Bella Belle Stands United Against Racism

Bella Belle Stands United Against Racism

Love spans beyond skin colors. We stand united against racism: yesterday, today and tomorrow. As a business founded by two women minorities, we realize we have the social and moral responsibilities to use our platform as an equalizer. In the days we were silent, we stood in solidarity with the Black community and to create space for the voices of those who must be heard. In those days, we internalized our responsibilities in moving this critical cause forward that goes beyond today, this week, this month or this year. ⁠

As founders, we built our brand DNA around our love and quest for comfortable and beautiful shoes. In addition to these fundamentals, we are adding anti-racism to our DNA. ⁠

bella belle shoes black lives matterPhotography: Donny Zavala

We wholeheartedly commit to: ⁠

- Showcasing more POC (People of Color) on our platforms. At Bella Belle, we take pride in highlighting the customers, creatives and shoe lovers that make up this beautiful community. We have always been blessed with the opportunities to collaborate and create beautiful work with talented vendors from diverse races. We are committed to showcasing more of them and bridging the gap in our industry. ⁠

- In addition to the charities we already support, we will be donating to organizations that are fighting for racial justice and equality on a monthly basis. We invite you to nominate charities benefiting POC that are dear to your hearts. Every month, we will select a charity from the nomination list, and make a donation from us on your behalf.⁠

- Continually challenge ourselves to take down the barriers of inequality at Bella Belle, both internally and externally. That means prioritizing talents and hearts over skin color, ensuring our team internalize and practice this policy. We will work towards representing our brand image with racial and ethnic diversity. ⁠

bella belle black lives matter diversity pocPhotography: Sophie Kaye⁠

We ask for your support in this critical movement. No gesture is too small or too big, all it takes is commitment and sincerity. Start with what you are comfortable with, and build from there. Together, let's work towards a racially just and equal society. Let's pave the way for a better place for generations to come.⁠

Let's continue to choose love!⁠

Veronyca & Erina⁠

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