an array of translucent blue and ivory flower chips that sparkle under soft light. The crystal flower buckle completes this enchanting block heel. Could this be the ‘Something Blue’ you have been waiting for?"

Design 2

"I’ve heard you loud and clear: you want more butterfly designs in an open toe shape for the warm summer months. Introducing this whimsical strappy heel that will cause your heart to flutter in a million different ways. The first flutter? When you see the oversized asymmetrical butterfly wings. As your eyes gravitate towards the delicate beading on top of the butterfly wings, you’ll feel lavender haze. Whimsical, playful and youthful, isn’t this the most enchanting design you’ve ever seen?”

Design 3

“This is for all of you who love to be draped in jewels. I designed a versatile silhouette, draped with a dazzling crystal ankle strap. When you twirl to show your back, you’ll see a cloud of oversized tulle bow. The best part? You can remove the tulle bow to transform it from romantic to modern aesthetic in no time. Equal parts seductive and charming, this block heel takes versatility to the next whole level ”

Design 4

“If Swan Lake was a wedding heel, Design 4 would be it. I dreamed of a stiletto that is elegant, sexy and alluring. The cut-out and scalloped flower lace creates a graceful silhouette, reminiscent of the feathers of a swan. With a sexy D’Orsay profile that shows the curves of your feet, this shoe is made for the inner swan in all of us”



 The winning design is....

winning design

Thank you for your overwhelming votes and feedback on the 4 designs!

And the crowd have spoken. After eagerly waiting and tallying up all of your votes, you have selected Design 4 as the winning design for #BellaBelleByYou. The reasons why you chose Design 4 were: 

✨The delicate lace design 

✨It’s classic, elegant ⁠and sexy 

✨The D’Orsay silhouette 

Get excited, because we will be unveiling the next chapter of this campaign soon. xoxo



odette with ankle strap

Odette without ankle strap

The wait is finally over! Your latest #BellaBelleByYou Odette bridal shoes are here!

Our #BellaBelleByYou social collaboration campaign was created to give you the power. You voted on every little detail of the perfect bridal shoe. You decided everything from the type of heel and embellishments to the final design and name. We couldn’t be happier with this collaborative effort to create an intricate lace bridal shoe that exudes elegance!

Shop Odette today

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