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      Shop Bridal & Wedding Sandals

      "Absolutely love these flat sandals for my beach wedding"


      "Casual yet pretty sandals for my beach wedding."


      "The perfect sandals to fit the formal affair!"


      Why Wear Bella Belle Dressy Sandals for Wedding Parties and Brides?  

      Bella Belle's wedding sandals collection features everything from easy-going boho bridal sandals to glamorous sandals for brides with elegant themes. Each Bella Belle wedding sandal is handmade from genuine leather and premium trappings, designed for comfort, style, stability, and long-term wearability. We add extra traction and grip to the outsoles of all our bridal sandals. A firm grip at the bottom of each bridal sandal ensures you won't slip and fall when you walk down that grassy, concrete, or sandy aisle. Even though our chosen materials are made to withstand rough terrain, it doesn't mean they're uncomfortable. Bella Belle wedding sandals have extra padding to ensure you're comfortable regardless of the landscape. 

      Need help determining which wedding sandal style is the right fit for you? Bella Belle is here to help! Check out our outdoor bridal shoe recommendations or Ultimate Wedding Shoe Guide for the best in expert tips, tricks, and advisement. For more personalized bridal shoe suggestions, try our Bridal Style Quiz.

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