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10 Bridgerton Inspired Shoes for your Bridgerton Wedding Day

The popular Netflix series Bridgerton, is epitome of Regency glamor and has sparked a resurgence of timeless elegance in the world of fashion. Since its debut in December 2020, this captivating series has woven a tapestry of high-society sophistication and vintage couture, inspiring a trend known as Regencycore. At its core lies sumptuous jacquard and brocade designs, adorned in a palette of soft blues, purples, pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges—floral motifs delicately reminiscent of a bygone era.

For those seeking to channel the grace and charm of Daphne or the wit and spirit of Penelope, the journey begins with the perfect pair of Bridgerton heels. Here’s 10 Bridgerton style shoes, each crafted to whisk you effortlessly back to the splendor of the Regency era. From Bridgerton ball shoes to regency heels, these shoes promise to infuse your ensemble with the enchanting allure of Bridgerton style. 

bridgerton wedding shoes vivian blue block heels

Shop Vivian

Behold Vivian—an enchanting embodiment of Daphne Bridgerton’s grace and style! With delicate blue beaded leaves and ivory flower buds adorning sheer illusion mesh, Vivian, the perfect Daphne Bridgerton shoes, captures the essence of Regency-inspired elegance. The ankle strap and sturdy block heel ensure steadfast grace, perfect for dancing confidently.

Bella Belle Norah Ivory Flower Ankle Strap Bridal Shoes with Sequined Petals

Shop Norah

Embrace the spirit of Queen Charlotte with Norah—a regal masterpiece that exudes timeless elegance! These illusion mesh Bridgerton shoes are adorned with shimmering beads and sequins, ensuring you'll dazzle with every step. The hand-crafted flower detail, features sequined petals at the toe, echoing Queen Charlotte's love for floral motifs. With a seductive cutout design at the heel, these Bridgerton shoes promise to enchant brides of all styles, just as Queen Charlotte mesmerized her court with her regal presence.

Bella Belle Shoes Tess Embroidered Gold Lace Wedding Shoes

Shop Tess

Tess is a shimmering ode to opulence! With her gold lace, criss-cross leather straps, and ivory silk-wrapped heel, Tess is the epitome of bridal elegance. But here's the twist: beneath her glamorous exterior lies a delightful secret—blue soles, ensuring you check off that 'something blue.’ And the best part? These blue and gold heels aren't just for the aisle—they're your ticket to post-wedding soirées in true Bridgerton fashion!

bridgerton wedding shoes sophia lace heels

Shop Sophia

Step into Sophia's realm—a garden of bridal elegance where classic charm meets timeless allure! This Bridgerton shoe boasts intricate lacework that weaves a tale of romance with every step. Picture classic pump lines juxtaposed against delicate looping lace patterns, crowned with a petite bow of ivory picot ribbon at the topline. With Sophia, create a new wedding heirloom with each graceful stride down the aisle.

bridgerton wedding shoes vanessa blue block heels

Shop Vanessa

A vision of elegance awaits in Vanessa, crafted from the finest silk-inspired fabric. Embellished with an intricate floral print and adorned with ankle straps for secure footing, these 2-inch block heels marry comfort with sophistication. Vanessa is a symbol of the perfect 'something blue' for your wedding day, promising endless possibilities for rewear long after the vows are exchanged.

bridgerton wedding shoes giselle lace heels

Shop Giselle

Giselle is a vision of boho elegance encapsulated in lace wedding heels! These lace heels boast exquisite French embroidery patterns, accentuated by a mesmerizing scalloped edge. Offering a touch of personal flair, the silk ribbon bow is easily removable, allowing brides to tailor these shoes like Bridgerton with a ribbon that complements their wedding colors flawlessly. With Giselle, each step down the aisle is a unique expression of individuality and style.

bridgerton wedding shoes adora flats

Shop Adora

Step into your own fairytale with Adora—a modern-day Cinderella tale told through the enchanting charm of bridal flats! These flats are adorned with luxurious hand-beaded blossoms and vines, transforming every step into a magical moment. No need to worry about sore feet on your big day—Adora comes equipped with adaptable illusion mesh and extra padding at the sole, ensuring all-day comfort. But the magic doesn't end there; these clear bridal shoes feature a soft blue insole, seamlessly checking off that coveted 'something blue' box. 

Bella Belle Shoes Francesca Lace Bow Slingback Heel

Shop Francesca

​​Capture the spirit of Kate Sheffield as you slip into Francesca. These cushioned lace slingbacks embody Kate's refined yet daring style, reshaping bridal tradition with flair. Topped with a dramatic bow of Alencon lace, Francesca reflects Kate's ability to defy norms while exuding elegance. The textured detail of the oversized bow adds a stylish refinement, ensuring each step is a celebration of grace and individuality. Embrace your inner Kate and say "I do" to Francesca's luxurious comfort and timeless charm.

bridgerton wedding shoes catarina blue block heels

Shop Catarina

Experience the allure of Catarina—where elegance meets boldness at every step! These blue floral sandals boast woven jacquard fabric adorned with intricate patterns of flowers and leaves. Gleaming gold embossed florals add opulence, perfectly complementing the 'something blue' allure. With matching ankle straps ensuring security, you'll soar to new heights in these 5-inch platforms. 

Bella Belle Shoes Penelope Lace and Pearl Wedding Shoes

Shop Penelope

Enter the world of Penelope with these enchanting bridal shoes bearing her name. Much like Penelope’s allure, they exude understated sophistication. Silk ivory ribbons delicately wrap the ankles, knotting into a trim bow—a nod to Penelope's demure charm. The upper features floral lace on breathable ivory illusion mesh. And for the keen-eyed, delicate pearl beads seamlessly incorporated into these heels mirror Penelope's (or spoiler alert: Lady Whistledown) penchant for hidden details.

bridgerton wedding shoes dorothy bow heels

Shop Dorothy

Classic charm gets a modern twist with Dorothy. These ivory bow heels are anything but ordinary, boasting sleek lines and a hint of sparkle for that extra pizzazz. With a bow at the toe stealing the spotlight, Dorothy's D'Orsay silhouette adds a touch of allure with its chic cutout at the instep, making every step a statement of elegance and style.

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