Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024

2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024

With every new season comes new and exciting looks from our favorite wedding dress designers. This 2024 Fall Bridal Fashion week saw designers pull out all the stops that will surely define wedding dresses 2024. While you’re here, don’t forget to see the trendiest 2024 wedding shoe trends

Some of our notable favorite trends include the rise of the ‘90s drop waist silhouettes and glamorous mini dresses for your after party look. Not forgetting, the endless variety of bows, from bedazzled crystal bows to soft and satin bows. 

Brides who are all about the quiet luxury aesthetic will love the sexy high slit revamp that leaves more to the imagination. 

If there is something to take out of bridal fashion week, it is that there is really something for every bride. Including your bridal shoes because who can forget about that? They literally support you from morning till night. 

So take a deep breath and enter a bridal journey as we present to you the 7 trends that we spotted at 2024 fall bridal fashion week collection, and the most beautiful wedding shoes to match each trend. 

Quiet Luxury Bridal Dress

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 -Ouma Bridal Fall 2024 Quiet Luxury Dress

Photography: Manda Weaver 

No doubt influenced by celebrity and content creator weddings like Sophia Richie and Emily Mariko, the quiet luxury aesthetic shows no signs of slowing down in wedding gowns 2024. More specifically, 2024 weddings will see more high slit wedding dresses, adding that hint of sexiness and boldness to the demure quiet luxury vibe. Ouma bridal is just one of the many fashion week bridal collection designers that featured wedding dresses with slits. We love the luxurious silk that drapes across the sleeves, balancing softness with the bold slit trend. 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Quite Luxury Wedding Shoes Reese

Shop Reese

The perfect finishing touch to this slit wedding dress is ‘Reese’. As one of our bestsellers, Reese is a modern take of a classic slingback wedding heel. Brides love the diagonal silk bow at the front, which peeks beautifully with every step that you take in your wedding dress slit look. 

Mini Short Wedding Dress 

While mini dresses are not new as a wedding after party dress, 2024 wedding dress trends will see brides opting for shorter dresses for their ceremony. The shorter hemline offers a more relaxed and ‘cool girl’ vibe, moving away from a traditional silhouette into a more modern and chic look. If you love the mini dress look, consider wearing it for your ceremony if you’re having a city hall wedding or an intimate celebration. Otherwise, mini dresses make for the perfect after party wedding dress. 

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Mini Short Wedding Dress Florence

Shop Florence

In the 2024 fall bridal runway, we see two mini dress trends that stood out: embellished bows and feathers. Elie Saab reimagined a ballerina with this A-line mini dress with an embellished bow at the waist which pairs perfectly with ‘Florence’. Hand sewn crystals at the front of a soft and comfortable mesh, with criss cross straps that you can tie into a lovely bow. Brides, you can live out your ballerina fairytale with this mini short bridal after party dress. 

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Mini Short Wedding Dress Elsa

Shop Elsa

Another big 2024 short wedding dress trend involves feathers, and lots of it. Nardos opened their 2024 bridal week nyc show with this feather mini dress and it’s easy to see why: it demands attention with every step that you take. IYKYK, ‘Elsa’ makes the perfect dance-all-night sparkly heel to go with the Nardos feather short bridal dress. 

Rosette Flower Motif

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 - Nicole and Felicia Fall 2024 Rosette

Rosettes have been slowly making their comeback in fashion (as seen by Zendaya in a pink Valentino dress at the SAG awards), but it is really in 2024 where we see this Carrie-Bradshaw-audacious-style make their waves in wedding trends. Most notably, Taylor Swift’s Era’s tour Enchanted dress designer, Nicole and Felicia embraced rosettes in their 2024 wedding dress collection. Whether it’s an oversized rosette flower motif or tiny rosettes sprinkled throughout a midi silk wedding dress, this Y2K trend is here to stay. 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Rosette Flower Motif Eden

Shop Eden

If the rosette wedding dress trend speaks to you, you’ll love ‘Eden’. A blush block heel with oversized chiffon flowers at the front, it gives off the perfect romantic and attention grabbing vibe that goes hand-in-hand with rosettes. Plus, the block heel is so wearable with any bridal event, like your bridal shower, and even after the wedding day. 

Oversized Silk Bows 

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 - Anne Barge Oversized Silk Bows Wedding Dress

Silk bows are not an unfamiliar face in weddings, but 2024 will see more oversized silk bows taking bridal fashion by storm. Bows are classic, romantic, chic and timeless, a beloved design. We love this Anne Barge wedding dress with an oversized silk bow at the side, topped with pleats in the bodice for a modern twist. 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Oversized Silk Bows Kate Ivory

Shop Kate

If a soft and silky bow is your love language, then ‘Kate’ will be the perfect match for your wedding dress with bow. A modern high heel with satin ribbons that criss cross across your feet to give you extra security. Tie the pleated ribbons at the back into a romantic oversized bow for a luxe feel. 

Blue Floral Colors

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 - Amsale Blue Floral Wedding Dress

The past bridal fashion week 2024 collection saw designers really embrace color, from pastel pinks to luxe gold. But it is this Amsale colorful wedding dress with baby blue floral patterns that really caught our attention. It’s the perfect in between for brides who aren’t ready to go for a wedding dress with color but want a soft pop. 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Blue Floral Colors Catarina

Shop Catarina

Complete Amsale’s blue wedding dress with ‘Catarina’. The prettiest jacquard floral fabric with gold emboss for a hint of sparkle, Catarina is the ‘something blue’ that you’ve been looking for. Plus, the 5 inch platform height means you’ll reach new heights! 

Drop Waist Wedding Dress

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 - Rime Arodaky Drop Waist Wedding Dress

Drop waist wedding dress is predicted to be one of the biggest trends for 2024 weddings. Several notable designers, including Rime Arodaky, featured this vintage-inspired style in their show. We love the crystal embellished slip dress from Rime Arodaky that featured the drop waist bridal gown silhouette, giving both modern and vintage vibes. 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Drop Waist Wedding Dress Emma

Shop Emma

If you love this drop waist wedding gown look, complete it with ‘Emma’. Luxurious silk wraps the wedding heel, topped with rows of the most sparkly crystals that shine so bright under the light. Not forgetting, the ankle strap that will keep you feeling secure and confident on your wedding day. 

Bold Wedding Suits

Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends from Fall Bridal Fashion Week 2024 - Ese Azenabor Bold Wedding Suit

Your wedding day is supposed to be a reflection of your personal sense and style. So if you gravitate towards strong lines and impeccable tailoring, then you’ll love wedding suits, a big player in 2024 bridal fashion for a courthouse wedding look. While every Fall NY bridal fashion week designer had their interpretation of a 2024 wedding suit, it’s this wedding suit from Ese Azenabor that really caught our eye. A sexy low cut balances the vintage shoulder pads, which is further modernized with an oversized silk bow at the front. It’s the perfect courthouse wedding suit to wear for a city hall wedding! 


Bella Belle 2024 Wedding Dress Trends Bold Wedding Suits Lisbeth Ivory

Shop Lisbeth

We envision a bride who loves a wedding suit to also love ‘Lisbeth’. You’ll feel like you’re wearing luxurious jewelry on your feet with the pearls and gold rings on a T-strap. Tie the silk ribbons onto a bow at the back for a clean and sophisticated finish to your city hall wedding look.

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