Gold Wedding Shoes


      Gold Wedding Shoes

      Gold Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle

      Gold bridal shoes are a favorite among Bella Belle brides. They are stunning, and their metallic hue also adds a glitzy pop of color to your whole wedding look. Brides who choose gold heels for wedding wear tend to be non-traditional and want to stand out from the sea of conventional brides. 

      Pairing Gold Bridal Outfits with Gold Shoes for Wedding Parties & Brides

      Gold wedding shoes for brides make for a stunning statement on your special day. We've designed out wedding gold heels, sandals, and flats to suit our unique Bella Belle brides & their guests. 

      Pairing Gold Accents with Wedding Gold Heels

      Suppose you wear a sparkly sequin gold wedding dress for the ceremony or reception. In that case, gold sparkle wedding shoes are the perfect match. You can't go wrong with pairing sparkle and sparkle. If your dress has sparkle or sequins, wear sparkly gold bridal heels or gold bridesmaid shoes that match.

      Gold shoes for weddings are perfect if your wedding dress has gold accents. Metallic accents on a gown shimmer as you move, creating an elegant and dramatic moment. Complete this look with our gold bridal heels with shimmering beadwork. They are not just stunning; they are also very comfortable while enhancing your look! 

      Lace Embellishments & Gold Bridal Shoes

      If your gold wedding dress has beautiful lace embroidery, go with gold lace wedding shoes to complete the whole look! Just because it's gold doesn't mean it's all sparkles and sequins. Gold can also come in elegant lace embroidery or delicate lace applique. We offer a variety of gold wedding flats in hand-embroidered lace styles crafted by our team of expert artisans. Suppose you can't wear heels because you recently had foot surgery or have bunions on your feet. In that case, you can wear our gold wedding flats that are both comfortable and stunning in design. 

      Outdoor Weddings & Gold Wedding Shoes

      Going for an enchanted Midsummer's Night Dream garden or fairy tale wedding? Check out Bella Belle's gold block heels for wedding guests and brides. These handcrafted shoes provide all the glamor of gold bridal heels with more stability than stilettos or standard high heels. If you would feel more comfortable in a sandal or plan to host an outdoor reception, consider our selection of gold sandals for wedding guests and brides. 

      Gold Bridesmaid Shoes

      Bridesmaids, we also cater to you! Whether helping the bride design her bridal party look or selecting your own pair of heels, you'll find something special. Our gold wedding shoes vary in shades and are sure to match your gold dress, be it white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Even a simple black bridesmaid dress becomes a regal masterpiece when paired with gold wedding shoes. Trust us, any gold bridesmaid heels you pick to complete your look are sure to catch the attention of the single groomsmen in the crowd.

      Re-wearing Gold Dress Shoes for Wedding

      Bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest, it's effortless repurposes gold heels after the wedding. Unlike traditional ivory or white-colored shoes, gold wedding heels are easy to wear with your favorite skinny jeans, feminine midi skirt, or little black dress for a fun night out. 

      How To Determine Shoe Size? 

      The hardest part about shopping online for your shoes is finding the right size when you can't try them on, especially when shopping internationally. We understand the struggle. Don't worry. We will make your online shopping experience as easy and quick as possible. First, check out our international shoe sizing conversion tool crafted from our years of experience with our customers. Then, match the size with a shoe silhouette that fits closets to your wedding shoe style of choice. We always recommend sizing up to have more wiggle room if you have wider feet. For those with narrow or average feet, stick to your size, as most of our styles are true to size. If you still need more help, you can always email our customer care team, who will provide you with excellent sizing consultations. 


      Where can I buy gold strappy heels for a wedding as the bride's mother?

      Bella Belle has the best gold strappy heel shoes for your mother of the bride. Anita in gold has ivory lace on comfortable mesh with gold straps. 

      What color shoes should I wear with a rose gold wedding dress?

      If you're wearing a rose gold wedding dress, you can wear gold wedding shoes such as Frances or a rose gold heel like Mariee

      Gold wedding dress, what color shoes should I wear?

      If you're wearing a gold wedding dress, go for gold wedding shoes such as the  Frances kitten heel or Anita lace gold wedding shoe. Try to match any accent works on your gown with your choice of gold wedding shoes.

      Can I wear gold wedding shoes with my white wedding dress?

      Yes you absolutely can! The gold color adds a pop of color to your white or ivory wedding dress. Check how we style gold bridal shoes in this video.